How many community guidelines strike tiktok to get banned? (Guide)

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I’ll explain to you how many community guidelines strike tiktok to get banned? Usually, five to six reports from several TikTok accounts are sufficient to result in the banning of an account. Every social media platform aims to implement Terms of Service (TOS) to create a safe and welcoming online environment for everyone to use.

How many community guidelines strike tiktok to get banned

The platforms’ community rules are fairly rigorous, and they never hesitate to ban someone who breaks them permanently. One platform that firmly responds to specific community transgressions is TikTok, and the company is never afraid to suspend or permanently ban a user who violates the rules.

How many community guidelines strike TikTok to get banned?

The terms and conditions for TikTok do not specify a maximum number of breaches. Sometimes a single infraction is sufficient to result in a ban, and other times a string of offences may not even lead to a ban. Expressed, the length of the ban depends on how serious the offence was.

How many community guidelines strike tiktok to get banned 2

While some offences are terrible and demand swift, severe punishment, others are minor transgressions that probably warrant a warning rather than a suspension. The severity of the TOS violation is irrelevant, though. There will always be repercussions. These can take the form of a fine, a strong warning, a temporary restriction, or a permanent ban in the worst instance.

Important TikTok Law violations to Avoid:

The company requires you to accept the conditions of use when you sign up for an account on TikTok. The agreement lists numerous infractions that could lead to account suspension. Let’s talk about 11 serious TikTok offences that might result in a ban from the app.


The frequency of cyberbullying has risen over the previous few years. Social media sites like TikTok have maintained strict policies over time to stop any occurrences of cyberbullying. You might not even get the chance to justify your actions if you are ever caught bullying someone on TikTok.

Sharing hate speech, pornographic material, or even abuse might be construed as bullying, which can land you in hot water. If the victim of your bullying suffered any severe losses as a result of your bullying, TikTok might even report the incident to the state’s cyber security section. Don’t be cruel; instead, be kind. Stay silent if you have nothing flattering to say.

Sharing Terroristic Threats:

This is one of the breaches of the serious rules on TikTok, and your account may be suspended immediately. TikTok is vehemently opposed to any behavior of this nature that supports terrorism. Even talking about anything that could endanger an individual or group is prohibited. Sharing anything that exhibits indicators of possible terrorism is likewise absolutely forbidden. Everything from weapons to human blood can be considered in t


TikTok strictly prohibits nudity and safeguards the neighborhood by preventing the dissemination of adult content. Even if something is posted that violates the community rules, TikTok will remove it immediately and eventually suspend the author’s account. Some people try to be covert by chatting about their account handles. Although the technology used by TikTok can easily detect that, you can still be suspended.

Content That Promotes Self-Harm:

Material That Encourages Self-Harm Suicide has become one of the leading causes of death in recent years. Social networking was shown to be among the top three reasons for suicide, among many other reasons. Many social media platforms have taken precautions to prevent this from happening and are continuously attempting to improve their platforms.

Additionally, TikTok follows tight guidelines to prevent the encouragement of suicidal ideas. It hates any behavior that might cause someone to consider or act on suicide. Any content producer caught engaging in such behavior will immediately face a ban.


TikTok, in particular, on social media platforms, is a popular tool for blackmail. Through chat messaging, audio or video calls, audio recordings, or even remarks, people can blackmail one another. TikTok quickly bans any such accounts after receiving a notification from a community member about such content.

Anything that involves extortion or harassment of the victim is considered blackmail. Numerous case studies demonstrate how, in the past, people utilized TikTok videos to blackmail others subtly. Following these problems, TikTok stepped up its efforts to identify and ban individuals engaging in extortion and blackmail.

No Violence Allowed:

On TikTok, violence is categorically forbidden. As a platform for sharing videos, TikTok has the potential to spread violent content widely. TikTok’s algorithm monitors any such activity to avoid this problem and immediately bans the offending account. There are various ways to foster violence.

In certain instances, TikTok has suspended the accounts of users who posted videos of natural disasters. You never know what information could be harmful or seriously traumatic to someone. Avoid sharing graphic or violent content on your account or directing others to such accounts because doing so could cause harm to others and get you banned from the platform.


Managing spammers has always been a significant challenge for most social media networks. Even though TikTok makes precautions to safeguard the community against spammers, it can occasionally be difficult to delete such accounts. However, one thing is for certain: TikTok actively bans spamming-related profiles. You could be practicing TikTok spamming in a variety of ways.

