Can You See Someone’s Messages After You Unblock Them?

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In this article, we’ll go over all you need to know about Can You See Someone’s Messages After You Unblock Them? It’s appropriate at some point to unblock someone you’ve previously blocked.

As a result, you will receive new calls and texts once more, and the individual will be able to get in contact with you usually. You might be asking, though, if this holds for older writings. If you unlock it, can you see the previous texts sent from a blocked phone number?

Can You See Someone’s Messages After You Unblock Them?

No. If you unblock that phone, you won’t get any texts that a blocked number sent you when they were blocked. This is what? Instead, these messages are hidden and cannot be recessed until the sender unblocks you and sends them to you again.

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A contact that has been banned cannot send you any messages. It will only be delivered if a blocked number tries to text you. The emails still reach your inbox, but they are diverted to an additional “Unknown Senders” folder.

Additionally, you won’t receive any alerts for these texts. Calls from blocked contacts go instantly to voicemail. You’ll notice a separate “Blocked Messages” category in your voicemail if they send a message to you. What happens to someone’s texts if you unblock them?

Senders of blocked contacts (phone numbers or email addresses) are blocked from receiving text messages (SMS, MMS). Any messages sent to you while the contact was blocked are hidden when you unblock them.

Text messages from a blocked contact won’t be delivered. The person whose number you’ve blocked won’t be informed that their message to you has been blocked; instead, it will simply sit there, appearing to have been sent but never actually received.

What Happens When You Block Someone?

Knowing what indeed occurs when you block someone will help you better understand why your phone operates the way it does. Your phone still permits the person to text you even after you block them. These messages can appear on the recipient’s device to have been “delivered.”

What Happens When You Block Someone

These texts, however, will be automatically deleted by your phone, and you’ll never receive a notification that they were. Additionally, calls and SMS share the same block list on some Android and iPhone devices. As a result, if someone tries to call you, they will either be put on hold or automatically directed to voicemail, just like if your phone were in airplane mode.

Can Data Recovery Software Recover Them?

You may have seen online adverts for software that promises to restore deleted data from an Android or iPhone. Can this program, however, recover text messages from blocked individuals?

Sadly, the response is no. Not even in a hidden folder, blocked text messages were never saved on your phone. Because the messages were never there, the most excellent forensic recovery software cannot recover them.

Can Data Recovery Software Recover Them

Many of these technologies take advantage of your sense of desperation by employing misleading strategies. They might outright assert that they can retrieve SMS from blocked numbers. This is a falsehood, though. Data recovery software can never recover messages that were never stored on your phone.

The only situation that doesn’t apply is if you got communications from someone but deleted and blocked them afterward. Even fully received messages you deleted may be recoverable, although this isn’t a given. Therefore, there is little need to invest in pricey data recovery software since it is unlikely to be of any use to you.

What Takes Place When Someone Is Unblocked?

Finally, the blocking procedure is reversed when you go to unblock someone. They can contact you again and leave messages for you, and your phone will alert you when these messages arrive. They won’t be thrown away; instead, they’ll be preserved in your device storage so you can access them whenever you choose.

However, after the user is unblocked, the old messages won’t start appearing because they were deleted. You can politely request that they provide you with the vital information again if you think they sent it to you while they were blocked.

After they are unblocked, all communications ought to be delivered typically. You should also unblock them if you’ve blocked them on other platforms (such as Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram) so that people can contact you more easily.


Have you gotten your point regarding Can You See Someone’s Messages After You Unblock Them? Your device signals the messaging system with a handshake that a text message has been received. This handshake can be used to communicate with someone who is not online.

The message is not delivered when the system encounters a block, but the handshake occurs, and the system deletes the message as though it had been transmitted. Any messages sent to you while the contact was blocked are hidden when you unblock them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What occurs when I unblock a user on WhatsApp?

You won’t get any messages, calls, or status updates a blocked contact sent you while they were blocked if you unblock them. You can only add a blocked contact or phone number back to your phone if you unblock one previously saved in your address book.

How do you know if someone on WhatsApp unblocks you?

If you are not blocked, and the user currently has WhatsApp open, you will see the term “Online” at the top of the discussion. If you don’t see “Online,” it either means the person has blocked you or doesn’t have WhatsApp open on their screen.

What psychological principles underlie blocking someone?

Online blocking is an example of social rejection, whereby the one doing it is aware will probably affect the recipient’s psychological health. The blocker frequently intends to harm or discipline the block mentally.

When I unblock someone on WhatsApp, would I still receive their messages?

You won’t get any messages, calls, or status updates the blocked contact sent you while they were blocked if you unblock that contact.

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