Elden Ring How To Beat Castle Morne? Do This

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How is Castle Morne in Elden Ring finished? We are going to lead you through Elden Ring How To Beat Castle Morne? If you want to learn How to Help Irina Deliver Irina’s Letter to Her Father Edgar, here is a crucial location to visit. Here you will locate Irina’s father, Edgar. Leonine Misbegotten, an optional boss that drops the Grafted Blade Greatsword, can also be found in Castle Morne.

This page describes how to finish Castle Morne as part of our Elden Ring tour. As you navigate the castle and deal with the Misbegottens who stand in your way, you may follow your progress with the help of the sections we’ve divided this guide into.

What Happens If Irina Dies Elden Ring

Castle Morne is the name of a Minor Dungeon in the Limgrave Area in Elden Ring. You can fight a miniboss named Foe and find some valuable loot in this optional dungeon. This article includes details about Castle Morne, a tour and guide to help you navigate the dungeon, see all of its wealth, and learn how to defeat its foes.

Elden Ring How To Beat Castle Morne?

Before the boss appears, cross the hanging bridge, kill the two sleeping Misbegotten, and complete the last section of Castle Morne. They are impossible to surprise and pretty challenging to get the better of. Take eight Throwing Daggers from the body, then down the ladder.

Castle Morne Elden Ring Location

It’s not precisely simple to miss Elden Ring’s Castle Morne. When you get to the Weeping Peninsula and proceed south down the road, a large castle will suddenly materialize in your path. A side note: Don’t be deterred by the stone giant. It is a pretty weak adversary despite its size. Slash its ankles, then proceed into Castle Morne.

Castle Morne Enemies And Items

After you pass the Castle Morne Lift site of grace, step on the pressure plate to start the elevator. This will lead you to the first open region, which Misbegotten and Undead Dogs populate. In Castle Morne, the campfires are ringed by Smoldering Butterflies, a crafting component used to create various fire-related things.

Go up the stairs immediately to your left and kill the two Undead Dogs to obtain a Smithing Stone before crossing the open space. After passing the corpses, proceed to the obstacle and defeat the Pumpkin Head. He will drop a Smithing Stone, Sanctuary Stone, or Pumpkin Helm (rare). Don’t overlook the corpse clutching three Smithing Stones on your left or the soaring Misbegotten.

Elden Ring How To Beat Castle Morne 1

Consider ascending the corpse pile first before taking the main ladder path. To get the Fire Grease from the corpse hanging over the wall, you only need to kill a few Misbegotten. Behind that body is a hidden passageway (see above), which will take you to a room with a chest containing a Claymore.

As you continue your castle tour, you will encounter numerous groups of Soldiers and Misbegotten engaged in conflict. Put your feet up, unwind, and then eliminate the survivors. Make careful to take the Furlcalling Finger Remedy and Steel Torch from the corpses once you have climbed the higher stone walls.

You then return to the main path through Castle Morne. A Golden Rune can be obtained from the corpse in the middle if you remember to do so after you defeat the Misbegotten on the stone walls up ahead. Don’t go to the campfire in front of you just yet if you want more riches. On either side of the stone wall are two other sections to investigate.

A corpse containing two Smithing Stones and two Misbegotten is located by climbing the staircase to your right. One of the Misbegotten will drop from the sky. Another group of Soldiers and Misbegotten are arguing when you descend the second stairway. Kill the survivors, then take the Golden Rune following. After that, ascend the tower and speak with Edgar, an NPC, who will hand you the Sacrificial Twig Talisman.

When you’re done, head over to that bonfire that seems so warm and turn on the neighboring Behind the Castle site of grace (drop down)

How To Get To Castle Morne?

Castle Morne is located at the most southern point of South Limgrave and is quite obvious. A huge golem will shoot ballista ammunition at you initially approaching it. This can catch you off guard and cause some unexpected kills. Utilize the landscape and crumbling buildings that line the route to the castle to avoid the flames and swipe at the golem’s legs to end it once and for all. A Site of Grace is inside, immediately past the portcullis and the steps on the left.

Guide To Castle Morne

You will ascend a flight of stairs and enter a sizable open courtyard when you take the lift just past the Site of Grace. Numerous Misbegotten and several feral dogs are running about the enormous mound of bodies to the right. Multiple Smoldering Butterfly can be found around each of the fires in the courtyard, while Fire Grease can be found on the body on the ruins to the left of the highest fire.

