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Want to promote someone to admin or moderator on Discord but are unsure How to give someone mod on discord? You can follow the precise instructions in this guide. View the server’s member list or the list of friends you have on Discord. Use the search feature on your server to find the person you’re looking for. Select the admin role by right-clicking their name, then clicking “Roles.”

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A new Discord server is challenging to monitor, particularly if you are in charge of a large user base. Managing hundreds of users on your own is possible, but anything more can be a real nuisance. For this reason, you could want to make a select server user admins or moderators. You will learn how to achieve that from this manual.

How to give someone mod on discord?

On Discord, a mod is your helper who enables you to keep things under control and in everyone’s best interests. Moderators are like the patrolmen who keep an eye on everyone’s behavior to ensure they follow your regulations, assuming your server is a real-world community.

Without them, you would probably be unable to manage all the obligations, which makes your channel vulnerable to turmoil. Your Discord moderators may be able to add or remove users, edit their messages, and change some channel settings, depending on how much power you grant them.

Making A Member A Mod:

Because they handle the server’s micromanagement, mods are yet another crucial component of every Discord server. They can deal with troublesome users, silence or deafen them, warn you about spammers, con artists, toxic users, etc.

The mod role doesn’t need the most necessary permissions to carry out these actions. The following permissions should either be enabled or disabled: Administrator: Always in the off position. Never should an admin have more authority than a mod. Manage Roles is also disabled.

  • Mute/Deafen Members: A necessary permission for moderators, which should be enabled at all times.
  • Move Members: This is another necessary permission for moderators.
  • Kick/Ban Members: Only admins should have access to this permission. Users on your server shouldn’t be able to be kicked off by moderators.

You’ll need to configure these rights if you add a mod role. This job can be assigned to someone in the same way as admins. Locate the user, right-click their name, and choose the appropriate role. All there is to it is that! Finally, you have admins and moderators who can assist you in enforcing the server’s regulations.

How to Assign A Moderator On Discord Desktop?

Log in to Discord by using the app on your PC or browser. A community server should be installed, and you should have administrative control over it. Only after that can you proceed with the further steps to choose a mod:

  • Construct A Role
  • Locate the server list on the screen’s left side.
  • Find the server you wish to attach a mod too, then click the down arrow next to it.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Service Settings” and choose “Roles” from the left column.
  • To create a new role, tap on the + sign in the top-left corner.
  • Fill in a name in the blank space next to the “Role Name” header. (A name like “Moderator,” “Officer,” or something like will do. Just let your imagination run wild.)
  • Designate a color for that position so you can quickly distinguish it from the others.
  • To make the adjustments, press the green switch at the bottom.
How to Assign A Moderator On Discord Desktop

Get Down To Role Settings:

Before you assign it with permissions and duties, a named role is meaningless. Scroll down to the following options and toggle the relevant switches on or off depending on the access you want to grant or withhold. Generally speaking, your moderator must have the authority to add, omit, limit, or block members.

To uphold order in your community, they also require access to text messages, voices, emojis, and nicknames. You can disable some settings, asking the moderator to contact you whenever necessary, based on how much you trust them.

Remember that giving mods the ability to assign new mods, admins, rules, or delete the server is not a good idea because it gives them access to the same controls you have. Give admin permissions just to people you know well, like your closest friends. To prevent making poor choices, make sure to read the descriptions listed beneath each option. Also, remember to save your modifications once you’ve made all the necessary changes.

Allot the Role To A Person:

  • Select “Server Settings” from the context menu when you right-click the target server in your list of servers.
  • Tap “Members” to see a list of the current users.
  • Find the user whose status you wish to change to a moderator, then click the plus sign next to their name.
  • Select “Moderator” (or another appropriate title) from the submenu.

Alternatively, you can access your members’ list from the main screen’s right pane.  Afterward, go to that person’s ID, right-click it, choose “Roles,” and assign them a role.

How to Change Channel Permissions?

All moderators on your various servers will share the privileges you provide when you create a moderator role. This does not preclude you from being able to tell one channel’s moderators apart from another. Since channel permissions will take precedence over role permissions, you can deny some members of a channel certain rights:

  • Select the desired channel from the home page and click the cogwheel next to it.
  • Select “Permissions” from the “Channel Settings” section.
  • By using the @everyone tag in the Roles/Members area, you may ensure that all members, including moderators, follow any restriction you impose.
  • To reject certain jobs to the members, go to the right panel.
How to Change Channel Permissions

Do You Need A Moderator?

You might or might not need a Discord mod, depending on the size of your community and the number of people in your channel. The more participants you have, the more challenging it is to monitor their behavior.

As a result, you’ll need another boss to uphold the demands made. Even two channels with the same audience may require different amounts of moderators. For example, a social channel made for casual hangouts and conversations might not require moderators, whereas one that provides technical advice to a large group of strangers does.

How Many Moderators Do You Need?

The number of moderators you need will depend on your channel’s size, volume, and participation time. Generally speaking, you should consider assigning one mod for every 300 members. However, because every channel has a varied level of participation, you shouldn’t base your decision solely on server size. There are instances when a channel with 100 users has more active users than a channel with 500 subscribers.

Based on that premise, you must consider your server’s message frequency. One or two changes should be sufficient for servers providing less than one message per second, but more may be required for channels with high traffic. Too many moderators can confuse users by allowing multiple points of view to be posted at once.

Let’s imagine that a few users start arguing on your server. Users won’t know who to listen to if five moderators interject into the discussion, each with their justification, verdict, or punishment. As a result, they stop watching your station because they believe you lack honesty. When thinking about a different modification, you can additionally examine the following questions:

  • Have you seen instances where all moderators were absent, and members were left alone?
  • Are disputes and infractions among users consistently on the rise?
  • Are the conflicts due to a mod deficiency, their lack of sufficiency, or the placement of too many?


In conclusion of How to give someone mod on discord, you go to your server settings > roles, click the plus symbol to add a new role, rename it to whatever you want the moderator to be named (I would suggest calling it “Moderator” or “Staff”), and then modify the permissions to your liking.

The following privileges should be available to moderators: Manage Messages, Manage Nicknames, Manage Emojis, Kick Users, Ban Users, and Mention Everyone. From there, you want to click on the person whose role you are creating a moderator, and then select your moderator role by clicking the plus sign to the right of the user’s roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you give someone a MOD on Discord 2022?

Press the Create Role button. Then click Create. Enter your role name in the Role Name header area. Choose the role category, such as “Moderator,” that you want to create. To build the role from scratch, click the Select button or the Skip this step option at the bottom of the screen.

How do I give someone a Discord mod on my phone?

If you haven’t already, tap a server from the list on the left side of the Discord home screen, then press Server Settings from the server’s name at the top of the screen. Tap Members as you scroll down. It’s listed under the heading “User Management.” Tap the moderator you want to be.

Do Discord mods get paid?

Are moderators on Discord paid? Discord Inc. does not pay its moderators on Discord servers. Server administrators, who are also platform users, have the option of paying server moderators.

How do you mod someone on Discord iPhone?

However, of what you want to label it (e.g., Moderator, Captain, Queen). Select the permissions you want by tapping General Permissions. The permissions you choose will be automatically provided to the person you appoint to this position.

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