Follow button doesn’t work on Instagram (Do this)

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Discover a few potential causes about Follow button doesn’t work on Instagram. One of the biggest causes for Instagram to block you from following others is following too many accounts within an hour or a few hours, whether manually or via bots.

Perhaps this situation is familiar to you: On Instagram, you wish to follow a new friend, and as soon as you click the follow button, it appears you have done so by turning white. Then it returns to blue, and you see the message “Action Blocked” in the notice. You keep having this problem and start to wonder why you can’t follow anyone on Instagram.

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Follow button doesn’t work on Instagram: Reasons

The App Has a Problem:

Even though they are rare, program crashes can occasionally prevent you from doing something. Because Instagram keeps so much data, it frequently occurs and can be fixed by restarting the program. On other occasions, you must upgrade the application, and if the bug is widespread, your only option is to wait until it is fixed.

You Have Disabled the Following Option:

You might unintentionally mute some users while adjusting your account settings, rendering them unfollowable. Sadly, Instagram doesn’t let you know when this occurs. The “muted list” must be explored to confirm that their name does not show there.

Instagram Suspects You’re a Fake User:

If one or more of the following statements about you are true, Instagram will consider you to be a fraudulent user and suspend your account:

  • There is insufficient information regarding your identification. You don’t have a profile photo, your bio is blank, and you don’t have a way to verify your identities like a phone number or email.
  • You’ve shared very few or no posts on your page. Instagram may prohibit your actions if it notices that you haven’t been a real user for a while. You can become an actual operator after 15 postings.
  • You submit several images instantly: Whether you’re posting, following or unfollowing, liking, or commenting, the Instagram algorithm doesn’t like repeated actions. Additionally, try to limit your sharing to five posts every hour. Nobody can be followed, or you can do anything else.

You’re Exceeding the Maximum Follow Limit:

Instagram has overall restrictions on how many profiles a user can follow, in addition to daily and hourly restrictions. If your following count exceeds 7500, you should unfollow some pages to make room for new friends.

You’re Using Bots:

Regarding advertising your account and obtaining followers on Instagram, Instagram bots are fantastic helpers. They violate the rules of service for the platform, though. Avoid automatic promoters if you don’t want to ruin your hard-earned reputation. If you require automated help with your account, set the bot’s speed to low so the algorithm won’t notice it.

Your Account Is New:

Regarding new users, Instagram’s daily restrictions have become more stringent. You shouldn’t follow as many accounts as an experienced user if your account is less than a month old. If you do, you will have a lengthier “Action Blocked” period than a more experienced user.

The number of accounts you should follow on your first day after making your account is 50, but as you establish yourself as a trustworthy Instagram user, this number may rise. You can follow up to 75 accounts on the second and 90 on the third. Just keep in mind not to follow them simultaneously. Distribute it across the course of the day.

You’ve reached the Daily Limit:

Instagram flags strange behavior if you follow too many accounts too rapidly and stops you from following other accounts. Either the algorithm has determined that you are a robot, or it believes that you are a spammer.

Your account has been temporarily suspended for whatever reason, and you will get an “Action Blocked” warning encouraging you to try again later. You can be temporarily prohibited from following users, liking their posts, messaging them, or leaving comments on their posts, depending on how suspicious you seem.

This ban typically lasts for a few hours or even 48 hours. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll have to wait a full week to get your accessibility back. The app has the right to extend this time limit to a month or even permanently delete your account if you continue to behave suspiciously. Avoid following more than 200 accounts daily or more than 10 to 20 Instagram users in a single hour.

How to solve button doesn’t work on Instagram?

Link Your Account with Your Facebook:

This approach is especially useful if the platform suspects you of being a fake user or if your Instagram account is spanking new. The platform trusts you more when you connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts. It is more likely to comply with your requests, particularly if your Facebook page has a positive reputation. Do the following if you have a Facebook account:

  • Open your Instagram profile and click the top-right Settings button.
  • Select the “Share to Other Apps” option after tapping “Account.”
  • Click “Facebook” and log in using your Facebook credentials.
Link Your Account with Your Facebook

You can follow your Facebook friends on Instagram after linking the accounts:

  • Go to Settings and select the “Follow People” option.
  • You’ll see a “Facebook Friends” option below.
  • A list of your Facebook friends already on Instagram will show up when you click it.
  • Track one or two to see if everything is on course.