You can locate a sleeping Pumpkin Head adversary on the side of the courtyard opposite where you arrived. There will be a corpse clutching a Smithing Stone hidden in the nook to the left of the tree it is lying against. A ladder can be seen hugging the right side of the wall.

Climb it to confront two more Misbegotten and soaring Misbegotten that shoot arrows from above. A corpse clutching a Golden Rune may be found on the right side of the bridge halfway across.

Alternately, you can go around the enormous mound of bodies and enter the dimly lit area on the right. Behind a wooden pallet directly to your left is a chest with a Claymore weapon inside of it. If you descend the steps to the right, you will encounter two Misbegotten engaged in combat with a Godrick Knight.

After clearing the area, there will be a corpse on the right side of the gallows in the southeast corner holding a Furlcalling Finger Remedy. Climb the ladder on the left to find the combat between Misbegotten and Godrick Knights. A narrow road to the northeast is guarded by two Misbegotten and a corpse holding the Steel-Wire Torch. There is a ladder in the western corner; once you climb it, you will have made a loop and can descend to the same bridge to resume your journey.

There is more Smoldering Butterfly on a brazier across the bridge. You can descend to a Site of Grace by dropping through a hole in the tower wall to the right of the brazier. As you continue to descend, you have two options: descend to the left, where a corpse clutching a Stonesword Key is on a wooden platform (advised), or descend through the opening in the grated ceiling.

Elden Ring How To Beat Castle Morne 2

There will be a Misbegotten in the corner, a spirit in a cage, and a corpse holding a Golden Rune in the room below (if you had the Stonesword Key, would you go down through the door or the grate in the ceiling)? Beating the larger, axe-wielding Misbegotten on the other side after crossing the bridge.

To access a small, circular watchtower with a chest holding the Twinblade Talisman tucked around its back, climb the ladder on the left-hand side. Once you’ve reached the bridge again, turn around and descend on the right side to land on the roof below.

As you go further, you’ll find three Tarnished Golden Sunflowers on a body under a tree. You can view buildings on the beach if you jump down to the left. Drop down and land on the wooden beam as you get closer to the ceiling hole. Drop down, even more, to face four rats and a Misbegotten after grabbing the Smithing Stone from the corpse. The Whip weapon is held by a corpse towards the back of the room. Go outside and turn left around the corner to see a Site of Grace.

A big axe-wielding Misbegotten is dozing off to your immediate left as you cross the wooden bridge, and a flying Misbegotten will descend and assault you as well. Grab the Throwing Dagger x8 from the corpse against the southwest wall before climbing the ladder on the right. To find several little crabs, proceed north around the left side of the building and across the water after descending the staircase.

As you eliminate the smaller crabs, a gigantic crab will start to emerge. If you attack as it appears, the crab is unlikely to be able to fight before you can kill it. After completing it, head north to a small aperture in a rock face defended by two more tiny crabs. A corpse is found inside the chasm holding Fire Arrow x8.


Do you know about Elden Ring How To Beat Castle Morne? The Weeping Peninsula is where Castle Morne is situated in Limgrave, south. You should speak with Irina at the Bridge of Sacrifice to start her quest and get Irina’s Letter.

On your way, you might run into a member of the Night’s Cavalry. You should grab the Golden Seed outside of Castle Morne to the right before activating the Site of Grace at the entryway. Once inside, ride the elevator up to the courtyard and get yourself in the right frame of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Castle Morne Elden Ring have a boss?

One of the Minor Dungeons in Elden Ring’s Limgrave Region is called Castle Morne. It is an optional dungeon with a miniboss named Foe and a few valuable items.

Is Leonine Misbegotten the primary villain?

Players do not have to quarrel with this boss to move on. Hence it is an optional boss. Given Leonine Misbegotten’s activity, it could be challenging to locate openings to fight it.

How can I assist Castle Morne’s ghost?

You can find a caged spirit NPC on the left side of the prison cell. It will beg for assistance if you speak to it. You can return outside and eliminate the Misbegotten adversaries one at a time as you move northwest since there is nothing unusual here.

Leonine Misbegotten: Is it difficult?

Players can encounter Leonine Misbegotten very early in their adventures, making it a highly difficult boss battle. However, the fight is straightforward and shouldn’t present too many difficulties if you are ready. This is what? Don’t worry if you’re a new player having trouble defeating this adversary.

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