Elden Ring Blaidd Not Appearing (Causes + Fix)

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Because you didn’t go to meet Blaidd in Soifra River or Redmane Castle so Elden Ring Blaidd Not Appearing. Make sure you meet Ranni first because you must do so before speaking with Blaidd. Before beginning Ranni’s questline, you must first battle Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, and Royal Knight Loretta in Caria Manor.

Elden Ring has a ton of side missions, but it can be very difficult to figure out where to go because there are no markers or locations to direct you. This is what distinguishes this game as a FromSoft title you must rely on your expertise or lay marks in the general vicinity of where you believe you should be. Finding Blaidd in the Ranni the Witch quest is a highly perplexing side task.

Elden Ring Blaidd Not Appearing 1

After committing Ranni, you can descend the tower in the Three Sisters location and speak with a spirit of Blaidd, who instructs you to meet him near the Soifra River. The locations where you can locate Blaidd are listed below but be aware that they include SPOILERS for the Ranni questline.

Elden Ring Blaidd Not Appearing

A place called The Mistwood Ruins is situated in Limgrave’s eastern region. Howling can be heard as soon as you enter this area. Ask Merchant Kale at the Church of Ellen about these eerie noises. You may learn the Finger Snap emote from Kale. The next step is for you to return to the Mistwood Ruins and utilize the Finger Snap there.

This will force Blaidd to come clean. If you can’t find him, keep looking around the surface of these ruins; he’s kind of “hidden” behind a wall. Blaidd’ll task you with killing Bloodhound Knight Darriwil. The Forlon Hound Evergaol is where you may find this boss.

Where Is Blaidd Located?

It would help if you undoubtedly began Ranni’s quest path first. Look up a lesson on how to accomplish it if you are interested in learning more. After speaking with everyone, you must travel to East Limgrave and enter the Soifra River region. Before stopping at the Night’s Sacred Grounds, you should make your way beyond the Hallowhorn Grounds Site of Grace.

After passing it, continue along the cliffside till you come to Blaidd. After speaking with him here, it would help if you exhausted all of his dialogue. After doing that, you should visit Redmane Castle in South Camelid. This will be enjoyable for you if you haven’t yet explored Camelid. In essence, it is an enormous castle in Caelid’s southern region.

Where Is Blaidd Located

If everything goes according to plan, the teleporter should be operational once you reach the bridge outside the castle. You must fight through the castle to get to the festival if it is not enabled. Go inside, find Blaidd in the courtyard, and get ready to confront General Radahn if the teleporter is working.

Is Blaidd Hard To Find?

No, he is not at all difficult to locate. Although the precise location can be a little unclear based on what we have told you, many excellent online videos will show you exactly where to go to meet him. It’s not like he’s buried; you must dig for him with a shovel in a precise location.

Just read every line of dialogue while conversing with NPCs because they often provide helpful direction for where to go next. Avoid skipping it, or you may need a guide on what to do. You presumably came to this article for this reason in the first place.

Is Blaidd Hard To Find

How To Complete Blaidd’s Quest In Elden Ring?

You’ve undoubtedly seen fan art of Blaidd, the wolf knight if you’ve seen fan art of Elden Ring(opens in new tab). One of Elden Ring’s most well-known characters is tall and regal yet considerably more polite than one might anticipate from such a commanding wolf man. Although Blaidd is simple to overlook during your initial tour of Limgrave, starting his quest launches one of Elden Ring’s longest and most important stories.

You might not even know Blaidd is close until you hear him howling in Limgrave’s woods. He is one of a select few NPCs that are quite simple to overlook completely. However, FromSoftware included a small hint to help you find him.

You’ll learn where and how to meet Blaidd from the trader Kale, and after speaking with him, you’ll run into him several more times in the Lands Between. At least if you undertake a different quest related to Blaidd’s tale. X

You must wait until later in the game to obtain Blaidd’s royal wolf armor(opens in new tab). Assuming Blaidd’s look necessitates finishing what is probably the game’s longest quest chain.

Where To Find Blaidd?

