Applications of electronics in communication (with Types)

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In this article, we cover all about the Applications of electronics in communication. In the past, telegraphs could be used for communication using Morse code. For wire-based long-distance communication, these telegraphs employ Morse code. Since then, the electronic industry has created the wired telephone, TV, and wireless radio.

Applications of electronics in communication

But today, e-communication allows people to effortlessly communicate information with one another at anytime and anywhere. Communication is necessary for processing, controlling, making choices, and planning in many professions.

The various sectors include finance, accounting, business, individual, market, sales, acquisition, and production. What is electronic communication, and its types, protocols, and applications are covered in this article?

Applications of electronics in communication:

Electronics applications in communication and entertainment include telephony and telegraphy, optical and wireless communication, television, etc.

What are the applications of electronic components?

Electronic parts are utilized in biomechanics, industrial automation and motion control, machine learning, motor drive control, Mechatronics and robotics, power conversion technologies, photovoltaic systems, and renewable energy applications.

Types of Electronic Communication and its application:

Various forms of electronic communication, such as texting, voice calls, emails, social media, etc., can be categorized. Because of how people connect and communicate with one another for personal and professional reasons, we know that e-communication has evolved. It is incredibly simple to communicate with the rest of the world with this.


Those can engage with people living far away from them through this communication. Only modern technology and internet use make this feasible. There are numerous messenger services, including Skype, Windows Live, Gmail, and others. These messengers assist us in conversing with and messaging our friends and loved ones.

The message we send, and our reaction is both immediate, which is only one of the numerous advantages of adopting this type of communication.

While bugs might cause you a lot of grief and prevent your computer from functioning in some circumstances, some files include nil.


The most popular form of electronic communication is email or electronic mail. This kind of communication can send a message to another person instantaneously via mail. We must first register an account to send emails, media files, images, papers, and other types of data.

Due to its numerous advantages, this communication style has largely superseded many traditional types. Therefore, this form of communication is better suited for many communication channels.

The advantages of this communication include its simplicity and costlessness. Furthermore, this form of technological communication has no negative effects on the health of environment .

Video Chat Webcams can be added to video calling applications to facilitate this communication. Using this application, one can communicate with others and see who they are speaking to. External webcam connections are possible, and we also need to use programs like Skype, Hangouts, etc.

The use of video chatting has numerous advantages. Anyone can get in touch with us right away. We may speak with multiple people at once by utilizing a tool like the business conference capability. PPTs and data sheets can also be shared online.


Currently, blogging is the preferred form of communication. This kind of online journaling can be updated once or multiple times daily. It covers all the details of a specific subject.

One can share, follow, and even comment on such blogs. This method of communicating is perfect. This is the rationale behind why people use blogs so frequently. Additionally, individuals worldwide can access, read, and follow it simply using the internet.

Social Networking:

Social media is one form of interpersonal communication that people use to their general advantage for relationships. In this, Facebook and LinkedIn provide spaces for individuals to collaborate, occasionally in real-time. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that enables the distribution of brief messages with more than 140 characters to a sizable audience.

It sends communications to very small groups, unlike text messaging. Microblog entries are meant to be seen by everyone who follows them, and users can repost texts they want to share with their followers. As a result, a microblog post can spread quickly, and a viral post spreads widely.


This is an essential piece of equipment for modern electronic communication. In this system, messages are sent electronically between locations utilizing teleprinters. It primarily consists of a keyboard transmitter and a receiver.

When a text message needs to be delivered, the user hits a push-button, waits for the call tone, dials the desired number, and then types the message on a small paper strip at the receiving end because it is typed inside the writing office. The fastest & most accurate way for exchanging written posts is this one.


One communication system type is multimedia, a great innovation for enhancing communication. This is a combination of various media that work together to transmit messages. The primary multimedia components include a picture, some graphics, sound, music, animation, and a message.

The computer screen becomes multimedia when all of these media are present together. Effective marketing and advertising strategies can use this. This form of communication is quite effective.


The usage of fax machines, is a type of communication, to send visual resources like diagrams, pictures, and illustrations is gradually growing. Here, a telephone connection can be made to this device.

The sent document can be fed through the machine, after which it is electronically scanned, signals are disseminated to the receiver’s end, and an identity document copy is made using the receiving machine on a sheet of plain paper.

This device has made it possible to send copies of crucial papers, such as letters of recommendation, certificates, degrees, contracts, and agreements, from one location to another at the pace of a phone conversation. It is a frequently employed communication approach as a result.


Thus, this is all regarding the Applications of electronics in communication including text messaging, voicemail on social networking sites, websites, and instant messaging. How people interact with one another has radically changed due to this communication. For personal, professional, etc., use. This makes communicating with anyone on the globe really simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application of electronics in the industry?

Power Electronics, Factory Automation, Mechatronics, Intelligent Systems, and Emerging Technologies are the main subfields of Industrial Electronics, which also include a wide range of Internet-based applications.

What are electronics and applications?

The science of using electrons is known as electronics. It manages electrical circuits with active and passive elements, and other supporting approaches, making it a crucial engineering component.

What is the importance of electronic communication in our daily life?

In today’s financial world and society, electronic communication is crucial. Without electronic communication, it is impossible to function in modern society or run modern businesses. Multiple media, including data, pictures, video, and sound, can be combined into a single message.

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