10 importance of technology in education (With Examples)

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Here are 10 importance of technology in education: The International Society for Technology in Education reports that the last ten years saw the creation of many of the high-demand jobs of today (ISTE). Teachers can aid kids in developing the abilities they’ll need to succeed in their future occupations as technological advancements fuel globalization and digital transformation.

10 importance of technology in education

How important is technology in the classroom? The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly illuminating the importance of online education as a component of teaching and learning. Teachers can use online learning as a potent teaching tool by incorporating it into current curricula rather than using it only as a crisis-management tool.

Digital learning tools used effectively in the classroom can boost student engagement, assist teachers in creating better lesson plans, and promote individualized instruction. Additionally, it aids pupils in developing crucial 21st-century abilities.

Virtual learning environments, video, augmented reality (AR), robots, and other technological tools can make classes more engaging and more inclusive learning environments that encourage collaboration and curiosity and give teachers the ability to gather data on student performance.

However, it’s crucial to remember that technology is a tool and not an aim in education. The potential of educational technology depends on how educators use it and how it can be used to meet their pupils’ needs best.

10 importance of technology in education:

Technologies used in e-learning solutions help teachers become better educators. Teachers can effectively instruct students with technology using video classes, microlearning, appealing infographics, etc. Additionally, professors can engage the students by offering various courses and online assessments.

Promotes Effective Educational system:

Without question, technology in the classroom promotes kids’ overall development. Technology is a powerful tool for promoting a strong educational system globally.

One of technology’s most crucial contributions to education is to increase accessibility, excitement, and enjoyment of learning. Students’ knowledge and skills are improved due to educational and technological improvements.

Technology Helps Students Learn Much and Better:

Do any of us still have questions about technology’s role in education? Let me tell you that a survey has shown that most students benefit from using the type of digital learning technology to raise their grades. Additionally, thanks to technology-based E-learning, students can learn better from various resources without relying on a facility or an instructor.

Improvise better Communication and Collaboration:

We are all conscious of how much technology has advanced collaboration and communication. The same goes for the collaboration and communication between peers, teachers, and parents, as well as between peers and parents.

To help students with their questions and improve the effectiveness of e-learning, teachers can communicate with them. Online one-on-one connection in the classroom is made possible by technology.

Learning At Own Pace:

Students benefit greatly from technology since they can learn anytime and anywhere. Anyone can learn using the technology-based E-learning approach from the comfort of their own home. Students can use online instructional programs to play, pause, and repeat hard topics until the notion is understood.

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More Opportunities for Online Project-Based Learning:

Most schools now choose online project-based learning rather than wasting time on pen and paper-based projects. Additionally, project-based learning has become much more convenient and accessible for students, thanks to edtech solutions.

Google Classroom, Google Docs, PPT and Slides, among other tools, can be used to make presentations. Students complete assignments using their advanced knowledge and abilities through online project-based learning.

Personalized Learning Opportunities:

Technology is crucial for effective instruction and providing students with individualized learning opportunities. More resources and content are available to students around-the-clock, allowing them to better tailor their education.

We know that not every student learns at the same pace, which is why personalized learning is considered. Self-paced learning, another name for personalized learning, can assist people in tailoring the amount of material to their specific needs.

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Efficient Problem Solving Stuff:

Well, contemporary intelligent classes are the only way to learn without any doubts. You can remove any doubts by seeing the video modules for each idea. Therefore, if a difficulty arises in any subject read the Problem Solving material and clear up any confusion.

Better Understanding through Graphics:

Through video graphics, technology has assessed the learning process and made it easier for people to understand and retain concepts. The visual information system is the only thing that makes this possible. By utilizing VR technology in the classroom, students can increase their memory retention from 25% to 60%.

Using VR educational technologies, such as gamification, mobile learning, microlearning, code learning, visual graphics, etc., allows students to have fun while learning and maintain interest in their studies.

Save Time And Money:

The learner can spend less on other resources because more study material is available thanks to e-learning technologies. Even now, many institutions emphasize purchasing online study material because it is more affordable and practical for storage.

Teachers can save time and money using cutting-edge educational technology systems like virtual reality and augmented reality programs available online for free and speed up learning and comprehension.

Improve Decision Making Skills:

Technology can assist in strengthening the bonds between teachers and students. Teachers can check if their pupils grasp their teachings and how they perform by conducting surveys and surveys. They can communicate with parents about their children’s growth and develop better ties with their students.

Teachers must understand how to use Technology successfully to help students achieve their academic objectives in light of the growing usage of Technology in teaching and learning. One of the key functions of Technology in education is this.

What are the benefits of Technology to students and teachers?

5 Arguments for Using Technology in the Classroom

  • Encourages kids to become active learners.
  • Promotes personal development and learning.
  • Promotes peer collaboration.
  • Gets kids ready for the real world.
  • Produces teachers who are more successful and engaged.


In a nutshell 10 importance of technology in education: I would say that Technology has enabled us to make classrooms more engaging for students and interactive. Additionally, it has aided pupils in developing greater self-reliance in their academic endeavours.

I wish you well as you use these 10 uses of technology in education to stay current with more recent technological advancements in your classroom. Your moment has come to give your thoughts on this subject. Whether you concur or disagree, are there any additions you would like to make? Please share with us in the section below. I appreciate your reading, and may Allah bless you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of Technology?

Information technology is crucial to our daily life because it makes dealing with the unpredictable events of each day easier. Technology provides a variety of methods to promote development and information exchange. IT aims to accomplish both of these objectives to simplify tasks and find solutions to numerous issues.

What are the benefits and importance of Technology?

Technology makes it possible for numerous parties in diverse parts of the world to communicate extremely quickly, which aids in spreading knowledge and science as well as information and news.

What effect has Technology made on education today?

Information is more readily available, is easier to remember, is stored in greater quantities, is presented more effectively, teaching has become more participatory, knowledge can be shared more easily, and enthusiasm in learning has increased.

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