The Mistwood Ruins in West Limgrave are where Blaidd is initially discovered. After your initial visit to the ruins, you must speak with the merchant Kale in the Church of Elleh to obtain the “snap” gesture required to lower the wolf knight from the tower (Blaidd is the wolf knight, naturally). When you are finished, speak to Blaidd, who will inform you that he is seeking a person by the name of Darriwil. We may now start the mission.

Elden Ring’s Blaidd Quest: Where To Find Darriwil?

As it happens, Darriwil can be located at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol, to the south. Examine the luminous disc in the center of the large circular stone area before stepping inside. The yellow summon sign for Blaidd is on the ground near the glowing circle where you came, and you can call upon him for assistance in this battle using the Elden Ring Spirit Ash.

If you don’t want to summon him, you can finish this phase of the quest by just beating Darriwil. As a bonus, you also receive the Bloodhound’s Fang curled greatsword. Re -convoke Blaidd, but this time does so outside the Evergaol.

You can ask him questions until he brings up a blacksmith, at which point he will give you a Somber Smithing Stone (2). You can explain that Blaidd sent you when you speak to Iji, the blacksmith, later, just before Caria Manor in West Liguria.

By doing this, you can obtain the Carian Filigreed Crest, an Elden Ring talisman that reduces the number of FP skills used. Although Blaidd’s journey is nominally ended, his involvement in Elden Ring is far from over.

Where Does Blaidd Go Next?

The task Blaidd provides you is brief, but after you defeat Darriwil and speak to him, his involvement in the game continues. Blaidd’s story, closely related to Ranni the Witch’s, must be continued in Caria Manor in northwest Liurnia of the Lakes.

For a step-by-step explanation, refer to our Elden Ring Ranni quest guide(opens in the new tab). But if you’re just interested in where Blaidd will show up as you advance through the game, here are the other places:

  • Go to the Siofra River Well underground in Mistwood, not far from where you originally met Blaidd, after starting Ranni the Witch’s quest in Caria Manor. You can talk to him about his search for Nokron by finding him on the southern side of the sizable Siofra River region.
  • Ranni’s servant Seluvis, whom Blaidd suggests you speak with, introduces you to sorceress Sellen. After speaking with both, go back to Blaidd for a new discussion about battling Starscourge Radahn.
  • Blaidd will be waiting for you at Redmane Castle in southeast Caelid to join the battle against Radahn. You can communicate with him to call him in to help in the fight.
  • At the Forlorn Hound Evergaol, where you faced Darriwil, is where Blaidd can be found after you defeat Radahn.
  • When Ranni’s questline is finished, Blaidd’s final location is outside Ranni’s Rise.

Final Summary

Progressing through all the places mentioned above is necessary if your heart is set on Blaidd’s armor. Ranni’s questline, one of the game’s most extensive and leading to one of its major endings, requires you to accomplish each stage. Once more, our Elden Ring Ranni quest guide should be able to assist you with each stage if Elden Ring Blaidd Not Appearing.

Return to Ranni’s Rise; you should see Blaidd outside if you have finished Ranni’s quest and obtained the Dark Moon Greatsword from her. You can only meet him here if you want to get Blaidd’s greatsword and armor set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find Blaidd after Ranni?

Until you join Ranni’s team during her questline, you won’t meet Blaidd again. Go downstairs after entering her service to meet Blaidd and Iji. The Half-Wolf will express gratitude that you are a member of his crew and remark that he will also visit Nokron to look for riches.

Can you miss Blaidd quest?

To fail any task in the game, you have to do it intentionally; killing NPCs is one way. Something that should never be done in a spirits game.

Where is Blaidd after killing shadow?

Early on, in Elden Ring, one can encounter Blaidd. He is in East Limgrave, near the Mistwood Ruins, which are hidden inside a forest. The closest places of grace are Mistwood Outskirts, north of the ruins, and Fort Haight West, south of the ruins. The highest point of the ruins will be where this slick half-wolf is howling.

Where did Blaidd go?

Go to South Limgrave’s Forlorn Hound Evergaol, an extraterrestrial jail. Use Blaidd as a summon to defeat the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil, the area’s boss, and then speak with him again by the Evergaol entrance.

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