How to get karma on reddit fast? (Steps To Follow)

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We’ll go through some strategies for How to get karma on reddit fast? One of the most well-known online communities for conversation and content sharing is Reddit. It is a popular destination for anyone looking for information, viewpoints, and conversations on various subjects. However, not everyone on Reddit utilizes the site to its full potential due to lower karma points.

  • Post on Sunday between 6 and 8 a.m. ET
  • Post-open-ended inquiries to r/AskReddit
  • Post at r/FreeKarma4U and leave comments.
  • Leave a comment on newly posted content.
  • Always respond to maintain the flow of the conversation.
  • Remain in Bigger Subreddits.
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What Is Reddit Karma?

Every user registered on Reddit has a score of points called Reddit karma. It is based on how Reddit’s upvote and downvote system works, and a user’s Reddit karma will show how many upvotes or downvotes they get. As a result, there are essentially two categories of Karma on Reddit:

  • Good Karma (users that have a score above 1 point.)
  • Karma that is bad (users who have a score lower than 0 points).

Depending on how the Reddit community responds to your material, every post and comment you make on the site has the potential to increase or decrease your Karma. It’s crucial to remember that your Reddit upvotes for posts or comments do not correspond exactly to your karma points.

What Is Reddit Karma

You won’t unexpectedly have a 3,333 karma score if your Reddit post receives 3,333 upvotes. Reddit’s algorithm determines how points are distributed. Therefore no one can be certain of the exact method. However, the system is largely dependent on the upvote/downvote mechanism.

How to get karma on Reddit fast?

Avoid Copyright Infringements:

Like most other online forums and communities, Reddit takes copyright infringement seriously and forbids members from reposting content from other websites. If you do that, Reddit will remove your post, and it won’t receive much exposure or notoriety on the website. Reddit may also ban your account if all of the posts on your profile are completely plagiarized copies from other websites.

You need to be extremely cautious about copyright violations and stay away from posting stolen content. If you don’t want to produce original content on your own, you can try reposting content from other Subreddits. You can publish duplicated content from other platforms in these Subreddits without breaking Reddit’s terms of service.

Avoid Posting Too Much:

Oversharing and commenting on every single post do not yield any notable advantages. It might be detrimental to your karma points since it might be a major cause of bad karma. It would help if you were certain how many posts you produce in a certain period. Do not post more than twice each day, and give some space between each posting. Additionally, you should limit yourself to five or six daily comments on various postings.

Your Karma points will start to decline if you publish any more comments than the permitted number. Instead of making comments from your profile, it is preferable to upvote articles or comments that you enjoy. Gaining a karma score also depends on upvoting other people’s posts and comments. Doing that is preferable to blogging or commenting excessively.

Post at The Right Time:

On Reddit, posting often is crucial if you want to raise your Karma rating fast. When you post at the ideal moment, your article is seen by the greatest number of people, which finally results in positive upvotes. Quality content is still the most important step, though, if you want to use the posting window fully. Look at Reddit’s appropriate publishing time (EST).

  • From Monday through Friday, from 6 to 8 a.m.
  • 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Reddit typically elevates your material to the top during certain periods so that it reaches a larger audience. If you like to enhance the number of views on your post, you should post during these hours. These hours, however, only apply to your primary profiles. You should post at the following times if you want to earn more visibility and fame on any Subreddits (EST).

  • On Friday at 8:00 a.m.
  • Monday at 7 a.m.
  • 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on all other days.

Try Controversial Things:

On every digital platform, controversies are a terrific way to become famous. If you are knowledgeable about viral marketing, you should use it to your advantage to become well-known and get Karma points on Reddit. Understanding the boundaries of controversial content is crucial, and you must adhere to them.

Reddit may ban you if you publish content not permitted on the site. Controversial content can be a straightforward but original technique to challenge an idea that people already hold as true.

However, you should be able to defend your position rationally, and it shouldn’t just be your own opinion. You can experiment with various contentious things if you are adept at making movies or taking images.

Let’s say you’re posting in a Subreddit for food. Try uploading images or videos of yourself eating pizza and ice cream or Chris Rock and Will Smith memes. These are but a few instances of content that are debatable. The likelihood of this content going viral is often very high. Your ultimate goal will be achieved once you go viral since you will get positive Karma points.

Utilize Karma Bomb To Your Advantage:

Posting comments on some viral postings is known as a “Karma Bomb.” Your comments become more well-liked due to this behavior, and your Karma points skyrocket. However, this activity can also be dangerous because your comment might receive a lot of downvotes, which could hurt your karma score. If you decide to comment on these posts or not you should do so with great caution.

If you choose to remark, please be sure to write a well-written comment free of bias or hostility. Specially utilizing the Karma bomb might help you become noticed and increase your platform points. Check out some advice on how to get a karma bomb.

