Can You Keep Playing After Beating Elden Ring? (Quick Answer)

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You’ve just finished defeating Elden Ring, undoubtedly one of the year’s most challenging and intense video games. What comes next? What follows is what? Do you merely bid farewell to what has been a grueling journey? Or Can You Keep Playing After Beating Elden Ring? Do you go on? Is there anything left to do once the game is over? You can accomplish something after beating the game, and this guide will explain what that is.

Can You Keep Playing After Beating Elden Ring?

Regardless of your preferred method, attempting to complete the game’s achievements is terrific after defeating Elden Ring. Depending on how much you’ve explored, it can be difficult and need a second game, but it will reveal any missing battles, locations, or things.

Can You Keep Playing After Beating Elden Ring 3

What To Do After Beating Elden Ring?

Continue Your Journey

The game will let you select an ending as it plays out, and the credits roll once you deal the final blow to Elden Ring’s final boss. Then, just before entering Roundtable Hold’s Elden Ring’s closing minutes, you can either return to the Lands Between or launch New Game Plus (more on later).

Elden Ring has a ton of NPCs you can encounter, in addition to bosses and dungeons, which will further the game’s development. Many of these NPCs have lengthy quests that are worthwhile finishing. For the backstory, as well as the distinctive weapons, they grant as prizes.

Play Some Co-Op Games

Misery is said to enjoy the company. If you played Elden Ring with friends first, we wouldn’t hold it against you. It’s always great to watch someone else lose horribly at your game. The endgame, however, is your chance if you haven’t. You wouldn’t believe how the dynamics of Elden Ring alter when someone is assisting you.

Finish All Of The Endings

The biggest game released by FromSoftware and its first open-world title would always feature several endings. Nobody, however, presumably anticipated that the Dark Souls development team would find the time to fit in six of them.

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Elden Ring is rumored to lock you into one conclusion for each “adventure,” so if you want to see another, you’ll need to complete the game on New Game Plus. This also means that if you want to view all six endings, you’ll need to play through the game five more times (along with extra activities).

Play A New Game Plus

After winning the game, Elden Ring unlocks “Journey 2,” his take on New Game Plus. The game will rerun the opening cutscene and place you back at the Church of Anticipation if you select this option, precisely like it did during your initial gameplay. The most significant distinction is that all your gear is still in use, but the rune rewards difficulty has been scaled up to reflect your new strength.

Begin From Nothing

Why not waste another 100 hours if you felt that 100 hours spent completing Elden Ring on your first attempt wasn’t enough? Effectively, this is what will occur if Elden Ring is restarted from scratch. However, Elden Ring is an open-world game, so you will rarely do the same thing twice. You also start with experience.

In Elden Ring, starting from scratch enables you to explore with a distinct character and build. Everything else feels and appears differently based on your fighting technique because Elden Ring is a fantastic game. Worth a shot, I say!

Immerse Yourself In A Wealthy And Glorious Fantasy World

The Lands Between itself is one of Elden Ring’s most outstanding features. Between dying and attempting to survive, you might have had time to take in its beauty, but you were probably too preoccupied with surviving for the most part.

Can You Keep Playing After Beating Elden Ring

You now have the opportunity to explore every inch of the Lands Between after defeating Elden Ring. Now that you’ve had a chance to explore your surroundings getting from point A to point B will be much more enjoyable.

Always exercise caution. For a Tarnished that is just getting started and one that is positioned to become the next Elden Lord, Elden Ring is still extremely deadly.

Examine Speedrunning

Elden Ring, according to FromSoftware, will need an average player of 50 hours to finish. Speedrunners may complete the same task in a few minutes (obviously using glitches). Speedrunning is something you can try if you’re up for it. Just be cautious not to set yourself up to clear Elden Ring as quickly as those who do it for a living.

Browse Additional From Software Games

Finally, even if FromSoftware doesn’t produce many games, when it does, those games tend to create a genre. With the coming of Dark Souls in 2011 and Bloodborne in 2015, FromSoftware graduated from creating Armored Core games and launched a new genre of games known as the Soulsbornes.

Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a few Dark Souls sequels, DLC, and more titles from the FromSoftware library should keep you occupied till the next Soulsborne game is out. To get better access to comparable titles, you might consider purchasing an Xbox Game Pass from our partners at OffGamers.

FromSoftware has not yet verified the existence of a DLC or expansion for Elden Ring. For the time being, the studio is focused on fixing glitches and OP elements in Elden Ring so that the game continues to be as challenging as intended. However, new Elden Ring content is a matter of when, not if, after Bandai Namco said in a press release that it would be working on further Elden Ring projects.

You don’t necessarily need to wait for more Elden Ring content to get your money’s worth, though. As it is, the game is filled with more than enough things to do. All that’s left is for you to discover what else Elden Ring can offer.

Final Verdict

There you have it, then. You don’t need to know anything else: Can You Keep Playing After Beating Elden Ring? You can tell that there is still a ton of room for enjoyment in this very engaging game from Bandai Namco. Even when you win the game, we advise you to keep playing to continue having fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

After defeating Elden Beast, does the game end?

Congratulations! The Elden Ring’s last boss, the Elden Beast, has been defeated, and you now have the option of finishing the game with one of your unlocked endings. There are six possible endings in Elden Ring, and all but the Elden Lord ending require the completion of a related questline to be unlocked.

What transpires after Elden Ring?

After you have defeated the Elden Beast, approach Fractured Marika and select to mend the ring. The Tarnished will ascend to the throne and assume the role of Elden Lord.

Does Elden Ring get harder with NG+?

Every Dark Souls game has an NG+ option that lets you restart the game from the beginning with most of your equipment, items, and level from the first playthrough. Elden Ring’s difficulty option does, as anticipated, increase the difficulty of the monsters, but it also gives you substantially more runes for doing so.

How come Elden’s ring is so challenging?

Elden Ring is undoubtedly a challenging game. The first few hours can be challenging due to frequent ambushes and opponents that can instantly kill you.

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