How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram? (Answer)

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Here is the solution for How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram? You can try sending the person a direct message to check if you are restricted. Although it is simple to use, this method can take some time to check. Just DM the user and wait for a response. You are probably restricted if a user doesn’t react after a considerable amount of time but is still online on their account.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram 1

Instagram has added a few different privacy options throughout the years. Your access to a user’s material, messages, and comments will be restricted or eliminated by these privacy settings. It is simple to determine if certain privacy features are being used on your account, such as blocking certain functions. As it does not entirely revoke your access to their information, messages, or comments, being restricted by a user is considerably trickier to understand.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram?

Restrictions on Comments:

Let’s examine how to determine whether you are restricted or blocked on Instagram and the distinctions between the two statuses. With this privacy setting, Instagram gives users the choice to restrict rather than completely revoke access to their accounts. You can tell if you are in a restricted mode by knowing what the restricted feature does and does not do.

Being restricted on Instagram is much more covert and challenging to spot than being completely barred. Despite this restriction, you can still view that user’s material, including posts, stories, and comments. You can still “like” a post, and that action will continue to be visible to everyone. The most significant adjustments concern the comments, messages, and activity status. Your comments are also restricted while your account is restricted.

You can still view posts and leave comments on them. It will appear to you that everything is fine and that you are commenting as usual. Your remarks will still be visible when you view the comments on a post, but other people might not see them. Your comments are hidden behind a restricted comment button for the individual who restricted you.

After that, the user will have the option to accept or reject your comment. Only you and the person you sent the comment to will be able to see it if the user doesn’t accept it. The comment won’t go public and won’t be seen by anyone else. Any comments you made before your account was restricted will be preserved.

Check Your Comments:

Checking your comments is one way to determine whether your account has been restricted. You will require access to a friend’s account or register for a new account because your remarks will still appear as standard comments on your account. As soon as you post a comment, check to see if you can view it from your secondary account or a friend’s account.

Please don’t wait too long to check because the user may have approved the comment and caused it to appear as normal. Your account has been restricted if the other account does not see your comment.

Restrictions on Messages:

Your communications will be placed in a message request folder, but they won’t vanish. Your message will not be automatically delivered to the user who restricted you; they must actively access it to respond. You won’t get any signal that a user has viewed your message even if they do. A warning will be sent to the user, informing them that a restricted user is present in the group chat if one is present.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram 2

Send A Message:

Try sending a direct message to see if you are restricted. This method may take some time to verify, but it is quite easy to use. Just send a direct message to the user and wait. A restriction may have been placed on your account because the user has not responded for a long period yet has remained active on their account.

How To Tell If Someone Blocked You?

Use A Different Account:

Use a different account or ask a friend to search for the desired profile using their account. You have been blocked if everything on the alternative account appears in order. If the outcome is the same as your regular account, the user has either deleted their account entirely or set their profile to private.

Use A Different Account

Try To Follow Them:

Try following them once more if you can see their profile. You have been blocked if you click the Follow button, and nothing happens. They won’t receive any notifications that you are attempting to follow them, and you won’t be able to request to do so if they are blocked.

Use Your Browser:

Every Instagram profile is accessible through a web browser. Go to and make sure to replace the username with the user’s actual username after ensuring that you are logged in. You either entered the wrong username or have been blocked if you see the message “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

Check Your Profile:

You can always look through your profile if you have trouble finding their name during the search. Despite being blocked, your last comments continue to exist. Please enter one of your posts where they left a remark. Click on their name to see more about them. If the content box is empty, you have been blocked, but you can still see how many posts there are at the top.

Use Search:

On Instagram, look up the person you want to see. You have been blocked if the content box is blank, but posts are displayed on top. If it says that the account is private, you need to ask permission to see their photos. This does not mean that you are no longer blocked. If you used their correct username and didn’t see their profile, they either deleted their account or turned it off.

Look At Your Messages:

If you restrict someone, you can’t talk to them anymore. If you think you’ve been blocked or have DMed others in the past, check your messages. You were probably blocked if you couldn’t view any of your earlier communications to that person. Go to any group chat you were both a part of because they may have disabled or canceled their account (if there were any). They have blocked you if they are still in the group chat.


It’s simple How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram, but it’s much harder to see if you’re limited. Instagram intentionally made it tough to identify the restricted mode. The goal is to restrict a user’s communication with the restricted user without the restricted user being aware of it. The simplest and most trustworthy of the three techniques is to read the comments. Checking the comments is more dependable than sending a DM or looking at the activity status.

Utilize them as additional checks to determine if you have confined yourself or not. You can choose the best course of action now that you know whether or not you have been restricted. If you have been restricted or blocked, remain composed and consider the circumstances that brought about this scenario.


What happens when someone restricts you on Instagram?

They won’t be able to know when you’re online or whether you’ve read their messages if you limit someone. Only that individual will be able to see their brand-new comments on your posts, and you can decide whether to see them by tapping See comment.

Can a restricted person see my posts on Instagram?

They probably wouldn’t be able to see your recent or upcoming posts, even if your profile is public. That is one approach to determining whether you have been blocked. Contrarily, nothing changes regarding feed and stories when you restrict someone. Your published articles and stories are still visible to the restricted person.

Does restricting someone on Instagram hide your posts?

Similar to blocking someone on Instagram, restricting them is a little more amiable. While restricting a user keeps their comments and messages hidden from you while still allowing them to access your posts, blocking a user removes your whole feed and stories from them.

Can you still message someone who restricted you?

If you restrict someone, their calls won’t reach you, and you won’t receive notifications when they message you. You won’t be able to contact them by phone or text.

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