Elden Ring Why Did Blaidd Go Crazy? (Quick Answer)

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In Elden Ring Why Did Blaidd Go Crazy? Elden Ring by FromSoftware seems to struggle to live up to its expectations. Fans of the developer’s earlier creations, such as Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, were anxious to play the most recent version of FromSoftware’s renownedly difficult genre for years before Elden Ring’s release.

Impressions of the game, which described its expansive world, wonderfully sophisticated character creator, and adaptability of battle, only served to amplify this. Elden Ring made a lot of promises, and it appears that most of them were kept.

Elden Ring Why Did Blaidd Go Crazy?

Blaidd, however, was cursed by the Two Fingers; if Ranni disobeyed her destiny, Blaidd would go insane and have an insatiable craving for blood and the urge to kill. He’d become ferocious. Blaidd vowed to serve Ranni as his only master, defying the fate to which he was born.

Elden Ring Why Did Blaidd Go Crazy 2

Half-wolf, half-man Blaidd was made by Ranni’s Two Fingers to watch over her and ensure she followed the path to fulfilling her destiny of succeeding Queen Marika. Even though Ranni attempted to give up on her mission by snatching the rune of death, Blaidd refused to follow the Two Fingers and swore loyalty to her instead.

Little is known about his grudge against Bloodhound Knight Darriwil. They resemble Bloodborne in their ferocious demeanour and attacks, with parts of Dark Souls 3’s Dancer in their elegance.

They appear to be members of an order of knights, even though we only face Darriwill. Additionally, Darriwil’s sword doesn’t reveal anything about his past or his conflict with Blaidd; you may surmise that he threatened Ranni, but that’s just conjecture.

Given that Blaidd has vowed to defend Ranni, we shouldn’t be surprised that he acts this way during the events of Elden Ring, even as the world burns and Ranni abandons her destiny. He fights hard against the Two Fingers’ corruption, but it ultimately overcomes him.

Why Elden Ring’s Blaidd Stands Out?

Elden Ring’s stunning environments, novel gameplay elements, and intricate designs left a lasting impression on players, but some details stood out. The Half-Wolf fighter Blaidd was widely recognized by fans despite just making a brief appearance in one of Elden Ring’s early trailers. Blaidd was a fascinating character who piqued gamers’ curiosity because of his unusual werewolf appearance, unique sword, and commanding stature.

Elden Ring Why Did Blaidd Go Crazy 3

Players learn the wolfman had much more to him than just a big sword and a great head of hair when they first meet him early in their Elden Ring journey. Blaidd is an engaging character because of his soothing voice, sense of justice, and fidelity to his lover Ranni the Witch, but his selflessness truly distinguishes him from other NPCs.

Contrary to most characters in Elden Ring, Blaidd acts out of allegiance to another person rather than his self-interest. The kind giant Iji, who worried Blaidd might turn against his mistress after learning of her defiance of the Greater Will, can put Blaidd in prison. The Half-Wolf is adamant that Blaidd cannot betray his friends in such a way and that players should not release him.

Even though Ranni’s mission is one of the hardest in Elden Ring, those who complete it can meet Blaidd one last time at Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia of the Lakes. They see Blaidd attack the player after defending Ranni from a Black Knife attack before going insane.

Sad enough that Blaidd has to suffer such a fate, but as with many FromSoftware games, the actual plot is in the item descriptions. The hostile warrior will drop the Royal Greatsword, Blaidd’s Gauntlets, Blaidd’s Armor, and Blaid’s Greaves once the players defeat him.

Since “the cold bothered him nevertheless,” Blaidd’s armor reveals that “the pelt serves as a cape, guarding against cold.” Even though he wasn’t immune to its effects, the Wolf-unwavering Man’s commitment to the ice-loving Ranni resulted in imbuing his same blade with cold magic, demonstrating the extent of his devotion in this slightly weird allusion to Disney’s Frozen.

What Happens If I Kill Blaidd?

Blaidd doesn’t drop anything if you kill him early on in the game before finishing Ranni’s quest line. He merely informs you that you cannot kill a shadow before vanishing. You must visit the Church of Vows, atone for your transgressions, and de-aggro Blaidd with Celestial Dew. Ranni’s questline is off limits to you until you atone for your crimes.

Elden Ring Why Did Blaidd Go Crazy

Then Blaidd reappears at the end of Ranni’s questline. This time, you’re forced to murder him. He turns hostile and begins to attack you. After slaying him, you will receive Blaidd’s greatsword and entire suit of armor, minus the helmet.

The Connection Between Blaidd And Ranni

According to lore, Blaidd was made to serve Ranni. But she lost her loyalty to Erdtree and The Greater Will by opting to defy the Two Fingers. Blaidd’s goals consequently became incompatible.

Some gamers thought the Two Fingers should have implanted a failsafe in Blaidd that would make him kill Ranni if she turned against them. Blaidd seemed to be straining to refuse to carry out the assignment and kill Ranni. He is at odds with himself over two competing orders. He goes insane since I don’t fight and murder Ranni. Under such intense pressure, his mind crumbles.

In Elden Ring Why Does Blaidd Attack You?

After Ranni’s quest line, Blaidd invariably turns hostile and fights you. It’s planned for that to occur. He will become hostile if the enormous bears are killed before encountering him. The same scenario occurs if you unintentionally strike him before finishing Ranni’s quest.

Blaidd occasionally exhibits hostility for no apparent cause. Some gamers believe that his conduct is set off after completing the Black Knife Catacombs. The same Black Knife Assassin in the tombs appears as the body lying on the ground close to him.

Other gamers observed that killing the sleeping bear while exploring the ruins is what makes Blaidd hostile. They verified that the bear turns hostile when he destroys the pillar Blaidd is perched on.

It is possible for players completing Ranni’s questline to occasionally become confused and think they killed Blaidd while attempting to reach the Lake of Rot. You didn’t kill Blaidd; rest assured. That is merely a Baleful Shadow acting like Blaidd. A servant of the Two Fingers is the Baleful Shadow that you battle before the Lake of Rot. That aspect might be a little unclear.

To Sum Up

I hope you learned to Elden Ring Why Did Blaidd Go Crazy? Blaidd was developed to support and safeguard Ranni. If Ranni defies the Two Fingers, he serves as a safeguard and is told to kill her. Under these two contradicting orders, Blaidd loses his mind when Ranni accomplishes that. He turns hostile as a result, and you must kill him to complete Ranni’s quest. In a way, he continues to be loyal in defending Ranni till the bitter end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Elden Ring become hostile toward Blaidd?

Blaidd will become hostile to you if you opt to complete the Ranni questline in Elden Ring, even though you were friendly with him. Players need to get to the Lake of Rot as part of the Ranni questline, but doing so will need them to overthrow Blaidd.

What happens if Blaidd Elden Ring is killed?

Return to Ranni’s Rise after completing Ranni’s quest line since Blaidd might be waiting there, hostile. If you defeat him, you will receive his greatsword and entire suit of armor (the helm is not included because it can be found close to Seluvis’ Rise).

Is it possible to avoid fighting Blaidd?

He stays there until you complete Ranni’s mission, at which point he will appear at Ranni’s Rise and engage you in combat. You receive his sword and armor if you defeat him, and there is no way to un-aggro Blaidd.

Do you kill Blaidd, the half-wolf?

What Follows a Victory Over Blaidd the Half-Wolf? The questline for Blaidd is completed after he is defeated outside of Ranni’s Rise. The only way to obtain his equipment is to kill him during this final event, although players can choose to leave him alive so that he “never dies” in their world.

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