Can I use the Xbox controller on ps4? (My Experience)

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Let’s have a thorough discussion of the query Can I use the Xbox controller on ps4? Through an adapter or the Remote Play feature, you can use an Xbox controller with a PS4. By attaching the Xbox controller straight to the PS4, you won’t be able to use it. The best way to connect the controller is through a wired and wireless connection, out of the four connectivity choices.

The two most widely used gaming consoles on the market right now are the Xbox and PlayStation 4. However, most people are ignorant that Sony owns the PlayStation, whereas Microsoft owns the Xbox. They represent two entirely distinct brands. As a result, the question of “Can I Use an Xbox Controller on a PS4” is unclear.

Can I Use An Xbox Controller On PS4? 

If you attach Xbox controllers directly to a PS4, they won’t work. Yes, you can still utilize Xbox controllers on a PS4 by using alternative methods. Xbox controllers may easily be connected to PS4 thanks to the proliferation of new gadgets. You can connect using a Workstation or a standard PC as a third device. Let’s talk about the four straightforward methods for using an Xbox controller on a PS4.

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Ways To Use Xbox Controller on Ps4:

1.     Connect Via Xbox One Elite Controller:

Another quick, easy, but labour-intensive technique is pairing the PlayStation 4 with the Xbox One Elite Controller. To create a successful connection, you must adhere to the instructions exactly. One of the best Xbox controllers available is the Xbox One Elite Controller.

Connect Via Xbox One Elite Controller

Due to its simplicity of use and high-quality features, most professional gamers favour using it over other gaming controllers. Follow the instructions below to establish a connection if you enjoy playing PlayStation games but can’t resist using the Xbox One Elite Controller.

2.     Understand The Controller:

If you have never held an Xbox One Elite Controller before, it is best to do so before continuing to the next step. If you have already used the controller, you can skip this step. Just plug it into a computer or Xbox system to learn and customize the controller. Check out the functions of each button by opening the accessories program. You should get the accessories app from the app store if it isn’t already there.

Understand The Controller

3.     Download The Cronus Pro Software:

Using the Cronus Pro software, you can establish a reliable connection between the Xbox controller and the PS4 game system. The Cronus Pro can be downloaded from the official website. You must set up the PS4 gaming console’s settings after downloading Cronus. Make sure you obtain the most recent firmware while downloading Cronus Pro. This will enable you to enjoy a consistent connection and the newest features.

4.     Install The PS4 Game Pack:

Installing the PS4-specific game pack on the gaming system is the next step. This setup makes it possible for the PS4 to imitate the connectivity of the Xbox controller smoothly.

5.     Connect The Controllers:

The Xbox and PS4 controllers must be connected to the PS4 game system at this stage. Since the software enables the Xbox controller to function without issue with the PS4 system, connecting the Xbox and PS4 controllers is required. Once all the settings are set up, you won’t have trouble using Xbox controllers to access the PS4 system.

Use A Wireless Or Wired Connection:

The simplest method to attach an Xbox controller to a PS4 is by using an adapter with both wired and wireless connectivity options. The adapter’s upgraded firmware uses Bluetooth to establish the wireless connection. MayFlash Magic S-pro is one of the greatest adapters for wired and wireless communication options. The device makes it very easy for the user to connect.

Use A Wireless Or Wired Connection

The user is, however, restricted to a certain range from the adaptor. The adapter will unpair the console and the controller if you go over the allowed amount of connectivity. Look at the instructions for setting up the adapter for a wireless connection.

  • Connect the Magic S-pro to the pro and turn on the gaming setup.
  • 2. Press and hold the USB adapter’s button until an LED light starts to blink.
  • 3. To enable the console to connect to the adapter, press and hold the X button on the console.
  • 4. To verify the connection, the LED light will activate.

The adapter functions similarly to internet connection adapters. To establish a lasting relationship, you only need to execute the procedures correctly. You could occasionally run into problems when trying to set up the adapter on the game console.

The only solution is to re-insert the adapter and hold the button for a longer period if you run into this problem. The same adaptor can also be connected using wires. The wires create a more reliable connection, enabling you to enjoy gaming. However, the range of motion is far more constrained when connected to the wire. Look at the procedures you must follow to connect the Xbox controller to the wiring.

  • Connect the USB cable to the gaming console.
  • Use a wire to connect the controller to the adaptor.
  • Press the X button to start the console, and then wait for it to pair.
  • As soon as the console pairs, start using the Xbox controller to play PlayStation games.

