Dell latitude e6540 not turning on (Casues+Solution)

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Here’s how to fix whatever issue you’re having with Dell latitude e6540 not turning on. Your Dell laptop may not switch on or may not start up due to a hardware problem or a software issue.

Dell latitude e6540 not turning on:

Remove the battery from the laptop and unplug the AC adapter. For 15 seconds, hold down the power button. Connect the AC adaptor; do not yet insert the battery.

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Causes of a Dell Laptop Not Turning On:

Your Dell laptop might not be turning on for the following causes:

  • Power supply or battery problems
  • Internal hardware damage
  • A computer malware or virus
  • Defective system BIOS
  • Invalid Windows files

Your power supply or the computer’s internal hardware is to blame if your Dell laptop won’t turn on when plugged in. You probably have a software problem if your computer freezes up when starting up.

How to Fix a Dell Laptop That’s Not Working?

From the simplest and most obvious remedies to more complex ones, here are some techniques for troubleshooting a Dell that won’t switch on:

How to Fix a Dell Laptop That's Not Working
  1. Verify the power source. You probably need to replace the power supply if none of the lights on your computer turn on when you push the power button, even while it is hooked into the wall. If your computer’s charging light turns on when you plug it in, the cable may still be damaged, so if you have a multimeter, check the power supply unit.
  2. Take away any USB storage units. Your computer may be trying to start from the wrong drive. If this solves the issue, modify the boot order such that your hard drive is listed first.
  3. Restart your Dell computer. Remove any external hardware (USB drives, printers, etc.), switch the computer off, and unhook all cables before holding down the power button for 15 to 20 seconds. It will use up any remaining energy. Next, reattach the charger and check to see if your computer turns on.
  4. Get rid of the battery. If your PC’s charging light turns on, but it still won’t power on, there may be an issue with the battery. If your Dell laptop has a removable battery, you can repair it yourself, even though newer models don’t.
  5. Launch the Dell PC troubleshooting tool. When your computer turns on but cannot boot up properly, a built-in utility in Dell PCs can find issues. Although it might not instantly resolve the problem, it might provide you with an error code that will properly help you.
  6. Start Windows in Safe Mode. Try starting your computer in Safe Mode if it turns on but won’t boot into Windows. From there, you may run a virus check and remove any software that might be creating startup problems.
  7. Clean your Dell laptop of malware. Your PC may freeze when it starts up due to malware and viruses. If at all feasible, start your computer in safe mode and run antivirus software to scan for security threats.
  8. Reset your computer’s BIOS. To reset the BIOS settings on your motherboard, clear the CMOS. Restoring the system BIOS to its default settings may be able to resolve booting problems because it is the first piece of software that your computer must run when it powers up.
  9. Speak with Dell customer service. For more detailed instructions, go to Dell’s support page and search for your laptop model. Your laptop might be eligible for a free repair or replacement if a warranty still covers it.
  10. Reset your computer to factory settings. The only real solution is to perform a factory reset if your computer turns on but still won’t start up properly. Your machine will restart with a fresh installation of Windows, restoring it to its pre-purchase condition.

To Conclude:

Here we conclude all about why our Dell latitude e6540 is not turning on? So, If the light only blinks, the battery might appear dead. Simply removing the battery is the first test. Hold the power switch while you are there, but after connecting the PSU, see if the machine works with mains power. If so, do you require a battery? If you want to do so, an eBay special will most likely be at least as good as a manufacturer’s replacement and cost less than half as much.

Relevant Question

How do you force to start a Dell laptop?

To drain any remaining power, press and hold the power button for 15 to 20 seconds. Connect the battery to the AC adapter or power wire (for Dell laptops). Find the symptoms and use the proper troubleshooting method if your Dell computer can turn on but cannot boot into Windows.

What does F12 do on Dell?

The BIOS upgrade can be started using the F12 One Time Boot option on a Dell computer if it cannot boot into the operating system (OS). This feature is present on most Dell computers created after 2012, and you can verify this by starting the device from the F12 One Time Boot menu.

How do I reset my Dell power supply?

Restart the computer. For 10 to 15 seconds, press and hold the power button. The computer’s power supply should be disconnected. NOTE: Dell all-in-one laptops could come with an AC adapter or a power cable.

What does F10 do on startup?

The previous Advanced Boot Options panel in Windows 10 is now called Startup Settings. By pressing F10, you can reach the Recovery Environment, which you use to boot from a Recovery Drive, from a different menu with just one option.

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