How To Find Discord Servers? (Do This)

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I hope you will get a solution for How To Find Discord Servers? after reading this article. On your PC, launch the Discord application. Select the compass-shaped Explore Public Servers button.

You will arrive at the home page of the official Discord server directory, which features a search bar at the top and links to various well-known Discord servers, including those for the video game Fortnite and Minecraft.

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Gamers originally used Discord as a voice chat application. But over time, it has developed into a well-liked foundation for housing a variety of communities. There is a Discord server for every interest, including video games, movies, and music. All you have to do is look to find these fantastic Discord communities.

But figuring out where to start your search is not always simple. Furthermore, if Discord is new to you, you might not know where to begin. We have therefore put together a few strategies for locating some of the top Discord servers.

How To Find Discord Servers?

To electronically hang out with pals and meet people who have similar interests, head over to Discord. To get the most out of Discord, which offers millions of servers on various subjects, you must know how to locate the finest or a particular server. You can look for servers using the web app’s built-in directory or one of Discord’s online third-party apps from your mobile device. Find out how by reading on.

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The guild directory, which houses all the servers, may be accessed from your PC and will help you find the Discord server you’re looking for. You can discover servers for all categories in the directory. To locate and join a Discord server, follow these steps:

  • Access Discord and log in.
  • On the left, click the compass icon labeled “Explore Public Servers.”
  • Discord servers in each category are displayed on the “Explore Home” tab.
  • Choose a category on the left to filter servers by that category. You may also perform a name-based search using the “Home” search box.
  • Click on the server you want to join to see more information when you locate it.

Use Discord’s Third-Party Server Directories

Although Discord’s built-in search is effective, not always the best results are produced by it. You might consider using the online Discord Server Directories for your benefit. Finding new and interesting servers can be done more effectively with the Server Directories search. Three of the most well-known Discord server directories are listed below, along with instructions on how to search them:


You can look for servers by category in Disboard, a public server repository. Discord servers were recently promoted to the top of the list, and a place for server reviews may be found on the homepage. To use Disboard to find a server, adhere to these steps:

Go to Dishboard and sign in or create an account to obtain sign-in credentials. Go to the “Servers” tab on the home page for a list of servers. For a list of servers in a certain category, see “Categories.” Alternatively, you can put the server’s name in the “Search” box to locate it.

When you locate the server you want, click the “JOIN THIS SERVER” button. If you’re already signed in, you’ll be taken to accept the invitation rather than being sent back to the sign-in page for your Discord account.

Click the “Join (server name)” button to join the server. Disboard offers server reviews to give users a sense of what others think about a specific server. Select the “Reviews” button at the top to read the reviews.

Discord Servers

A different option to browse the server listings is through DiscordServers. Popular servers including “Eagle Investors,” “Gaming n Chill,” and “Overwatch” are listed in the directory. This is how to apply it:

  • Go to the DiscordServers website in step 1. The home page will show a selection of listings from the neighborhood.
  • You can choose to join them or look. Alternatively, you may click the “Browse” button at the top to get a full list of Discord servers.
  • To find servers by category, click “Categories” here. The name of a server can also be entered in the “Search” box at the top.
  • Click on a server to enlarge it, and then click “Join” to sign up for it.

How To Join Servers On Discord Using Discordme?

Discord me is a reliable alternative to finding Discord servers. Although there are many listings for the art, entertainment, and social categories, this website has a little tendency to cater more to gaming and anime-themed communities.

You may explore the most popular Discord servers from the home page or search by category using the Categories drop-down. The top Discord servers in each category are listed when you click on their names.

If you’re lucky, you can visit a random Discord server from the directory by selecting Random Server from the left-hand menu. Finding Discord servers, you would never consider visiting or joining without this tool is fantastic.

After clicking on a server name, you will see a banner image and details about its contents. After that, click Join Server to be directed to the Discord invitation page. To connect to the server, utilize this page.

How Do You Find A Server?

  • Open the Command Prompt
  • Enter “Tracert” and the URL of the website in the Command Prompt.
  • Write down the IP Address next to the URL of the website.
  • Copy the IP address and enter it into the search box.
  • Navigate to the Information Page’s Country Location.

How Do You See All The Servers On Discord?

Here is how to utilize that function:

  • Start Discord.
  • Check your friend list or the Member List of a server.
  • Locate the user, click their name in the context menu and choose Profile.
  • Click Mutual Servers when the user’s Profile has opened.
  • All of the servers you share with that specific user should be listed under this tab.

Final Summary

Discord provides various tools for quick searches among its millions of servers. It includes an integrated guild directory where all the servers are stored. To search the whole directory, use the “Explore Public Servers” function on the online or desktop application.

Utilize one of their web-based public server listings, such as “Disboard,” as an alternative. Have you successfully located the kind of server you were looking for? Please communicate with us in the remarks section below about How To Find Discord Servers?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I connect to a common Discord server?

Launch the Discord app on your Android or iOS device, and then go to the bottom of the server list. Click Join a Friend on Discord after selecting the plus-shaped Add a Server icon Press Join Server after pasting the server invite link into the Invite link area.

Is Discord a safe app?

Using Discord safely with the proper privacy settings and oversight is simple. However, there is always a chance while using open chat websites and applications. Only accepting friend requests and taking part in private servers with individuals you know is the safest method to use Discord.

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