Does driver booster actually work? (Briefly Answered)

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Here I’ll explain you all about Does driver booster actually work? Driver Booster can improve the gaming experience and is undoubtedly beneficial for it. First of all, Driver Booster makes sure that the computer is using the most recent versions of drivers, particularly the graphics and game-ready drivers.

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A driver is a piece of software created to let an operating system and the hardware it interacts with communicate more easily. Driver Booster can help you keep track of driver updates because keeping track of driver updates can be tedious and time-consuming and is necessary for getting the most out of a computer.

Does driver booster actually work?

Driver Booster is a legitimate and secure driver management program, yes. To improve computer speed, this software can identify out-of-date drivers, locate the necessary updates, and execute the upgrades automatically. In addition to system slowdowns, outdated drivers can lead to system freezes, crashes, and shutdowns. A software development business devoted to PC optimization and security, IObit, produces Driver Booster. When installed directly from IObit’s official website, IObit Driver Booster is a safe choice for driver optimization.

Is Driver Booster Malicious?

IObit does not produce malicious software. However, there are several situations where installing Driver Booster could damage a computer system. Like many other software packages, Driver Booster comes pre-installed with antivirus protection and third-party apps. Some antivirus solutions have identified Driver Booster as malware due to the installation of these additional programs.

Is Driver Booster Malicious

Use the custom install option to decide the programs you truly want to install rather than the given installation tool to prevent the installation of these extra items. Additionally, Driver Booster offers its users in-program advertising, which can contribute to the false impression that Driver Booster is malevolent. Driver Booster could also be labeled as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by some malware detection tools.

Is Driver Booster Safe To Install?

Yes, as long as you install Driver Booster directly from IObit’s official website, it is secure to do so. A trustworthy market leader in PC optimization, IObit offers a safe and secure installation of the Driver Booster program.

Driver Booster can be available for download on third-party websites. Driver Booster shouldn’t be downloaded from one of these websites since it could serve as a Trojan horse for harmful malware. A Trojan horse is a type of cyberattack in which harmful software or code is downloaded along with legitimate software.

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Users unknowingly consent to the download and installation of malware when they agree to the download and installation of a legitimate program.

Driver upgrades via Driver Booster are safe as well. Driver Booster uses only driver updates that have passed Microsoft’s WHQL certification. Microsoft created the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) test procedure to let third-party vendors evaluate the reliability and compatibility of their drivers with Microsoft products.

The results of the WHQL tests are completed by the third-party driver vendor and submitted to Microsoft for approval. Microsoft awards a Windows Hardware Certification to the driver if it passes all WHQL tests, certifying that it is compatible with other Microsoft products. Additionally secured by only communicating over an HTTPS connection, driver updates from Driver Booster are.

Using the encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, HTTPS creates a secure communication channel over the internet. Doing this makes a secure connection between the computer receiving the update and the website that offers the Driver Booster update.

Is Driver Booster Worth Buying?

A free and paid Pro version is available for IObit Driver Booster. Driver Booster’s free version supports driver scans and updates and is adequate for most users. However, Driver Booster Pro offers a wide range of extra capabilities for systems and people with greater experience.

Automatic driver backups and updates, as well as driver download and installation, are all features of Driver Booster Pro. Along with speedier download times, the Pro version also grants users access to two million additional drivers than the free version. Additionally, Driver Booster Pro automates detecting and correcting hardware and component errors and the installation of necessary components with freshly installed games.

The game mode can also be useful to users who are avid gamers. The Driver Booster Pro also provides consumers with free technical help. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the product that is ideal for you. Driver Booster Pro can be an appropriate choice if you need performance that is maximized. The annual cost of the Driver Booster Pro is $22.95.

How Do You Install Driver Booster?

You may download either the free version or a trial edition of the Pro software from the official IObit website if you’ve determined that Driver Booster could be a performance enhancement program you’d want to try.

How Do You Install Driver Booster

Ensure your device is compatible with the program before installing IObit Driver Booster. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, or XP 32-bit, 1 Gb of free space, and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 are prerequisites for Driver Booster. Visit the official IObit Drive Booster page if your machine meets the requirements. Ensure Windows Defender and any malware tools are turned off because they can prevent the download.

