Can You Get An Apple Watch Without Cellular? Answered

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Here we start Can You Get An Apple Watch Without Cellular? We consider the advantages, debate if they are worthwhile, and look at the top cellular offers. The GPS + Cellular and GPS-only models of the Apple Watch let you make calls, receive notifications, text your loved ones, play music, and use compatible third-party apps.

But, the primary distinction between them is that the Cellular model allows you to continue using it even if you are not carrying your phone. Also, it’s crucial to remember that the Family Setup only functions with the Cellular model if you intend to purchase or give an Apple Watch to a friend or member of your family. The two models’ differences are numerous, and this is just one of them.

Can You Get An Apple Watch Without Cellular?

The GPS version is best if you intend to use it with Wi-Fi and your iPhone. Even though the GPS model only comes in aluminum and lacks Family Setup, you can still use several excellent Watch capabilities. Also, it is less expensive than the GPS + Cellular variant.

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Why You Need An Apple Watch With Cellular?

Cellular connectivity on an Apple Watch has some definite advantages. You could leave the house with your Apple Watch rather than carrying your watch and iPhone. Apple Pay and fitness tracking are just two features that don’t require cellular service or your phone to be nearby, but this adds even more to the list.

Fitness users can significantly benefit from this feature: instead of messing with synchronizing music to the watch’s internal storage, runners can stream music from Apple Music or another provider. As people exercise, they can still receive notifications from iMessages and emails.

Why You Need An Apple Watch With Cellular

Nevertheless, whether this is an advantage or a distraction will vary from person to person. Also, a cellular Apple Watch can place and accept phone calls independently of your iPhone.

You might also require cellular service if you intend to set up an Apple Watch via Family Setup. If a family member doesn’t have an iPhone, you can set up an Apple Watch for them via Family Setup.

A cellular plan is not necessary to set up an Apple Watch for a family member, but it is required for some functionalities, according to Apple. You’ll need an Apple Watch Series 4 or later with cellular service to access the full functionality.

Why You Don’t Need An Apple Watch With Cellular?

The Apple Watch can accomplish many things without cellular or an iPhone. Access to a Wi-Fi network is often required to use a wide variety of services. What you plan to do with your Apple Watch will determine whether or not you require cellular.

If you ask the majority of existing Apple Watch owners how often they use their devices, the answers will be significantly more constrained than the watch’s capabilities. But only a tiny portion of that is related to the Apple Watch’s lack of cellular connectivity; we don’t believe most Apple Watch users are frustrated by the fact that they can’t receive notifications when their phone isn’t nearby because most of the time their phone is.

A cellular Apple Watch should also be avoided because the capabilities may reduce battery life. The amount of cellular use will affect the device’s battery life, so you might not want all those notifications or to stream Apple Music at the best quality.

How Much Does A Cellular Apple Watch Cost?

If you want data on your Apple Watch, some networks may charge you extra, but others will let you add it to an existing iPhone contract and split the data you use.

You can obtain an Apple Watch cellular plan in the US through AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Xfinity Mobile, and many other carriers. Check out Apple’s comprehensive provider list. The majority of deals combine unlimited data with an existing wireless phone plan for $10 per month.

How Much Does A Cellular Apple Watch Cost
  • The 41mm Apple Watch Series 8 is available via AT&T and Verizon for $13.89 monthly for 36 months. However, you may trade in an older model to lower the price.
  • T-Mobile offers a discounted Apple Watch SE, 40mm, with the activation of a new line for an Apple DIGITS or Apple Watch Standalone line. You can activate your current T-Mobile plan on your Apple Watch.
  • With Xfinity Mobile’s $10 smartwatch cost, you get unlimited talk and text.

With 3, EE, O2, and Vodafone in the UK, you can acquire a cellular Apple Watch contract. (Only three and EE, however, offer Family Setup.)

  • For £529, Three (3) sells the 41mm Apple Watch Series 8 with cellular. The Apple Watch SE 2020 cellular model, which costs £299, is the least expensive choice. You must enroll in 3’s Smartwatch Pairing Plan if you already have an iPhone Pay Monthly or SIM-only plan to link your watch to your iPhone on the three networks. There is no additional charge because the Smartwatch Pairing Plan enables you to share your monthly data plan across your iPhone and watch.
  • An Apple Watch Series 8, 41mm, with 4GB data for £28 a month and no up-front payment, is one of EE’s Apple Watch offerings.

Apple Watch Cellular Vs GPS: Apple Music And Podcasts Streaming Support

Even when you’re not near your iPhone, you can access Apple Music, Apple podcasts, and audiobooks using a cellular watch. Also, you may sync audiobooks, podcasts, and music from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. You can still play the material on your watch when your iPhone isn’t nearby, and the watch isn’t online. You may perform this on any watch, cellular, or GPS.

