Elite Audio 0 Gauge Review (Comparison With its Alternative)

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These sentences were put together after endless hours of investigation. Let’s move on! The market offers a wide variety of wiring kits. You can make a decision based on your needs LEIGESAUDIO 4 Gauge use for your subwoofer if possible.

Elite Audio 0 Gauge 1

Designed exclusively for automobile audio systems up to 3600 watts, premium power, and ground cable provides Elite Audio 0 Gauge Optimal power transfer. Copper-clad aluminum is used to ensure a pure, uninterrupted power transfer. Includes a 2-channel RCA connecting cable to connect the receiver and amplifier’s audio signals; Twisted-shielding technology is used in the creation of RCA interconnects to reduce noise.

Elite Audio 0 Gauge Review

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  • 0 Gauge 100% Tinned Copper Wire
  • 12 Gauge 100% tinned Copper Speaker Cable
  • Solid Brass ANL Fuse holder w/ satin gold finish

Because it is so luxurious, the wiring kit offered by Elite Audio is probably not something that persons who are merely looking to make a minor improvement to their audio system require. On the other hand, this can be exactly what you require to add a sizeable subwoofer and a sizeable amplifier.

Even the speaker wires are larger because the typical gauge for speaker wire is 16 or 18 AWG, and the fuse for this package can handle 250 amps. They are twenty feet in length and 12 AWG in gauge.

This particular set costs significantly more than the others, for a good reason. This audio behemoth is made up of around 12 pounds worth of pure copper in its entirety. Copper terminals, ferrules, heat-shrink tubing, and zip ties are included in this kit as finishing touches for any installation. Indeed, the total of all that weight makes the total heavier. In addition, weight is detrimental to your economy and may suggest that your doors require further strength to withstand the weight.

  • Large cables everywhere
  • Won’t be your audio setup's weak spot
  • Quality speakers and amplifiers deliver amazing sound.
  • Quite pricey
  • Heavy as a tank

Testing Process:

I utilized a wire kit to power my amplifier. There are several car amplifier types. Sizes vary. As the gauge grows, the wire’s copper supports become thicker, making it appropriate for powerful car amplifiers. Confer the user manual to identify the best car amplifier wiring kit. Buying a larger wiring kit for a low-powered amp wastes money.

I use these procedures to install an amp using a wiring kit. Long cables with two double plugs are called RCA cables. Vacate the car stereo from the noise slot. The car head unit’s back has multiple RCA cables. Using a subwoofer amplifier requires connecting the sub. Using a 4-channel car amplifier, I connected the front and rear speakers. The amp’s inputs must accept the RCA wires.

Connect remote switch wire. This is the wire between RCA cables. This turns the car amp. When I turned on my stereo, it also turned on the auto amplifier. Not constantly using the car amplifier prevents a dead battery the next day.

Elite Audio 0 Gauge 2

The blue car radio wiring harness cable is connected to the remote turn-on socket for the car amplifier. Cable This lengthy, red cable connects the car battery to the amplifier. To secure the wire, place the fuse side near the battery. You need to run this wire from where the RCA wires are fitted down the car’s side panel. Running power and RCA wires down the same side could cause interference, so do this first.

This black wire is substantially shorter than the red power wire. This grounded your car’s amplifier. Sand the area around a bolt to remove paint. This will ensure that your car amplifier has the correct ground, so it turns on the first time. Speaker wires transport the external amplifier’s sound to the subwoofer or speakers.

Channel terminal screws were removed. I inserted and tightened the speaker wires into the sub box’s terminal cup. I checked my polarity. When reversed, the subwoofer produced less bass and volume.

Product comparison:

Elite Audio 0 Gauge has 100% copper wire Quality speakers and amplifiers deliver amazing sound. Also Includes 16 ft copper remote wire, and 0 Ga Ring copper terminals. LEIGESAUDIO 4 Gauge Power cable is true AWG CCA for maximum power delivery, 17FT RCA Cable is made from Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) rejects noise from clean sound. I recommend you Elite Audio 0 Gauge because it is super excellent.

How do I learn what wiring kit to buy?

The essentials to check for

  • Have most of the components you require for a top-notch installation.
  • High-quality wire with conductor sizes that match the claims made in the advertisement.
  • Power wire connectors that ensure reliable electrical connections and a reliable fuse holder.
  • Enough wire length.
  • Reasonable pricing and good value.


I loved everything about Elite Audio 0 Gauge wiring kit, and it was extremely affordable. No problems and I’ll use it again for forthcoming projects even though it costs the same locally in stores.


What gauge wire do I require for 1500 watt amp?

With no problems, a class D amp should be able to provide roughly 1500 watts over a length of 4 gauge wire of 15 feet.

How considerable amps can a 4 gauge wire operate?

Its rated ampacity at 75 °C is 85 amps. Accordingly, the 4 gauge wire can securely manage up to 85 amps of current during typical operation.

What size wire do I require for a 500-watt amp?

The current dictates the situation much more than the power does. If 500w at 8 ohms, 16 gauge wire might be used. If 500w @ 0.5 ohms, 10 gauges are required Otherwise, a suitable conventional wire size for subwoofers is 12 gauges.

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