Chrome 91 tab hover cards (Brief Guide For Fix)

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I’ll explain Chrome 91 tab hover cards in this post, The first indications of tab previews for Chrome appeared early in 2019. Google has been working on the functionality for a while. The functionality, similar to what was available in legacy Edge, features hidden flags that let users choose whether to activate merely hover cards with information or a preview image of the page.

With Chrome 91, released last week, the company adopted tab hover cards as the standard behavior for the hover action on tabs.

With version 91, it did away with the flag in chrome:/flags, limiting users to enabling or disabling the hovercard graphics. This eliminated the ability to disable the tab hovercard feature. Because they can no longer activate the heritage tooltips for tabs, several users have expressed dissatisfaction with the change, notwithstanding how minor and perhaps even overlooked it is.

Chrome 91 tab hover cards 1

According to several user complaints on the Chromium bug tracker, the absence of conventional tooltips appears to be another accessibility issue. The company may be aiming to add a setting to Chrome that will let users switch between tooltips and tab hover cards to address this.

A recent contribution to the Chromium Gerrit has code that alludes to a toggle button for tab hover cards that may be turned off to go back to the “classic tab tooltip,” as seen by Reddit user Leopeva64-2.

The commit, however, does not ensure that such a setting will be included in Chrome because there has been criticism from other owners who are opposed to introducing preference settings that alter how the browser’s features behave and who advocate for improving the feature itself. The person also provides a link to a Core Principles document that opposes covert preferences.

Chrome 91 tab hover cards:

The Chrome browser may soon receive a new toggle that will let users choose between tab hover cards and conventional tab tooltips. The option to turn off Tab hover cards was eliminated in Chrome 91, but not everyone liked the change.

However, a fresh patch for Chromium Gerrit has been released to bring an intriguing “Added setting for Tab Hover Cards.” The addition of code to create a toggle to switch between Tab hover cards and conventional tab tooltips is shown in the code revisions.

Since Microsoft Edge is built on Chromium, it will automatically flow to Edge if Google doesn’t later delete this update. Microsoft Edge does not currently display the Tab hover cards by default; one must activate it using a flag. Perhaps an option that enables or disables Tab hover cards on the fly will be much better.

How to disable google chrome’s tab hover cards?

The Tab Hover Cards functionality is by default enabled if Google Chrome version 78 or higher is installed on your computer. Here’s how to turn it off. Tab Hover Cards is one of the new features now enabled by default in Google Chrome version 78.

Chrome 91 tab hover cards

The cards appear automatically when you move your mouse over a specific tab. The page’s title and URL will be visible on the card. You can turn off the function if you’d prefer not to see the cards. How? Read on. The hover tab cards are turned on by default if Google Chrome version 78 or higher is installed on your computer. When you hover over a tab, they display the URL and title of the website.

Disable Chrome’s Tab Hover Cards:

Launch Chrome on your computer, paste the following address into the address bar, and then press Enter to get started: By doing so, you will be taken immediately to the dropdown menu, where you can set the flag to Disabled. Additionally, remember that you will need to relaunch the browser for the changes to take effect. Select Relaunch Now by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

I’m done now. You won’t see the cards appear when you hover over your tabs after Chrome restarts. Return to the previous path and select the Default option if you ever need to turn it back on. Users who frequently have a lot of tabs open might find the hover cards useful. The good news is that you can turn them off if you feel they are more annoying than beneficial.

How to disable google chrome's tab hover cards

Although this method currently works, it might not work in the future. Google continuously updates Chrome. Additionally, several features you could toggle on or off under the Flags area no longer function.

Turning off Chrome’s Autoplay feature for videos is one thing that comes to mind. Due to the flag’s disappearance, a third-party extension is required.

The newly introduced Tab Hover Cards feature in Google Chrome version 78 isn’t horrible. I believe that the Tab Hover Cards feature is still being worked on. Maybe it will grow better, but for now, it is simply an irritation, and I want to disable it so I can return to my tool-tip upon tab hover. You’ll learn how to achieve it in this article.

Disable Tab Hover Cards in Chrome:

  • Type the following text in the address field and press the enter key: chrome:/flags
  • Type “Tab Hover” in the “Search flags” box and press the enter key.
  • Choose “Disabled” from the “Tab Hover Cards” dropdown menu.
  • Use the convenient Relaunch button that appears at the bottom right of your screen to restart Chrome.

Please be aware that changing any “flags” may only be effective for a short period before returning to the default with a subsequent Chrome upgrade.


I sincerely hope that my post on Chrome 91 tab hover cards has assisted you in getting back the browser’s native tab hover functionality. If there are any errors in my essay, or if there is any other way I can assist you, please let me know. I’ll be happy to answer any more questions you may have.

The instructions below will show you how to turn off Google Chrome’s new Tab Hover Cards if you don’t like them. Tab Hover Cards is a brand-new feature that Google added to Google Chrome in version 78. Currently, this feature serves to display the tab’s name and URL in a Card interface when the user hovers over the tab.

People Also Ask

How can I disable Chrome’s tab hover cards?

If you haven’t already, launch the Chrome browser. Type the following into the URL bar and press Return. Select “Disabled” from the dropdown box for “Tab Hover Cards.”  Restart Chrome.

How do I enable tab strips in Chrome?

With a subsequent upgrade to Chrome for Android, Google changed this workaround. Thus there are no additional steps to take: In the address bar, enter “chrome:/flags/#temporary-unexpire-flags-m88”. In the Tab Grid Layout entry, tap the dropdown menu. Choose “Enabled”

How do I cross tab groups in Chrome 91?

Go to chrome:/flags/#enable-start-surface and select “Enabled Single Surface V2 Finale” from the list of alternatives. Next, pick “Enabled without an auto group” from the list under “Chrome:/flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout,” another flag. Launch the recent Android menu after restarting Chrome, and then close it.

What are tab hover cards?

The functionality is enabled by default. However, if you don’t like it, you can quickly disable the pop-up card using a Chrome flag. Tab Hover Cards will start to show up as of Chrome 78 when your mouse is over a tab. The title and URL of the page are now displayed in the hovercard, which is essentially a larger preview box.

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