How much space does minecraft take up on pc? (Brief Answer)

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We did some research on how much space does Minecraft take up on pc? and found that on all platforms and operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android, Minecraft may fit in less than 1 GB. However, after exploring and incorporating new worlds, mods, plugins, and skins, it can expand to more than 30 GB.

You will surely spend hours playing the fantastic game Minecraft. However, it’s understandable that you can be enjoying the vast open universe and endless options too much and cause your smartphone to suffer from a complete lack of storage.

How much space does minecraft take up on pc 1

Do not worry, though, as the Minecraft base game only requires 900 MB to 1 GB of storage. This sum will rise by various additional criteria, including modifications, resource packs, and the worlds you have installed on your device.

How much space does minecraft take up on pc?

Minecraft: Java Edition will only take up about 525 MB of storage space during the first download on Windows, but after installation, it may use up to 1 GB or more. According to Minecraft’s website, the Bedrock Edition of the game for Windows 10 may be downloaded for 900MB.

You should be aware that these figures only account for the original game and the download file size and do not consider the numerous add-ons, such as resource packs and mods. In a nutshell, a mod is an add-on that gives a world new functionality, such as a new item or weapon. On the other side, a resource pack is a way to change the visual and even audio features of Minecraft, allowing for great customization of a world’s appearance and feel.

Resource bundles and simple mods might not require much storage. Nevertheless, you will surely come across many mods and resource packs as you play the game, which will be of great use to you. Your disk space will subsequently begin to be used up by these. Follow these steps to determine how much space YOUR Minecraft installation uses in Windows:

  • Press Win + R, then type the following string (without the quotation marks) into the dialog box:
  • If you are using the Java Edition, type “% AppData% /.minecraft
  • Enter “percent LocalAppData per cent PackagesMicrosoft.MinecraftUWP 8wekyb3d8bbweLocalStategamescom.mojangminecraftWorlds” if you are using Bedrock/Windows 10 Edition.
  • A window containing all of your Minecraft files will open as a result. Go to Properties by right-clicking on any empty place in the window.
  • As an alternative, you can quickly access Properties on the window’s ribbon tab.
  • This will open a new window that displays how much space your Minecraft installation has consumed overall.

How Much Storage Does a Minecraft World Take Up?

The worlds that you have saved on your device will consume a large portion of the storage space used by a Minecraft installation. The multiplayer worlds you have joined and the single-player worlds you have created are included.

This does not imply Minecraft has access to all the information in your world, though. Only creating new places as you explore them, then saving those data to the disk, is how Minecraft cleverly stores global data.

How Much Storage Does a Minecraft World Take Up

By doing this, the game can avoid using a lot of computational resources to build the entire globe at once and save it in terabytes of storage. As you explore, Minecraft actively creates new chunks to control the size of the world data.

This implies that each globe on your smartphone will only include information about regions you have already visited. A chunk of a basic biome will have less data than a section of your base with lots of blocks like chests because the amount of data will vary depending on the contents of the area you have explored.

A fully developed single-player world often takes around 400–500 MB. A Minecraft world can grow to 1-2 GB in size once you’ve investigated it well and played with it for at least a year.

The game will only retain world data for the locations you’ve explored in multiplayer worlds that you don’t host, and the world storage size will be identical (not including the mods and resource packs that might come with it). However, depending on how much the players have explored, active multiplayer worlds you host on your device can also quickly exceed 2 GB.

How to Check Minecraft Size?

To free up more space, you can look at how much disk space Minecraft has used on each device. Go to Settings > Storage > System Storage > Saved data > Minecraft on your PS4. By selecting Properties from the context menu when you right-click the Minecraft folder on Windows, you can see how much storage space Minecraft has taken up.

By pressing Win + R and typing percent AppData percent / in the run box, you can access the run box if you don’t know where the Minecraft installation file is on your computer.

You can use the built-in functionality of Minecraft on Mac OS to quickly access your installation and save files. Run the game and choose a Minecraft World to use this option.

However, press the Edit button in place of starting the game. However, press the Edit button in place of starting the game. To view a subdirectory inside the game’s installation path, click on Open World Folder now.

The save files are visible if you go up one folder. You can view the size of a file by clicking on its properties. There is an alternative method if you can’t locate the saved files on your Mac device. Copy the following command into Terminal and then launch it: Written by default is com. apple.