  • Click on Free Download on the official IObit Driver Booster page.
  • You must find Driver Booster in your downloads folder after downloading it. Enter File Explorer in the search field next to the Windows icon to accomplish this. Click on File Explorer when it displays.
  • Double-click the Downloads folder in File Explorer. The first file in the directory should be the driver booster setup file for Drive Booster. Click the file twice. If User Account Control (UAC) prompts you, select Yes to approve the download.
  • Select Custom Install from the Driver Booster installation window that displays. DO NOT click the large red Install button to maintain a clean download free from the installation of third-party software.
  • When the Install Options box appears, it offers a suggested location, the ability to create a desktop icon, pin an icon to the desktop, and the option to choose the related file type. Uncheck the boxes next to the respective options to prevent the desktop icon’s installation or pin the icon to the taskbar. Click Install after you have chosen your options.
  • The choice to install the extra software that comes with the Driver Booster is presented in the following window. Make sure to select No; thank you for none of these optional downloads before selecting Next. Your setup will get started.
  • The opportunity to sign up for the IObit newsletter will be the next box to display. Enter your email address and click Subscribe if you want to subscribe. Please do not enter your email address and select “No, thanks” if you do not want to subscribe.
  • Congratulations! You have put Driver Booster in place. Start your first Scan by clicking Scan Now.

How Do You Uninstall Driver Booster?

You can manually delete Driver Booster and any related files if you’ve downloaded the program but decide you no longer want it. Make sure Driver Booster is not currently operating on your device before you start. You could right-click the Driver Booster icon and choose Exit if you downloaded it. If you didn’t download the icon, use Task Manager to disable Driver Booster. Activate Task Manager.

All programs and background processes now executing on the system will be visible once Task Manager has been opened. Find Driver Booster in the list of applications and processes, right-click it, and choose End Task. You can now remove Driver Booster.

  • Type “Settings” into the search box that appears next to the Windows symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen. You’ll see the Settings dialog box.
  • Find Apps in the Settings dialog box and double-click it. The dialog window for Apps & Features will show up.
  • Find Driver Booster by swiping down the dialog box until you reach it. On Driver Booster, click. By doing so, the Driver Booster box will open up, and Modify and Uninstall will become visible on the bottom right side. To uninstall, click.
  • A pop-up box confirming your desire to remove Driver Booster will display. Windows will start the removal process when you click Yes.

Using the program’s specific Uninstaller is another way to remove Driver Booster.

  • Select the Driver Booster symbol with the right click. The additional Driver Booster program options will then become visible.
  • Select Open File Location from the pop-up window. This will launch Driver Booster’s main file repository. The unins000.exe file can be found by scrolling through the files. Double click on the file.
  • A dialog box known as the Driver Booster Uninstall window will show up to ask your permission to remove the application and all of its files. Select Yes.
  • After the uninstallation procedure, click OK to finish it and restart your computer to finalize the uninstallation.
  • You must remove any leftover files from the original Driver Booster application after uninstalling it.

Final Verdict:

In a nutshell does driver booster actually work, Concentrating on the driver update version number from Windows Update might be beneficial rather than the date. The RTM date of Windows Vista is the default date for all of the drivers offered by Windows Update (the last time the driver model underwent a major change). Doing this assures that a newer vendor-provided driver that might not have undergone the HCL testing will not replace an earlier Microsoft-provided driver (which used to be outdated when it passed HCL testing).

Additionally, apps like Driver Booster might not be pulling drivers from the manufacturer but rather from dubious sources that can be giving you more than you expected. I believe that drivers should only be obtained from the manufacturer or Windows Update since I have previously linked malware infestations to automatic driver update applications.


Is Driver Booster worth the money?

While free or freemium games can benefit your PC, there are occasions when a paid alternative is preferable. The commercial version of IObit’s Driver Booster can unquestionably assist you in keeping track of driver updates and problems and restoring points better than the free version.

Is IObit Driver Booster free?

The IObit Driver Booster is available for download for free. However, it has few features. The features are few. To make the most of Driver Booster, you must buy the premium edition.

Is Driver Booster 9 Pro worth it?

IObit Driver Booster PRO is the greatest driver utility I’ve used, despite in-app advertising. It is fairly priced, provides many licenses, is customizable, and expertly updates the drivers on your machine. Although Driver Booster PRO is a worthy alternative to Ashampoo and SlimWare Utilities, it is the one to choose.

Is IObit software any good?

The unique PC optimization tool IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro skillfully boosts PC performance. Although it may not quite match the Editors’ Choices for the category AVG TuneUp and Iolo System Mechanic, the tool gets close and is a little less pricey.

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