  • Examine some of the popular comments on the same post and develop work similar to them.
  • Write a comment that motivates the reader to respond and the community as a whole.
  • You may want to include visual material.

After the comment has been successfully placed, could you pay attention to it? It is best to delete the comment if it receives a lot of downvotes because it would harm your profile.

Post Quality Content:

Every online platform, including Reddit, success depends on producing high-quality material. You won’t earn any Karma points if your content doesn’t hold the user’s attention. Use some of the advice we’ve provided below to produce high-quality content.

  • Write extensive content that covers the subject in detail.
  • Add images, demographic information, and videos.
  • Include citations and support your information with pertinent links.
  • Prevent publishing links to spam. If you market your business naturally, it is acceptable.
  • Adhere to the vogue.

How many karma points you receive on Reddit depends on your content. You will quickly become well-liked on the platform if it is compelling and engaging. However, getting Karma points can be difficult if it does not engage consumers and offers little value. It would help if you were certain of your content and only uploaded pertinent and extremely entertaining stuff to avoid losing trust on the platform due to poor or useless content, which also earns bad karma points.

Join Larger Subreddits:

Reddit niching down is crucial, but if you want to increase your karma there quickly, you also need to pay attention to the significance of bigger Subreddits. These more popular Subreddits are typically in the mental health and entertainment areas. Join them and post in-depth articles outlining various topics.

Another excellent strategy to increase your visibility in these Subreddits is by responding to community inquiries. It’s crucial to remember not to sign up for more than five Subreddits in various themes. You are only limited to entering Subreddits that fall within certain specializations. It’s crucial to include your preferred niches in your profile bio. This will assist you in gaining the respect of the community on specialized Subreddits.

Engage With The Audience:

Another key strategy for increasing awareness on the platform and racking up Karma points is interacting with the audience. If you publish lengthy content, make sure the reader won’t get bored by them. The reader will probably stop reading if they don’t find it engaging. Your profile will receive bad karma as a result of this. A clear call to action about comments or any other specific action you want the reader to take should be included in your content.

This will encourage people to respond to your content, increasing the likelihood that they will receive more views. Connecting with the audience through the comments is an additional crucial method of communication. It would help if you answered thoughtfully when you should answer thoughtfully when someone comments on one of your blogs and start a dialogue.

Comment on New Posts:

One of the easiest strategies to increase your exposure on Reddit is to leave comments on fresh postings. Always check for recently published posts and provide comments with your sincere thoughts on them. Reddit’s algorithm prioritizes comments that were posted recently. More views result from this, and if your comment is worthwhile, it will get more upvotes and stay at the top. Follow these instructions to discover new posts.

  • Sign up for various groups and Subreddits.
  • Visit Reddit’s home page or a particular Subreddit.
  • Select the New Posts option from the page’s top menu.
  • From the list of accessible posts, select the ones that interest you and leave comments on them.

The following qualities must be present in your remarks.

  • The post should be expanded upon in the comments.
  • It should include your thoughts on the post.
  • The remark must be entertaining and funny.
  • It ought to be concise.
  • Refrain from using hate rhetoric when criticizing.

When people respond to your comment after you have submitted your own, interact with the audience. This will guarantee that your comment stays at the top of the article.

Ask & Answer Questions Smartly:

You might think this method is simple. However, this is one of the most crucial strategies to get good views on your article and get upvotes. Remember that upvotes are crucial to establishing your reputation and growing your community. Downvotes, meanwhile, hurt your profile. Therefore, you must be certain that your posts on Reddit are of the highest quality possible. Don’t just randomly and naively respond to queries on Reddit. To guarantee that your responses are the finest among many others, there needs to be a decent pattern, and you need to apply specific tactics.


Here we conclude all about How to get karma on Reddit fast Look, Reddit is a great way to spend your free time exploring subreddits that interest you, but if you know how to utilize it properly, it can also be a potent marketing tool. While having a sufficient number of Karma points can be advantageous and is something that many users strive for quickly, you should always remember to abide by Reddiquette (Reddit etiquette) and its content standards.

People Also Ask

Do you automatically get 1 karma on Reddit?

Yes. Reddit operates exactly that way, including the default upvotes you give to any posts or comments you make.

Do you get karma per upvote?

Karma refers to the points earned by upvotes, similar to Facebook “likes” on Reddit. You gain roughly one karma point for every upvote and for every downvote, you lose roughly one karma point. Recognize the various forms of Karma.

Why do I have 0 karma on Reddit?

When someone upvotes one of your posts on Reddit, you gain post karma; when someone downvotes you, you lose post karma. How do you earn Reddit comment karma? The same rule applies: when Reddit users upvote your comments, you gain comment Karma; when they downvote your comments, you lose comment karma.

Can I buy Karma on Reddit?

Purchasing old Reddit accounts (with Karma) is the best course of action if you’re new to the site or want to add more Karma (points) to your account. There are available accounts that were created before 2010 and had many previous user posts.

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