It may also be viewed as spam if you consistently follow someone or like an excessive number of videos at once. Avoid sending too many chat messages to many persons at once because this could also be considered spam. The purchasing of fictitious followers is another type of spam that is prevalent on TikTok. Content producers believe the fake followers help them go viral on the platform while avoiding detection.


For other social media platforms, hacking is also a top worry, and TikTok doesn’t take it lightly. Although the social media site has included more security measures in recent upgrades, it hasn’t entirely succeeded in preserving security and preventing hacking.

However, they look into the situation and pursue legal action against any party responsible for the hacking. Additionally, hacking may result in criminal prosecution or incarceration.


Most nations throughout the world consider impersonations to be a crime. As a result, TikTok considers it a serious violation of the TOS and bans any accounts involved in this behavior. TikTok will immediately remove phoney profiles. You should establish an account using your legal name and information to prevent breaking this TOS. Never build up a celebrity persona or appear to be someone you’re not.


It is highly forbidden for children less than 16 to use the platform. In a recent change to its terms of service, TikTok stated that users under 16 should delete their accounts to avoid being suspended.

Promoting Illegal Activities:

TikTok is constantly on the lookout for any conduct that violates local regulations. TikTok adjusts its TOS to comply with local laws everywhere it operates. Whether anything is lawful elsewhere or not, everything that is banned in your nation will also be regarded as illegal on TikTok. Without warning, TikTok will terminate any accounts that support illegal activity. It’s important to remember local rules when making films for TikTok.

How to Unblock a TikTok Account?

Usually, temporary bans are automatically lifted. You must contact TikTok support to file an appeal if you receive a permanent ban. The kind of ban must first be examined. It is strongly advised to wait a while if the ban is only temporary. After waiting, do the actions below if the ban is still in place.

  • Use a VPN to access the account.
  • Reinstall the program.
  • Get in touch with customer service if the ban is still in place.
How to Unblock a TikTok Account

If your account is permanently banned without giving you any prior notification, you most likely broke the rules of service in a significant way. The appeal is the last remaining choice. Get in touch with TikTok’s trust and safety team and provide them with all of the supporting documentation to submit an appeal.

If you have broken any rules, beg for forgiveness in writing in a properly formatted email. If not, you can only ask them to think about their choice. The appeal does not guarantee your account’s restoration, but it is still possible.

How Long Can Ban On TikTok Last?

The typical duration of a temporary ban is between 24 and 72 hours. But if it still isn’t working after that, you’ll need to get in touch with support so they can check into it. The main justification for a temporary account hold is typically suspicious activity. Numerous social media experts believe this feature is advantageous for account holders because it shields them from spammers and hackers.

Why Do So Many TikTok Accounts Get Banned?

Hate speech and unlawful activity, per TikTok’s report, accounted for the majority of account suspensions in 2021. Most people were also ignorant of the real cause behind account suspension. All of the explanations above are quite typical on social media. Most people forget to record their activities, which might lead to hurt feelings for other people. They end up being suspended from the platform as a result of this.


Continue using the platform only if you abide by all TikTok’s rules and regulations. You should be aware of how many community guidelines strike tiktok to get banned. However, be prepared for the repercussions if you violate any laws. Always use safe browsing techniques when browsing the internet. One mistake can have serious repercussions that can ruin your life or someone else’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a community guidelines ban last TikTok?

The duration of a temporary suspension resulting from a breach of the community rules might range from one day to two weeks. You can resume operations as usual when the suspension is lifted as you follow TikTok’s rules. However, a TikTok ban is also in place permanently.

What happens if you get multiple community guideline violations on TikTok?

We’ll let you know if there are further violations since your account can be permanently suspended. This indicates that the account will have its TikTok account permanently suspended if the activity continues.

Can you get banned on TikTok for violating community guidelines?

TikTok will ban accounts that repeatedly breach the Community Guidelines. When you launch the app the next time, a banner notification alerting you to this accounting change will appear if your account has been banned.

How many reports to delete TikTok?

As low as zero depending on the cited infraction. The account of anyone who the Tik-Tok administrators believe is there for sexual purposes, to persuade youngsters to do evil things, or to upload content against the terms* will be deleted.

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