Report the Problem to Instagram:

Try contacting the Instagram team and reporting the issue if none of these solutions work. Use the technique only if you are unsure why they blocked you. If not, the customer service representatives will advise you to wait until the expiration date. There are two ways to contact the platform: You’ll see an option that reads, Let us know if we’re making a mistake when you get the Blocked Action error. Act as follows:

  • Click this button and provide a thorough justification for not violating their Terms of Use.
  • Attaching pertinent screenshots to support your assertions is also beneficial.
  • Give them two or three days to answer.
  • If it’s their fault, they’ll probably unlock your account.
  • 2. You can get in touch with Instagram by using the app’s settings.
  • Locate the Settings icon and click on it.
  • The “Report a Problem” tab should be explored.
  • “Something isn’t working” should be chosen.
  • Clearly describe the issue and await a response.

Change Your Internet Network:

The “Action Blocked” warning may be coming from your internet connection IP rather than you if you haven’t displayed any strange behavior yet are still seeing it. Connect to your mobile network to resolve the problem. Change to a wireless network if you currently utilize a mobile data service. As a last resort, you could want to try using another Wi-Fi instead of yours.

Change Your Password:

This method is your best option to restore your account if Instagram has prohibited you because you logged in using multiple IP addresses or locations (perhaps because you’re using a VPN):

  • From the Instagram app, access Settings.
  • Click “Security” and then “Password.”
  • Type in your existing password to verify your identity.
  • Once you’ve typed the new password twice, you can proceed.
  • From this point forward, you probably will be able to follow new users.

The method still works well when the platform hasn’t established a deadline for the “Action Block” ban. To optimize the impact, you can combine it with one of the abovementioned ways.

Open Instagram through the Web:

This would be a backup strategy if none of the approaches above was successful.

  • Perform a search on using your browser.
  • Log in.
  • Consider following several accounts.
  • Log out and try the app if everything is working as it should.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App:

If the method above didn’t work, you should log out of your account and uninstall the application.

  • Sign in to Instagram after downloading it from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Before removing Instagram completely, you can also check for updates.
Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Log Out/In:

Many people assert that logging out and back into your Instagram account restores your action rights.

  • Go to your profile page’s top right corner and choose Account Settings.
  • Login out of your account, but make sure you can sign back in by remembering the password.
  • Log in by entering your credentials.
  • Read one or two pages to see if the problem is fixed.
  • Repeat step 5, but this time login on a different device if you can still not follow anyone.

Clear Cache and Data:

Try this method when a local bug is the root of your issues. Using an Android device, perform the following actions:

  • Access the settings on your phone.
  • To access the “App” area, scroll down.
  • Select the Instagram icon after finding it among other programs.
  • Select “Force Stop.”
  • Next, select “Clear cache and data” under the “Storage” option.

If you use iOS, you won’t be able to use this method; you’ll need to remove and reinstall the software.

Final Verdict:

You may have been blocked by Instagram if Follow button doesn’t work on Instagram and suddenly stops being selected after you click it. Instagram may have blocked your action due to your breach of their rules and regulations regarding following people.

You can’t follow many people quickly if your account is only a few hours old. If your account is completely new, there is a follow cap of 50. The other reason is that you have been following and unfollowing individuals for a few hours, as though you were on a binge. Instagram suspects you of spamming or employing bots of increasing your following.

This can occasionally also occur due to technical problems like unstable or lost connections. In this case, you must ensure your internet connection is working properly and restart the app. A temporary block can also be triggered by excessive liking and posting. However, such incidents occur.


How do I fix the following glitch on Instagram?

Install the most recent version of the program.  Switch off your phone.  Verify the web connection. Reinstall the application.

Why can’t I follow or unfollow on Instagram?

Because of the new Instagram algorithm, which limits an account’s ability to like, comment, follow, and unfollow others, if you are having issues using Instagram and are unable to follow, unfollow, or even like or post, you are likely experiencing these issues.

How can I tell if Instagram has blocked me?

You won’t be able to follow them if you are blocked. The “Follow” button won’t respond to a rapid tap, and you will continue to view it without being able to click on it. No matter what notifications you send, they won’t receive them.

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