Apple Pencil Stuck At 3 Charges | Causes + Fix

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What should you do, if the Apple Pencil Stuck At 3 Charges? We’ve compiled a list of possible troubleshooting actions for you. If you own an iPad that is compatible with the Apple Pencil, you are probably already aware of how unique this combination is.

Because it is so helpful to write notes by hand rather than using a keyboard or your fingers, we advise almost every iPad owner to purchase an Apple Pencil. This special stylus has a built-in battery that must be regularly recharged.

How To Fix Apple Pencil Stuck At 3 Charges?

The pencil must be replaced if the Pencil Battery has failed. Consider having your pencil replaced by your merchant or at an Apple Store if the battery has failed and your pencil is still covered by its one-year guarantee.

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Leave The Apple Pencil Connected (And Charging)

When the Apple Pencil won’t charge, it’s usually because it hasn’t been used or connected in a while. The batteries in these accessories are the same as those in almost all of our devices, although they are much smaller and more easily drained.

You might not be capable of using the Apple Pencil again if the battery is damaged by being left without a charge for an extended period. Apple advises charging the pencil frequently to prevent this from happening. There is one more step you may take if you are still having issues and are trying to find out what to do.

Unpair And Repair Your Apple Pencil

Some people might believe that since the pairing process is so flawless, you won’t actually be able to take an Apple Pencil off of an iPad without it first dying. That is untrue because the Apple Pencil and iPad communicate over Bluetooth, and the pencil from your iPad can be manually unpaired before being manually repaired.

  • Launch the iPad’s Settings app.
  • Click Bluetooth in the sidebar on the left.
  • Write the I next to the name of your Apple Pencil in the Bluetooth menu.
  • Then select Forget This Device.
  • Restart your iPad.
  • Attach the Apple Pencil after restarting your iPad and unlocking it.
  • Hold off until a message confirming a connection between the iPad and Apple Pencil appears.

Reentering the Bluetooth settings is another way to confirm if your Apple Pencil is linked to your iPad. If everything is back in working order, you should now see the name of the Apple Pencil shown in the list of devices.

Wipe Down Both The iPad And Apple Pencil

This one might seem a little out there, but there have been times when a quick wipe-down of the iPad and Apple Pencil ends up fixing the problem. We advise thoroughly wiping the iPad and pencil down with eyeglass wipes and a microfiber towel. Reattach your Apple Pencil to the iPad after removing the residue to check whether it reappears and starts charging.

Restart Your iPad

Simply restarting your iPad is the next simplest action you can do. Even though you may have already given it a shot and failed for whatever reason, giving it one more reset might actually work this time. Here’s how to reset your iPad so that your Apple Pencil may once more start charging.

  • Press and hold the Top button while keeping the Volume Up or Volume Down button
  •  depressed.
  • Release both pushes when the Slide to Power Off slider appears.
  • To switch off your iPad, slide the Power icon from left to right.
  • Hold off for a minute.
  • Hold down the Top button while pressing it until the Apple logo shows.

Check For Updates

The iPad is ultimately just a different kind of computer, complete with its own set of glitches and peculiarities that may cause chaos. Following recommendations, this is how to check for updates and maintain an iPad running the most current stable version of iPad OS:

  • Launch the iPad’s Settings app.
  • In the left sidebar, select General.
  • On the right, select Software Update.
  • Hold off for a moment.
  • If an update is offered, select Download and Install.

Toggle Bluetooth

Turning the feature on and off can restore functionality because the Apple Pencil and iPad communicate via Bluetooth. Before using other troubleshooting techniques, this is the most straightforward approach to discovering if something is wrong.

  • Unlock your iPad, first.
  • To display Control Center, swipe down from the top right corner.
  • To disable Bluetooth, tap its symbol.
  • Delay for 30 seconds.
  • Tap the Bluetooth symbol once more to activate it.


That’s all there is to fix the Apple Pencil Stuck At 3 Charges; perhaps, one of the solutions above worked for you. We’d also love to hear about any more strategies you may have if you’d want to share them in a comment. You can try AnyTrans if you wish to transfer your iPad data without using a different iTunes alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Apple Pencil stay at 3 %?

If your Apple Pencil was left unused and uncharged for longer than a few weeks, OR LONGER, the battery may have failed and is dead, in which case you will need to buy a brand-new Apple Pencil.

How do you reset the Apple Pencil battery?

The Apple Pencil’s battery is probably dead if it is acting unresponsive. If the pencil isn’t charging after about ten minutes, try inserting it into your iPad (Pencil 1) or setting it on the edge of your iPad (Pencil Then give it another go.

Why is my Apple Pencil not charging fully?

The iPad’s software, the hardware of the pencil, or even the iPad itself may have problems that cause the pencil to cease charging. If you have an Apple Pencil that is incompatible with the iPad or is of the incorrect generation, it might not charge.

How do I know if my Apple Pencil battery is bad?

Install the battery level widget and check Today. Look on your iPad to see how much battery is left when using your Apple Pencil. On the lock screen or home screen, swipe from left to right.

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