Can Two iPhones Be Linked Together? Quick Answer

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The quick response is “yes”! With one Apple ID, two iPhones can be used. Though there are many things you should be aware of if you plan to utilize two iPhones with the same Apple ID, it is best if you read the entire article. Everything you need to know about Can Two iPhones Be Linked Together? Is covered in this guide.

How, for instance, can two iPhones be synced using the same Apple ID? How can two iPhones with the same iCloud account be separated? Moreover, many devices have alternatives to using the same Apple ID.

Can Two iPhones Be Linked Together?

You can, indeed. Up to 10 devices can share the same iCloud account. However, you should avoid using Mirroring when using the same Apple ID on two iPhones. When utilizing two iPhones with the same Apple ID, you should avoid using Mirroring for the following reasons:

  • The two iPhones will exchange all of the pertinent and private information.
  • The text messages, photographs, and call logs are accessible to the other iPhone user.
  • The other party may modify the playlist.
  • The other person can lock your device and alter the password.
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As a result, you should exercise the separation and disable the syncing feature while using the same iCloud on two iPhones.

  • First, sign into both iPhones using the same Apple ID.
  • Select Sign in to your iPhone from the menu.
  • On both devices, enter the Apple ID and password.

Turn off the synchronization feature after successfully logging into two iPhones with the same Apple ID to stop mirroring. Given this:

  • On each iPhone, access the Settings menu.
  • Click the Apple ID button.
  • Select the “Turn off automatic download for your apps” option under the “iTunes and Apple Store” heading.

By taking the preceding actions, you can avoid Mirroring and ensure no data conflict between the two iPhones. Repeat the procedure on each device if you want to use the same Apple ID on more than two.

How To Separate Two iPhones On The Same iCloud Account?

Sharing personal information is one of the main issues with utilizing two iPhones with the same Apple ID, as was already highlighted. To eliminate this, you can choose to unsync the two iPhones using the same Apple ID. Separating two iPhones on the same iCloud account can be done in one of two methods:

Separate Two iPhones Via iPhone Settings

Here’s how to use the iPhone Settings to divide two iPhones connected to the same iCloud account:

  1. Step 1: Launch the iPhone’s Settings app (from the other device).
  2. Step 2: Tap on your profile to access the Apple ID page.
  3. Step 3: Choose the iPhone you wish to unlink from the new page, then hit Remove. This will unlink the iPhone from the same Apple ID.

If a password entry prompt appears, enter the one linked to your Apple ID or iCloud account. This will start the procedure and delete the other device’s Apple ID or iCloud account. After deleting the former Apple ID, you can sign in using the new one on the second iPhone.

Here is how to use iTunes (on Mac or Windows) to split up two iPhones that are connected to the same iCloud account:

  1. Step 1: Launch the iTunes software on your Windows or Mac computer.
  2. Step 2: Select the Manage devices option under the Cloud menu in iTunes.
  3. Step 3: Decide which iPhone you wish to delete the Apple ID off and then confirm the deletion.

Both Windows and Mac computers can be used for the same procedure. The Apple ID from the chosen iPhone will be deleted when you confirm the removal.

What Happens When You Sync Two Or More Devices?

Data that you add to or change on one device reflects on the other when your devices are in sync. For instance, let’s say your iPhones and iPads have contacts synced. Deleting a contact from one iPhone, all other iPhones and iPads will also erase that contact.

What Happens When You Sync Two Or More Devices

Changes made to a contact’s name on the iPad would also be similarly reflected on all other iPhones. Use the same Apple ID on all the relevant devices for synchronization to take place. This holds if you log in to an app or service using your Google or another account.

Data across two or more devices can be synced only when the same options are enabled on each device. Therefore, you must follow the instructions in this article to sync all of your iOS and iPad OS devices.

Most likely, you’ve already enabled these on your primary iPhone. But make sure to recheck everything. To ensure the devices sync correctly, follow these instructions on your secondary iPhone or iPad.

How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Another iPhone Or iPad?

Let’s start with contacts since they are one of the most crucial factors. Most likely, you use Google or iCloud to store your contacts. Follow these steps to ensure that all of your contacts wirelessly migrate from one iPhone to another iPhone or iPad. If iCloud is where your contacts are kept:

  • Launch the Settings app and select your name in the top menu.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Turn on the switch for Contacts if it still needs to be done. When prompted to combine or cancel, choose Merge.

If Google has your contacts on file:

  • Open the Settings application, then select Contacts.
  • Select Google under Accounts > Add account to finish the sign-in process. Use the same Google account as the primary iPhone, please.
  • After it is finished, make sure the Contacts switch is turned on.

Follow the instructions above if you have contacts in both iCloud and Google. Keep the devices online so that all contacts will eventually sync and appear in the Phone and Contacts app.

How To Sync Files And Documents From iPhone To iPhone Or iPad?

The first thing to inquire about is where you keep your documents and data. If your account is on Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Box, Mega, or another comparable service, download the app on your second iOS/iPadOS device and sign in with the same credentials. The files will soon be accessible on all of your devices.

Open Settings > your name > iCloud and turn on iCloud Drive if you use it. Are your files stored locally on your iPhone (known as On My iPhone) rather than in iCloud or any third-party cloud service? You can AirDrop them to other devices in this situation. Or, use the Files app to transfer files from On My iPhone to iCloud or Google Drive and sync them across your devices.

How To Sync Photos And Videos From iPhone To Another iPhone Or iPad?

Our iPhones and iPads have valuable features for pictures and movies. Many individuals are interested in having them available on all devices. Transferring images from one iPhone to another iPhone or iPad can be done in several different ways. Let’s discuss a few.


The iPhone’s Appstore, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, Facetime, Apple Books, and other functions are all directly impacted by Apple ID. Therefore, it is more of a case of one device per ID. It is also preferable to refrain from using the two iPhones that share the same Apple ID.

The other party will share all the information and may even lock you out of your device (remotely). Yes, disabling the syncing function is a viable option. Now you know about Can Two iPhones Be Linked Together?

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you pair two iPhones together?

“Pairing” iOS devices are more like syncing them to iCloud/iTunes/etc. iCloud and AirDrop both work well for sending content between two iOS devices.

Can two iPhones be linked?

Yes. They will share anything, including calls, texts, pictures, data, etc., so you can, but they will. You can register into two different iPhones, but as far as I’m aware, this is different from how it was meant to be used. If you use “calls on other devices” or text message forwarding, you can experience strange problems.

Is it possible to mirror someone else’s phone?

AirDroid Cast software allows you to reflect someone else’s phone screen onto your own. Getting permission is the first step, and you may make the necessary arrangements to view someone else’s phone screen on your phone for whatever reason.

Can two cell phones receive the same incoming call?

A single incoming call can reach several devices simultaneously and ring numerous devices concurrently with the function of a simultaneous ring. These gadgets might range from desk phones or PBX systems to smartphones and even PCs (thanks to VoIP technology).

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