Does 12 GB ram make difference? (My Personal Experience)

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Yes! 12 GB RAM is a great fit if you are a gamer who enjoys playing different games daily. Most PC games may be played without problems on a computer with 12 GB of RAM. Because there will still be some space, your smartphone won’t lag too much. Let’s dive deeper into Does 12 GB ram make difference? RAM greatly impacts any computer’s performance.

It aids in accelerating storage and processing times. Despite the advantages of RAM, you should still choose extra RAM based solely on your needs because extra RAM won’t offer any further advantages.

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Instead, it would increase your expenses and occupy space on your motherboard that could be used for something else.

Does 12GB ram make difference?

If you design a versatile computer that you will use for various tasks, having 12 GB of RAM can be beneficial. However, depending on your demands, you may need more or less RAM if you build a computer for a specific purpose.

For instance, 12 GB of RAM won’t be sufficient if you use your computer to play several high-end games. However, 12 GB of RAM will be excessive if you use your PC for Internet browsing, writing college papers, or other unrelated office work.

For which situation 12GB RAM is not suitable

The preference is completely based on your needs. Here are eight scenarios where 12GB RAM could or might not be appropriate for you.

For which situation 12GB RAM is not suitable?

For Entertainment:

12 GB RAM will undoubtedly be sufficient if you merely use your computer or laptop to view movies, read books, and play casual games. Live video streaming is also simple and trouble-free on several social media platforms.

For virtual reality entertainment like 3D movies, cartoons, songs, etc., this 12 GB RAM will also be sufficient. 12 GB RAM will be sufficient for you regardless of the type of media you consume or the channel you want to view. However, 12 GB of RAM might not be enough if you habitually install arbitrary applications for your entertainment needs.

For Studying:

If you’re a researcher looking to buy a PC for assignments and classes, 12 GB RAM should be sufficient unless you need to run resource-intensive applications. Zoom, Google Meet, and other online platforms are typically used for online classes and meetings.

Teachers frequently use websites like Google Classroom or other online platforms to track their students’ assignments. These systems are entirely cloud-based. Thus they don’t have any demanding RAM needs. They will operate rapidly online, and you will do admirably with an average amount of RAM.

However, having more RAM than 12 GB is preferable if you study designing, filmmaking, video editing, or a related subject. You will typically need to install and use some of the more complex applications to improve on these courses. Additionally, you’ll be given tasks and projects that call for using these platforms. This implies that when finishing any relevant course, you will run across some difficulties.

For Web Surfing & Cloud Working:

12 GB RAM is more than enough if you enjoy web browsing, blog reading, social media use, Kindle books, etc. With this much RAM, your computer will function flawlessly. It will respond to commands instantly and complete tasks at a breakneck pace. Similarly, 12GB RAM will be adequate if you spend most of your time dealing with data online.

You will find it simple to use quick cloud storage. If you operate in the programming business, the amount of RAM will be sufficient for you. Your computer won’t need more RAM to operate at a faster rate because the majority of the data will be saved online. However, since most of your data storage will be on hard drives and the cloud, it is preferable to use SSDs as opposed to more RAM plates.

For Animation:

Most animation software typically needs greater graphics capabilities and more RAM than 12 GB. On PCs with RAM of 12 GB or less, software like Adobe Maya, Moho Pro, Cartoon Animator, and others cannot be used. Additionally, if your RAM is less than 12 GB, you won’t be able to run different 3D modelling software because most of them need a sizable amount of space to work.

Additionally, some top-notch interior design applications won’t function effectively on your computer. A computer with 12 GB of RAM can be used to generate simple 2D animations and typographies. However, you might experience some slowness, and your machine might not operate to its full capacity.

For Corporate Offices:

12 GB RAM is more than enough for offices that regularly handle data, manage inventories, and accounts, conduct audits, etc. On PCs with less than 12 GB RAM, some particular business apps and ERP programs like Oracle, ERPNext, iDempiere, etc., will function flawlessly and without any problems.

You won’t experience any problems utilizing PCs with less RAM if the only applications used in your business are spreadsheets and data management software. When it does not significantly improve your computer’s performance, you shouldn’t invest money or use extra motherboard space for more RAM.

For Mobile Phones:

A cell phone’s RAM and a computer’s RAM are completely unrelated. DDR3 and DDR4 RAM, comparably larger RAM plates with improved performance, are typically used in computers.

On the other hand, mobile phones use LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 RAMs, which are tiny RAM plates with limited performance and speed. As a result, a cell phone with 12 GB of RAM is only useful if you intend to use it occasionally. However, you should choose mobile phones with greater RAM than 12 GB if you plan to use high-end apps and games on your phone.

Some people enjoy playing virtual reality games on their phones, which can only function properly if the RAM is greater than 12 GB. People who wish to do live streaming on their phones while enjoying the game will also want extra RAM.

For Video Editing:

12 GB of RAM is more than enough if you want to conduct some basic video editing. Most common video editing programs, including Filmora, CyberLink Power Director 365, etc., should work on your PC. They will operate smoothly on your computer without any lagging problems.

However, 12 GB RAM will never be sufficient if you want to use some of the most advanced apps and produce high-quality videos.

A PC with 12 GB of RAM won’t be able to operate several expensive video editing products like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, etc., to their maximum capacity.

If you install any of these programs without ever utilizing them, your PC won’t function properly because they take up a lot of room on the computer. 12 GB RAM is significantly inadequate for professional filmmakers or cinematographers.

Any professional picture or video editing software won’t operate on your computer, and you’ll eventually need to add additional RAM to make things function. If your RAM needs are high for video editing, it is best to upgrade at the time of purchase.

For Graphic Designing:

RAM is a crucial component of the software used by designers. For designing, there are numerous software options. However, if you have 12 GB of RAM, some of the top designing software includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe XD.

Any amount of RAM exceeding the minimum need of 8 GB is ideal for running all these programs. When utilizing this software, your PC won’t experience lag issues, which is perfect for some quick work.


In some circumstances, having 12 GB of RAM is a great choice, but in others, you might need to consider decreasing or upgrading some. It is best to check your requirements before making the purchase. Hopefully, this information will assist you Does 12 GB ram make difference?

People Also Ask

Is 12 GB RAM overkill?

We think a smartphone should preferably contain 8–12GB of RAM. With this much RAM, your phone should have adequate performance to run quickly no matter what you do with it. Anything less could cause you to lag, while anything higher is generally unnecessary.

Does 12GB RAM make difference in a laptop?

Performance for the kind of small business office job I do was not noticeably different. I purchased it mainly because web browsers have memory leaks that consume more and more RAM as they operate. Thanks to extra RAM, I can go days without restarting the web browser.

Do I need 12 or 16GB RAM?

Even the most recent games won’t utilize 16GB of RAM. Instead, the extra space provides you with some leeway to run other programs concurrently with your games. For the vast majority of gamers, 16GB is plenty of space.

Should I upgrade to 12GB RAM?

The best thing you will ever utilize in your computer is 12GB of RAM, especially if you want to play games or edit videos. Although 16GB is ideal, 4GB+8GB is far more cost-effective to manage. With 12GB RAM, I’ve had amazing success and have done everything.

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