How To Get Rid Of Hairline Cracks On iPhone? Process

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Smartphone screens are constructed of glass, which is a brittle substance. This indicates that it is easily susceptible to cracking when dropped or hit another way. To avoid having a shattered phone, it’s a good idea to know How To Get Rid Of Hairline Cracks On iPhone?

How To Get Rid Of Hairline Cracks On iPhone?

Try putting clear nail polish in the crack and using a razor blade to scrape the extra. Treat it like a windshield repair, even though I haven’t tried it yet. Bonus points if it works! If it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter because you still need a screen.

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Types Of Cracks In Phone Screen


 The most typical hairline crack in a phone screen is a scratch. Your finger may get scratched if it slides across a rough surface (such as a desk or vehicle door) or if something like sandpaper scratches it.

Full Or Partial Shatters

If there are whole or partial shatters in the hairline cracks, you may already face a severe issue. If not removed by a qualified technician, glass fragments that break off within your phone could cause short circuits and pose a fire danger.

Puncture Damage

 Puncture damage happens when a small hairline crack grows too big and breaks. Drops frequently cause puncture damage but can also result from something as simple as turning up your phone’s volume or repeatedly pushing one side.

Hairline Cracks

The touch screen may shatter if you drop your iPhone and hit one corner hard. This could also result in an impact break, which happens when impacts land on different parts of the glass that may be weaker than others (e.g., the corners).

Hairline fractures frequently develop due to impurities in the glass, such as dust particles that settle during production. Still, since they are so small, they are sometimes noticeable after several hours of use.

How To Fix Hairline Cracks On Phone Screen? 

Step 1: Find the screen crack on the phone the first step. Use a fresh, dry towel to clean the screen. Before moving on to step two, ensure there is no dirt or dust on it.

Step 2: Wash your hands and the surface you’re pressing against to prevent smearing any dirt or grease into the glass’s crevices.

Step 3: Press a dry towel gently and evenly over the cracked region for five minutes. The hairline cracks will become more solidified. As a result, they are making it so that when a greater force is applied later on in the process, they won’t expand.

Step 4: Wrap one side where you want it placed with adhesive tape (or glue). Before pressing hard on both sides of it with your fingertips, be sure there are no air bubbles inside. Before completely removing your finger from either end of the crack line, hold them together for 30 seconds. To prevent any from getting into your phone, make sure there is no tape or adhesive on the side opposite from where you applied it.

A small layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive should be applied over the line in Step Five. It should be held down for five minutes before being released. Repeat this process at least three times (up to six times) until only minuscule particles of adhesive remain around the edges.

The toothpick or other tiny instruments should be used to clear up any debris around the hairline crack with a clean, dry cloth in step six. Then carefully wipe away all of the leftover residues with your glass cleaner.


I hope you get the point about knowing How To Get Rid Of Hairline Cracks On iPhone? When life gives you lemons, as the expression goes, “make lemonade.” An iPhone with a crack is no different. While we don’t support draining your iPhone of all its juice, we advise you to make the best of a bad situation.

Even the worst iPhone damage can be fixed with a variety of solutions. The simplest solution is occasionally to swap in your iPhone for a new one. If you decide to go with that choice, we’ll be here to make your trade-in as simple and profitable as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple cover a hairline crack?

With Apple, screen damage is often regarded as user damage and is only typically covered by the user-paid, extended, two-year warranty coverage and NOT typically by the one-year limited manufactured warranty.

How do you fix a cracked hairline screen? 

According to a folk treatment making the rounds online, screens can be fixed using a paste composed of two parts baking soda and one part water. Produce a thick paste, then rub it in with a towel. This should temporarily mask the issue.

What is a hairline crack on the screen?

This is entirely typical of glass. The majority of fissures eventually spread. Without a doubt, the screen is under strain. Sadly, a new LCD will also need to be installed, whether from a drop, a bump, a hit, or just by wearing pants and sitting incorrectly.

What is the hairline on the phone?

Your phone’s screen may have micro-fractures, which are minute cracks. When you drop your phone, these frequently happen. The glass may not have a vast scratch or crack, but its durability has been severely compromised. With the screen being weaker, your phone will be much more prone to significant breaks.

How long can a phone last with a cracked screen?

If your phone has a massive crack, it probably will only work for a short time, maybe a few days to a few months. This is because the phone’s components have almost certainly been severely damaged, and there may also be significant areas of “dead pixels” or inactive pixels.

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