Does heaven have technology? (Different beliefs of people)

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Here is all information about Does heaven have technology? It is common to compare the long-held religious belief in forgiveness or perfection through divine interference with the centuries-old belief that unending technological advancement will lead to Paradise. Similarly, engineers and innovators have sometimes been compared to secular deities because of their claimed capacity to change the world.

Does heaven have technology?

If David F. Noble had updated this worldview to reflect advancements in nuclear weapons, space travel, artificial intelligence, and genetic engineering since the Second World War, his work would have been fascinating but not particularly original.

Instead, he offered a ground-breaking analysis of the spiritual, particularly Christian, foundations of different types of Western technology from the Middle Ages to the Present.

In contrast to the still popular belief that religion, science, and technology have always been at odds with one another, Noble demonstrates how great Western scientific and technological advancements have frequently been given religious meaning.

Many early adopters of Western technology have connected their successes with restoring human divinity, which was lost following Adam’s fall.

Does heaven have the technology?

Remember that since we will be with God in Heaven, we will have everything we need! In Heaven, we shall have deep, satisfying relationships with Him and others. Therefore, it’s likely that whatever communication channels we have on the New Earth will render Facebook completely unnecessary and inconsequential. We are aware that we will never feel dissatisfied or lament that things were so much better on the old earth when we had. However, you can be assured that you can trust Prophet Jesus (PBUH) with this and that the future holds nothing but wonderful things for those who follow Him.

Disclaimer: We have researched a lot about this particular query and found different answers from different religions of people, so I’m sharing with you the exact knowledge I got to know from people. We are not quoting anything that is the reality of heaven as nobody knows about it but only the opinions of people.

Is there electronics and technology in heaven?

For YOU, heaven is whatever and everything you want, what you envision it to be, and everything you include in that fictitious notion of what paradise is. Conversely, if you survey a large number of people, what is heaven? Or what is IN heaven? You will undoubtedly receive a HUGE variety of responses, many of which will be in sharp contrast to or in total disagreement with other solutions.

The question is therefore unrelated to reality because no one has ever reported what Heaven is like. From those who HAVE said they have “seen heaven, God, or anything else like that,” you need to look into their accounts and ponder why each story is unique.

As an atheist, I’m pretty sure that neither heaven nor hell exists in any reality, that there is nothing to fear or look forward to “after you or I die,” and that the best thing anyone and everyone can do is to avoid doing anything that will harm or negatively affect other people while they are still alive.

If I can completely persuade you that God, Heaven, Hell, or any other such things exist—OR DON’T exist right now, and as a result of that conviction, you choose to “alter the way you live”. Then you should examine how you are currently living your life.

That makes sense to me as an atheist, and I urge other people to think about it in their own lives. Like questioning someone what they want to be marked on their tombstone, Was he a jerk? Did he harm or murder people? Or “He was a good guy who treated others well and made a difference in their lives”? I don’t need God, heaven, or hell to make me want to be good or to make me afraid of doing something wrong. If you do, please know that I sympathize with you and that I find it very incomprehensible why you hold such beliefs.

Will God let us have fun in heaven?

I don’t know about you, but I find the responses to this question somewhat insufficient. You’ll be so happy that you won’t care about having fun for hours on end? No way! I think there will be a true bodily rebirth, which means we will have bodies and be able to engage in athletic activity.

There will be dancing and music. And consider what it will be like to visit any location in the universe and take in the sights! Houses, yards, gardens, neighbours, families, and get-togethers will be present.

There will be enjoyment, but they’re also will be a goal. Even though there will be work, it won’t be hard work. The truth is, most people haven’t even tried to imagine how lovely paradise is!

Will God let anyone use any technology in heaven, including computers and the internet?

I believe we will have a far superior device to a computer or maybe some other thing for entertainment in heaven. It will be ideal in heaven. We won’t have our sinful nature, but we’ll be akin to what we are now. We will be creative, but without the sinful nature, because God is creative, and we are fashioned in His image.

So I fear that we’ll lose our creative edge. The best music ever will be composed by those who have the gift of composition, but it will all be in thanksgiving to God. Whether they compose fiction or non-fiction, writers produce some of the best works of literature.

But everything will be used to glorify God. Science and engineering talent will soar off the charts in those who possess it. The best space program ever will be ours.

We will journey across the redeemed universe to observe and comprehend the wonders of God’s creation, not as conquerors. Although I doubt there will be books printed on paper or stories captured on celluloid film, the setting will be far nicer.


In conclusion, does heaven have technology? You will imagine paradise as a place where you are always joyful and don’t require anything artificial as we do on Earth. Do you believe that all the advancements we make and require here on Earth will eventually reach heaven? What makes you happy there, even in your wildest dreams?

Therefore, let’s focus on living in the moment and not worrying about the unimaginable or the unknown. Instead, let’s work to promote joy right here, right now. Every religion promotes the same thing. By doing this, you’ll bring paradise to the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we work in heaven?

They will take a break from their labour, the Bible says (Revelation 14:13). The Bible also claims that God will have employment for us in heaven, and we should be happy about this.

Will we know people in heaven?

Jesus will dine and drink with the eleven disciples who attended the Last Supper with him in heaven. The names and identities of Peter, James, John, and the others will be as distinct in heaven as they were on Earth.

What is not in heaven?

It is believed that the term “not in Heaven” justifies human authority to interpret the Torah. The Talmud explains, “[The Torah] is not in Heaven,” to signify that humankind’s interpretation and decision-making, not prophets or even God’s miracles or words, are what will reveal the meaning of the Torah itself.

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