How To Burn The Tree Yourself Elden Ring? Process Guide

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Thorns will block your path when you get deep enough within Elden Ring. You may not recognize it, but this plays a significant role in the overall plot development of the game. Putting these things on fire will reveal some essential story aspects we won’t explore now. Instead of going into the spoiler zone, we’ll outline the crucial steps below. Here is a method for How To Burn The Tree Yourself Elden Ring? 

How To Burn The Tree Yourself Elden Ring?

How To Burn The Erdtree Without Sacrifice Is Revealed By The Frenzied Flame. The Flame of Ruin, which can burn the Erdtree, is kept at the Forge of the Giants. Melina would typically have to be sacrificed for this; however, if you inherit the Frenzied Flame, you are free to burn the Erdtree without Melina.

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You must provide kindling at the Forge of the Giants to burn the thorns behind the Elden Throne. Elden Ring’s storyline depends on this, which will inevitably happen as you advance in the game. When the time is ripe, you’ll have the choice to burn the thorns.

The following steps may shock players who are unsure what to do if they become lost. You can enter the Mountaintops of the Giants using a Rold Medallion, which Melina will offer you after chatting with you. The Forge of the Giants, which just so happens to be watched over by the Fire Giant, is where you’ll be going next. You will gain access to the forge once you defeat him. Visit Melina at the Site of Grace and have a conversation with her.

Melina will ask you to commit a “cardinal sin” to prevent spoilers. Do as you please, and a significant spectacle will ensue. After that, you’re taken to the Crumbling Farum Azula region in your character. To continue the story, you must kill Maliketh, the Black Blade, from this point on. It will soon be time to head back to the entryway near the Elden Throne, as the Royal Capital will undergo some alterations.

How To Burn Thorns Door In Elden Ring?

As I have explained, the Thorns Door in Lyndell, Royal Capital, is an endgame phase. A spell or incantation cannot burn the Thorns Door in Elden Ring. You must first beat at least five non-optional Bosses to move on. These Bosses are crucial to Elden Ring’s storyline development. Before you arrive at this stage, you don’t need to defeat all five.

You will have beaten 5 Main Bosses by the time you return to the Thorns Door. You must travel to the Grand Lift of Rold from Lyndell. You’ll have access to the Mountaintops of the Giants thanks to this.

How To Burn The Tree Yourself Elden Ring

It would help if you traveled to the Forge of the Giants from there. You can get there by traveling south along the edges on a path that runs from the north side to the east. You will go there via this route, where you must defeat the Fire Giant. You must now proceed to Crumbling Farum Azula and vanquish Maliketh, the Black Blade.

As a result, Lyndell, Royal Capital will change into Lyndell, Ashen Capital. Return to the Thorns Door now. You will pass Gideon Ofnir on the route. To advance to the following boss, you must defeat him. You will fight Godfrey, the First Elden Lord if you continue.

Do I Have To Burn The Erdtree In Elden Ring?

To advance in the main plot, you must burn Eritrea. The only way to get to the final boss is by lighting the tree on fire. Thus you have no choice but to do so. You can ask Melina to ignite the tree or do it yourself. You cannot proceed unless you burn Eritrea.

What Happens After Burning The Erdtree?

The Royal Capital of Lyndell becomes Lyndell, the Ashen Capital, once the Erdtree is set on fire. Most objects and entrances become blocked, making it difficult for you to access the sewers. However, if required, you can still descend into the sewers using the well situated at the lowest point in the Ashen Capital. Most NPCs in the Roundtable Hold will also vanish or pass away. Smith and Roderika are the two exceptions. This makes practically all of the quests unavailable.

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What To Do Before Burning The Erdtree?

Make sure to finish any interesting side tasks before burning the Erdtree. Also, complete the other NPC-related questlines. After destroying the Erdtree, several NPCs will vanish, cutting off your access to their questlines.

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Before burning the Erdtree, do the following:

  • Wander around the Royal Capital region and the sewers.
  • Finish all side missions
  • In the capital, locate the legendary spear.
  • Pick up the fabled Bolt of Gransax weapon.
  • Obtain the Rune of Perfect Order by completing the Corhyn and Goldmask questline.
  • Finish the quest line for Dung Eater.

What To Do After Burning The Erdtree In Elden Ring?

You’ll be transferred to Crumbling Farum Azul after burning the Erdtree. With tornadoes and flying dragons, this is a terrifying area. The final boss in the Malikth area must be eliminated. The final boss must be defeated before the game teleports you to the Ashen Capital.

Final Verdict

You have the option How To Burn The Tree Yourself Elden Ring? Elden Ring’s exploration of the background to the main plot includes burning the Erdtree. After you burn the Erdtree in Elden Ring, you can access the area beyond it.

Lyndell will turn into the Ashen Capital as a result of the destruction of Erdtree. Furthermore, you must beat Godfrey the First Elden Lord and Sir Gideon the All-Knowing. You will comprehend what lies beyond Erdtree by doing this.

Erdtree will unavoidably result in these outcomes and the death of several NPCs. And if you intend to access gaming missions, you must make your decision regarding burning the tree in advance. Additionally, certain NPCs may perish due to the tree being burned. You won’t be able to access any of their tasks or objectives either. On the map, some places will be locked and inaccessible.

Additionally, obtaining the Age of Order ending can stop Erdtree from burning. All there is to it is that. Here are the results of burning the Erdtree in Elden Ring and what you should do afterward. Burn the tree once you have finished all main and side missions. You won’t lose any quests or objectives from burning the tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you burn the Erdtree?

Lyndell will change into the Ashen Capital after Erdtree burns. Sir Gideon the All-Knowing and Godfrey the First Elden Lord must be fought and vanquished. You will be able to discover what lies beyond Erdtree by doing this.

Which ending do you burn the Erdtree?

After beating the last boss, select “Mend the Elden Ring.” Melina desired the Age of Fracture conclusion throughout the entire game. She achieved her purpose of placing the protagonist on the Elden Throne by using herself as kindling to burn down the Erdtree.

How do you not sacrifice Melina?

The Flame of Frenzy can be extinguished permanently by consuming Miquella’s Needle. And since Melina will now abandon you, gaining the Frenzied Flame is your only chance to save her. Afterward, your corpse is offered in the Forge in place of hers to burn the Erdtree.

Why does Melina burn the Erdtree?

As a result, Melina’s motivation for setting fire to the Erdtree in Elden Ring is probably to bring about the “Age of Stars” ending, in which Ranni transforms into the god of the Lands. Between creating a world where its residents have free will and overthrowing the previous order that gave rise to the chaos of Elden Ring.

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