Alto Professional TS312S Review (Pros + Cons)

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A significant component of the experience so immersive is the rumbling bass frequency that permeates the auditorium during a dramatic action sequence. The greatest Alto Professional TS312S subwoofers create a booming bass sensation that vibrates through your seat and puts you in the middle of the action like DJ-Quake P12. You’ll need a fantastic subwoofer as part of your home theater audio setup if you want to replicate that experience at home.

Subwoofers are speakers that deliver bass frequencies only (these are the frequencies at 20-200Hz if you want to get technical). Yes, you can receive bass with regular speakers, but a subwoofer will give you the kind of bass that vibrates through your seat and around the room. It provides the genuine sensation of a movie theater.

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However, subwoofers aren’t just for movie fans; if you enjoy bass-heavy music, a subwoofer will undoubtedly improve the experience. Check out our guide to the top surround sound systems if you’re starting your audio setup.

Alto Professional TS312S

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  • 12-Inch 2000W Active Subwoofer Speaker
  • Integrated 35MM Pole Socket
  • Six Discreet DSP Output Modes

The Alto Professional TS312S Portable Powered Subwoofer is small equipment with reasonable power output. If you’re a mobile DJ or worried about stage space, traveling is quite simple, even when you’re by yourself. A terrific choice for any DJ, this powered subwoofer includes user-friendly design elements and a tough exterior.

Only the Alto Professional TS312S Portable Powered Subwoofer, a 12-inch woofer, made our list. Because they cannot push as much air, smaller woofer cones cannot produce the same low frequencies or volumes as larger models.

The Alto Professional TS312S Portable Powered Subwoofer is one noticeable exception, as it provides great power and powerful bass notes. The smaller subwoofer cone is a fantastic alternative for DJs who like to play a lot of pop music or various genres because it can deliver undistorted mid-range and high frequencies.

Furthermore, using this DJ subwoofer couldn’t be easier. Thanks to the multiple output channels and settings, you may arrange your sound system easily, even if you have no experience with audio connections or equipment setup.

With the TS312S’ expanded LF switch and improved EQ control, you can perfectly balance your mix. You may be sure that the TS312S subwoofer will last even under the heaviest use because it features safeguards against electronic clip, heat, and transducer overdrive.

  • It's easy to integrate a portable and small speaker system.
  • A sturdy finish withstands heavy use.
  • Cabinet creaking during high output
  • Compared to many versions, the woofer cone is smaller.

Editors Rating

4.4 out of 5 Stars


Professional TS312S Portable has Superior Sound for your PA system: 12-inch 2000W active subwoofer speaker with high-efficiency class D amplifiers. Rugged finish always looks good, even with heavy use; Designed and tuned in the USA. The DJ-Quake P12 subwoofer from Earthquake Sound enables connecting to a second speaker for enhanced bass.

Additionally, the polyurethane cabinet has handles for transportation. The subwoofer weighs only 38 pounds, making it a great option for a DJ who is constantly on the go. For those wishing to elevate their unit, the portable subwoofer also fits onto most subwoofer stands. The greatest subwoofer for a DJ is the Sound Town Metis 12SPW.

Alto Professional TS312S 2

You can choose from various sizes with an integrated class AB or class D amplifier. The compact sub’s built-in handles and lightweight body make it powerful and portable. Professional TS312S Portable is recommended because it has excellent quality.


With only two balanced inputs and a balanced through the port, the TS312 has been kept as straightforward as possible. Each of the two inputs has only one volume control, and to shape the sound for various purposes, there is also simply a single EQ contour switch. On the rear of the unit, that is all there is to it.

It’s simple and clean; all you need to do is connect the mixer’s outputs using either XLR or TRS connectors. The shell has a sleek new shape with handles on both the side and top of the box, which significantly improved over earlier models.

To Sum Up

The quality of the sound is great. Because they are big, subwoofers are heavy, but you have to deal with that when you use them. As suggested, it would help if you used them with the Alto TS300 series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alto Professional a good brand?

 Alto Professional, a division of In Music Brands, the parent company of Alesis, Akai, and M-Audio, has become known for its live sound reinforcement products due to its generally low cost and increasing sales. Additionally, I have found the brand to be exceptionally excellent general quality and new ideas.

Are Alto TS315 good?

Purchased a new pair of 315s. They share the same qualities as earlier TS line speakers, including good clarity, lightweight, and attractive appearance. Compared to the 215s, the new ones sound warmer, are louder, and have more punch in the bass end a positive in my book.

Are Alto speakers quality?

This PA speaker is completely worthwhile. The police will be summoned if you want one for a party outside or at home because it is too loud. It has good audio. There is not much difference in bass between 12 and 15-inch speakers.

Is a subwoofer needed with a soundbar?

A subwoofer is not necessary for a soundbar to sound nice. Soundbars include numerous internal speakers that can provide amazing sound on their own, but many soundbars struggle to produce low frequencies without the assistance of a subwoofer.

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