Set Up The Remote Play Feature On Your PC:

Setting up remote play on a PC is another simple way to use the Xbox controller on a PlayStation. Thanks to the remote play capability, the user can use Xbox controllers on several operating systems, such as Windows and iOS.

Your connected device will be able to establish a connection between Xbox controllers and PlayStation consoles by configuring the Remote Play Feature on the game console. Look at the instructions for setting up the Remote Play Feature on a PC.

  • Open the Settings menu on your PlayStation gaming system and select the Remote Play option.
    • In the Settings menu, select Enable Remote Play.
    • From the Settings menu of the console, select Accounts Management.
    • Click Confirm after selecting Activate As Your Primary PS4 option.
    • Use the computer to sign in to your PlayStation account.
    • Look for available PS4 consoles and connect your PC to your PS4 game system. (If the PC cannot automatically link with a device, connect using the Add Device option.)

If you stick to the steps, you won’t have any problems pairing the gaming console with your PC. Make sure to reload the Remote Play option on the PC if you experience any problems. Before pairing the console with the PC, ensure you have a quick and dependable internet connection. After your PS4 and PC have been successfully paired, you should configure the remote play feature.

  • Download and set up the VI Gem and VDX applications on your computer.
    • Connect your Xbox controller to your PC using the same method you used to connect it to your gaming console.
    • To use the Xbox controller through the PlayStation, modify the DualShock4 Controller’s connectivity settings.
    • Open the Remote Play program, and the Xbox controller will now be connected.

The process might be challenging for those not accustomed to setting up wireless connections. However, there won’t be any major problems if you properly follow each step in the procedure.

Use An Adapter:

One of the simplest methods to attach an Xbox controller to a PS4 is by using an adapter. However, you will need to pay for the adapter out of pocket. The converter has a wire and a USB port to connect the console and controller. An adapter can be configured easily, although it does require some care.

You must carefully follow each step for a successful adapter configuration. Game3Gear Brook Xbox One To PS4 Converter is the first high-quality adapter designed specifically for connecting an Xbox controller to a PlayStation 4. To connect the Xbox controller and gaming system, it includes both a wireless USB and a cable. Check out the PS4 connection instructions for an Xbox controller.

  • Connect the gaming system to the USB flash drive.
    • After the LED light comes on, plug the USB stick into the Xbox controller using a cable.
    • The controller will vibrate a little to let you know it’s ready to use.

The Xbox controller will function on the PS4 if you complete all the instructions. To ensure a secure connection, you require to consider a few factors.

  • The cable should always be connected as soon as the adapter’s LED light illuminates.
    • If the controller doesn’t vibrate, don’t use it.
    • Remove the adapter from the gaming console when not in use.

If you wish to extend the adapter’s life, you must consider these factors. This adapter’s interoperability with joysticks and gaming pads is one of its best features. You can also connect the Xbox controllers to the PC using this adapter.


Concluding to the key points of if Can you use Xbox controller on ps4? With an adapter or Remote Play, you can use an Xbox controller with a PS4. You won’t be able to use the Xbox controller if you connect the PS4 directly to it. Out of the four ways to connect the controller, the best one is to use both a wired and a wireless connection.

The adapter’s price is reasonable, and it is easier to connect than any other method. It is possible to use an Xbox controller on PS4, but it is best to use Sony’s products. The Dual Shock Controller is the best choice if you want a Sony controller.


Can you use an Xbox controller without the adapter?

You don’t need an adapter to connect the controller if your PC has built-in Xbox Wireless. If you have a Windows 10 Xbox Wireless Adaptor, start your computer, and log in. The Xbox button should be pressed to turn on your controller.

Can you use a wired Xbox controller on PS4?

Thanks to the gadgets released under the Brook Super Converter series, old controllers can now be used with modern consoles. You may use Xbox One controllers with your PS4; nevertheless, thanks to this specific model, the Xbox ONE to PS4 Controller Adapter. Additionally, it is plug-and-play and easy to use.

Does the Xbox controller work with PS5?

Can an Xbox controller be used with the Playstation 5? You may use the PS Remote Play app on an Android or iPhone to use the Xbox Controller with the Playstation 5. By doing this, you can link an Xbox controller to a Playstation 5. Unfortunately, the PS5 does not yet support any adapters.

Are all Xbox One Controllers Bluetooth?

The gamepads that came with the Xbox One S and later consoles have Xbox wireless connection and Bluetooth, in contrast to the original Xbox One controllers’ lack of wireless connectivity.

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