Apple Watch Cellular Vs GPS: Family Setup

Consider giving your old Apple Watch to a person who doesn’t own an iPhone. Then having a family will be beneficial. The Apple Watch must first be configured with your iPhone before you may use it independently.

If you have this function in mind, the Apple Watch that enables Family setup is the Cellular model, so keep that in mind. Although you might not require a cellular connection right now, you might see it in the future. The Apple Watch Series 8 Cellular, Apple Watch Ultra, and Apple Watch SE Cellular all support the Family setup feature.

Apple Watch Cellular Vs GPS: Case And Screen Material

Only the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE have GPS connectivity. A GPS-enabled Apple Watch Ultra is not available. Instead, the Series 8 and SE Cellular versions are in aluminum, and the Series 8 is in stainless steel. Only titanium and cellular are available for the Apple Watch Ultra.

Ion-X glass screens are standard on the Aluminum models of the Apple Watch, while Sapphire Crystal displays are only available on the Stainless steel and Ultra casings. Ion-X glass is more fragile and prone to scratches, yet it holds up better when it is dropped. Being far more durable and less likely to scratch, the Sapphire Crystal glass is more likely to break if the watch is dropped.

Apple Watch Cellular Vs GPS: Battery Life

Does the battery life of a cellular Apple Watch differ from a GPS-only model? There is no getting around that; it is true. Thankfully, the new low-power mode and turning off specific features can extend battery life. But isn’t that the reason you get the cellular version? You need to know how long the watch will operate with the desired characteristics.

Although Apple has not been very transparent about its testing procedures, the Series 8 will last for about 4 hours on an LTE connection and 14 hours when linked to an iPhone. These figures fluctuate in real life based on how you use the watch and how much time you put into it.

The watch only lasts for a short time for other chores. The amount of time you may stream audio from your phone is approximately 11 hours, but if you utilize an LTE connection, that time decreases to 8 hours. The battery life also decreases when using the workout feature, going from 11 hours when connected to an iPhone to 6 hours when GPS and LTE are enabled.

As you use additional capabilities on the watch, the battery life will permanently be reduced, but for most users, there won’t be any issues. Most of the Apple Watch lineup could be better for more specialized users like long-distance runners and hardcore hikers who might not have access to a plug socket.


I hope you learn Can You Get An Apple Watch Without Cellular? There’s no need to worry if you end up with a GPS+Cellular Apple Watch. It functions exactly like every other Apple Watch. The only differences are that you can add a data plan, and some apps and services can be used without an iPhone nearby.

The Apple Watch with cellular is probably the best option for most folks. Even though it’s more expensive, it unlocks some of the Apple Watch’s best functions and makes it more separate from your iPhone.

Furthermore, remember that you don’t have to activate the Apple Watch cellular when you purchase it. If you intend to keep the Apple Watch for a while, this can be a wise choice because you never know when you might decide you need or desire cellular.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth having cellular on Apple Watch?

Yeah, owning a mobile Apple Watch is unquestionably worthwhile. But ultimately, it depends on your choices. The GPS version is best if you intend to use it with Wi-Fi and your iPhone. The GPS + Cellular version is an excellent option if you intend to travel without your phone. Aluminum is available for the GPS-only Apple Watch SE, Series 7, and Series 3. But, the Series 7 Cellular model comes in titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Can you make calls on Apple Watch with GPS only?

You can only make and take phone calls using your Apple Watch’s GPS. Besides that, while it is connected to your iPhone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can send and receive texts and notifications.

What is the distinction between GPS and cellular on Apple Watch?

The Cellular model is different because you can use it without a phone. The cellular model has a different screen and casing. The GPS + Cellular Watch is available in stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. The GPS + Cellular model requires a $10 monthly service provider fee. The GPS-only model lasts longer. There is also the cost. You will pay extra for this model than for the GPS-only model.

Do you require to pay monthly for the cellular Apple Watch?

LTE connectivity is supported by the GPS + Cellular Apple Watch versions. This enables you to use your current carrier’s plan for an additional $10 monthly charge. In exchange, you receive internet access and connectivity even when your iPhone is not nearby.

Can you answer calls on Apple Watch without cellular?

You can answer calls without a cellular connection, but only if you are online and your cellular provider supports Wi-Fi calling. You can answer calls even if your linked iPhone isn’t nearby or is turned off. It only has to be within range of a Wi-Fi network that your iPhone has previously connected to.

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