Elden Ring How To Duplicate Saves? (Full Process Guide)

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Have any issues loading Elden Ring How To Duplicate Saves? This post is for you if you fit that description! You will learn how to locate your game save file and create a data backup in this post. You will also discover how to resolve the Failed to load save data problem. Furthermore, you’ll discover how to duplicate your Elden Ring and save the file. Read on to learn more.

Elden Ring How To Duplicate Saves?

It can be placed anywhere and backed up to local files. After finishing one end, move the duplicated ER0000. sl2 file back to the saved game location and finish a new one. One thing to remember is that the AppData folder is hidden, thus you must enable Windows Settings’ Hidden Folders setting.

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Protecting Your Elden Ring Game Saves

For a variety of reasons, keeping a backup of your Elden Ring game saves is crucial. In addition to safeguarding you from damaged save files and unreliable PC versions, it also encourages effective data management.

The locations of the Elden Ring game save files are shown below. To access the files, make sure hidden folders are turned on in Windows. Then, open a window for file explorer and look for a random-numbers file. Your 64bit Steam ID is in the file.

To avoid losing progress or saving files when the Elden Ring game desyncs, you must regularly back up your game saves. You’re save will be corrupted if the game fails. After a game crash, you can manually restore the Elden Ring and save the file. You can also select a different save file and load it if you’ve already saved the game.

Backing up your data regularly is one approach to safeguard your Elden Ring game saves. You have two options for backup storage: locally on your computer or online. The latter choice backs up your game securely and is quicker and easier. The security of the backed-up data is ensured by automatic backup services like EaseUs Todo Backup. Additionally, they shield your Elden Ring game against computer malfunctions.

Fixing The Game’s Failed To Load Save Data Error

You might need to clear your system’s game cache if you encounter this problem when trying to retrieve a saved game. You must repeatedly press OK until the saved game appears to accomplish this. To clear the cache on a Playstation system, use the X button. Restarting the game is an analogous procedure on a PC. This ought to correct the issue.

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Elden Ring can be closed down to resolve the Failed to load save data problem. By doing this, you can load a failed save and remove the cached data. Both PCs and Xbox gaming consoles will support this technique.

The PlayStation console’s problem can also be fixed using this technique. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you can try restarting the game. Restarting your PlayStation console can frequently fix the issue. After a reboot, the game will begin all over again.

Another save, such as one from the internet, may also need to be tried. If the file is saved on another system, the game might not be able to read it correctly. After the reset, you can try restarting the game to see if that fixes the issue. Both Playstation systems from the current generation and those from the upcoming generation can use this fix.

Finding The Save File For Your Game

To start, launch File Explorer and go to “%homepath%AppDataLocalLow” to find the game’s save file. Additionally, you might be able to locate it by pasting the developer’s name into the browser’s address bar. For instance, you can search for “DigitalContinue” or “Bloober Team” to find the saved file for Next Up Hero.

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Likewise, if you’re using Linux, navigate to “/Home/.local/share” and then look for the folder where the game save is located. The save file, for instance, can be found in the “Aspyr-media” folder if you’re playing the game “Aspyr.”

The save file may be located in one of three locations, depending on the game you’re playing. The /Library/Application Support folder is one of the most often used locations to look for the saved file. On Mac computers, this folder is hidden by default, but you may access it by launching Finder and pressing and holding the Alt/Option keys to make it visible. If you haven’t previously, just carry out the actions listed above.

Once you’ve found the saved file, you can either download it to your PC or upload it to the cloud. You won’t lose your game progress if you do this. You shouldn’t attempt to delete or change your save data, as you should with all game files, since you’ll lose your progress and be left in a bind. Additionally, you will lose your game progress if you attempt to open your game and save the file with a hex editor.

Elden Ring Save File Location

You’re saved data can be found in the Elden Ring folder’s Steam ID folder. Since it is not called Steam ID but rather a string of digits, it is not immediately recognized by that term. Usually, you may find it here: Your steam ID is stored in the following location: C: UsersusernameAppDataRoamingEldenRing.

  • When you press Windows, look for File Explorer.
  • Then, select this PC and navigate to your C drive.
  • Go to your user profile folder by clicking on the Users folder here.
  • Go to the AppData folder right now. If you can’t see it, the hidden items option isn’t turned on. Check the Hidden Items box by selecting View. The AppData folder ought to be visible at this point.
  • It’s only a matter of selecting Roaming and then the Elden Ring folder.
  • Your Steam ID folder can be found here. This folder should have 17 digits. The path, for instance, should resemble something like this: C:\Users\GamerTweak\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\12345678909876543\
  • The save files you’re looking for are the two files with the sl2 extension.

How To Backup Your Save File?

  • Visit the place described above.
  • The three files there should be copied.
  • Paste the files into the newly created folder.

The caveat is that to make sure you have the most recent save, you must back up your files after each play session. Simply copy these backup files and put them into the original save location folder if you ever get the save file corrupted issue.

To Conclude

That concludes this guide’s sections on Elden Ring How To Duplicate Saves? and backing them up. If you need assistance with any similar topics, I advise you to visit our Elden Ring department.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Elden rings copied?

Elden Ring Remembrances can be exchanged for one of two rewards. You can also make duplicates of these by going into walking tombs. You must remove the gray skull growths to enter these enormous ambulatory chapels.

Does Elden Ring operate with a cheat engine?

To function successfully, the Elden Ring Cheat Engine makes use of the well-known program Cheat Engine. Use the Elden Ring cheat table exclusively in offline mode if you want to prevent FromSoftware from discovering you and permanently banning you from playing online. Therefore, use the hacks below at your own risk.

Where can I find Elden Ring save files?

Your Elden Ring save files can be found in the AppData folder, which is easily accessed. Start by launching File Explorer and navigating to your primary C: drive, which is typically the one where your operating system, for instance, Windows 10 is installed.

Can you reproduce every memory?

However, each Walking Mausoleum only allows you to reproduce one Remembrance, so make your decision carefully.

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