Fosi Audio M03 Subwoofer Amplifier review

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Power amplifiers are necessary for live sound systems to raise the mixer output volume so that the house mix can drive your speakers. The Nobsound G2 power amplifier makes it possible for your audience to hear the singer over the loud wall of sound produced by the guitarist’s half stack, the drum kit, and the bass cab’s thunderous rumble.

For you to be able to transmit your stage performance to every member of the audience, you need a power amp with enough watts and sufficient headroom. Your audience will hear a powerful, clear signal thanks to an amplifier like the Soundavo PSB-400DSP, and the artists may concentrate on making music.

Fosi Audio M03 Subwoofer Amplifier 1

Check out the Fosi Audio M03 if you need a dependable power amp for your live setup! We’ll assist you in locating an amplifier that meets the demands of your band and your budget.

Fosi Audio M03 Subwoofer Amplifier Review:

The Fosi Audio M03 stands out as the best in the world of subwoofer amplifiers. It has many advantages, including excellent output and great volume. The use of just the best materials ensured that it was made with precision and care. Pulse width modulation, a cutting-edge technique, produces a powerful deep bass. An on/off switch comes with the Fosi Audio M03 for convenient maintenance.

This amplifier has shown to be the most effective for Fosi subwoofers. You can be confident in its reliability and trustworthiness because it comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Fosi Audio M03

The Good

  • For people who are interested in HiFi sound, specifically
  • Built-in low pass filter for subwoofers at 20–300 Hz
  • Full-Frequency Mono Amplifier

The Bad

  • No Wireless
  • For people who are interested in HiFi sound, specifically
  • Built-in low pass filter for subwoofers at 20–300 Hz
  • Full-Frequency Mono Amplifier
  • Not Wireless

How do I test the amplifier?

With the mono speaker output on the Fosi, I have two 4ohm shakers in series, so I’m giving the amp an 8ohm load. Most of the time, I turn the sub-frequency control to the left and set the volume to about 60%. My LFE channel is coming from the AVR. At first, I only went into the right channel of the Fosi. Later, I split it into the L and R RCA channels of the Fosi.

I don’t think splitting it made a difference because both configurations worked. This little amp works great with the Auras. Even when hard “shaking” goes on for a long time, neither the Arua’s nor the Fosi get very hot.

Fosi Audio M03 Subwoofer Amplifier 2

They only get a little warm. The Auras are driven with less power than other shakers, and I don’t know how well this amp would drive something with more power, like buttkicker mini LFEs or even more Auras. This tiny amp with the two Auras is operating flawlessly and adding a lot of flair to my home theatre’s main sofa, but I don’t have anything to compare it to. There’s not much out there that uses this amp for shakers, so I thought I’d review it for you.

Product comparison:

Fosi Audio M03 Subwoofer Amplifier has Clean Sound Quality and Full-Frequency Mono Amp. It provides a Built-in low pass filter for subwoofers at 20–300 Hz. Nobsound G2 uses lowvoltage and has RCA connectivity. Fosi Audio M03 Subwoofer Amplifier is suggested because it is cheap and excellent.


Personal evaluation powered by Dayton Audio SPA250 Two bass shakers from Aura Pro. Even though it worked wonderfully, it was large, ugly, and probably way too powerful for what I needed. I wondered if the subwoofer amp would be a good, less expensive alternative to the Dayton. The Fosi Audio M03, in my opinion, does an excellent job of driving two shakers, so I wouldn’t contemplate using it for that purpose. Dayton did seem more aggressive and powerful, but that doesn’t always mean it’s for the better or worse.

Relevant Questions

Why do I need an amplifier for my home theatre?

An amplifier is a device that amplifies or generates a larger version of a small signal before outputting it. This is essential since you won’t have enough power to power your speakers without an amplified signal.

Does an amplifier improve the sound quality of a home theatre?

The answer to the question “do amplifiers increase sound quality?” is no, in a nutshell. An amplifier is made to boost the levels of audio signals. However, neither the recorded audio nor the reproduction of such audio is meant to be improved objectively or subjectively.

What is the benefit of having an amplifier?

The experience of listening to music in your automobile can be enhanced by adding an amplifier because it will produce a cleaner sound, more power, and better performance. Advantages of including an amplifier: Better Sound Quality – By providing enough power to drive your speakers hard without overtaxing them, an amplifier can enhance your sound.

How many amps do I need for the home theatre?

To connect your power amplifiers and powered subwoofers, have an electrician run at least one (20A) dedicated line(s) into your home theatre room. All other low-power devices, such as HDTVs, sources, game consoles, etc., can be connected to shared outlets.

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