Finder TRUE AppleShowAllFiles Restarting your device will enable the finder to see all hidden files. The Minecraft save files are now located in the home folder. Go to Application support > Minecraft > Saves in the Library folder. The World and save files for Minecraft are located in this folder.

How to free storage on Minecraft?

You might eventually get an error message in Minecraft that reads, “You’re out of storage when you wish to explore a new world” if you explore new worlds and download new plugins, mods, or resource and texture packs. In such instances, you must make space available to aid in the game’s seamless operation.

How to free storage on Minecraft

Delete the Worlds You Don’t Use:

The greatest thing you can do if your storage is filling up quickly is to remove unnecessary features like mods and worlds. The game itself occasionally makes duplicates that take up space in your storage.

For instance, when updating to a new version, the old files and worlds won’t be deleted. There are two ways to eliminate undesired worlds: The built-in functionality of the game lets you make and remove worlds while playing.

Keep in mind that selecting this choice will erase the World forever. As a result, you could export the World and use it later. Select the Worlds to tab from the main menu. Press Edit, This will display a menu with many choices. To access the Delete World option, scroll down. You’re finished after you click the Delete button. The second choice is to eliminate the save folder for that World. The path is where you can access the saved files:


You can right-click on the World you want to delete and choose Delete from the menu that appears. Alternately, you can delete, copy, or transfer worlds and pieces using third-party programs. You can export or delete chunks and worlds using the fantastic MCA Selector, which is compatible with the Java edition. However, remember that all changes are permanent, so if you’re unsure about erasing a planet, make a backup first.

Get A Backup Of The Worlds:

You could make a backup of each of these directories if you don’t want to erase your Worlds to keep them completely. If you play Xbox Game Pass games, your Worlds will already be kept locally and in the cloud. However, Windows 10, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One support manual backups. The game menu’s Edit section provides quick access to the backup option. To enter the Edit menu, click the pencil icon, then choose Settings.

To obtain a copy of your World, select Copy World. You might use iCloud to back up your files on an iOS device. This is how you do it: Go to Files > Browse > On My iPad > Minecraft > Games > com.mojang > Minecraftworlds on an iPad to access this game.

To access the menu and choose to Save to Files, press and hold the Minecraft worlds button. Choose the directories you wish to save the Minecraft worlds from your iCloud storage. Switch to another device and transfer your worlds To save space and prevent data loss, you could transfer your game files from your current device to a different one.

It would help if you utilized Minecraft Realm because it’s a little tough for Minecraft files. With this membership service, you can play alone or with others while saving your games in the cloud. You can use it for both bedrock and java editions, and you can swap between devices. Be certain that you have an active Realm before utilizing this option.

Go to the Edit menu in the game on the first device, select the Realms list, and then select your Realm. Click on the World you want to replace, confirm your choice, and then click Replace World. Once the upload is complete, select Let’s Go. Open Minecraft on the second device now. Select your Realm by going to the Edit section. By pressing Let’s go, choose Download World to allow the system to begin the download.

Delete Mods:

Your memory can be swiftly depleted by even the tiniest Minecraft mods, leading to the error above. The mods you don’t use can easily be deleted to make room. Enter percent appdata% in the taskbar’s search box to locate the mods folder. In the new window, click the Roaming folder and Minecraft folder.

The modifications folder containing all the installed mods may be found in the following window. Each mod can be selected individually, and you can get rid of those that are unnecessary.

By selecting Delete from the context menu when you right-click the bin folder, you may also completely remove all of the mods. Finally, you could remove and reinstall the game if eliminating unnecessary files doesn’t help with storage. But remember that you will lose all your saved worlds and mods if you remove Minecraft from your device. To prevent losing your files in the Minecraft Realm, you should make a backup of them or store the save folders somewhere else.


Here we sum up all about how much space does minecraft take up on pc? Despite being a game that allows for the creation of limitless worlds, Minecraft doesn’t take up much room. However, if you frequently play on numerous worlds, the world data for these worlds will undoubtedly occupy some space on your hard drive. A simple gaming setup will be sufficient for most gamers, and you won’t need separate dedicated storage for Minecraft itself unless you are hosting a multiplayer world where you anticipate a large number of players.

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