How To Recover Deleted iMovie Projects? (Full Guide)

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Let’s begin with How To Recover Deleted iMovie Projects? One of the artistic apps accessible on Apple desktops and mobile devices is iMovie. The tool has a straightforward interface, preview window, and media browser that you can use to edit video clips in a variety of ways. A user may need to spend a lot of time editing a video to get it right.

Your iMovie project vanished, then… You can find out six possible techniques to recover a deleted iMovie project in this post after you’ve calmed down and reduced your blood pressure.

Our techniques include using free native Mac programs for a quick restore, a more thorough scan, and the recovery of corrupt and missing iMovie files using a more expensive data recovery solution.

We provided simple-to-follow instructions and screenshots for each option. At least one of these techniques will work, regardless of whether you unintentionally erased iMovie projects, formatted a drive, or even had your files corrupted.

How To Recover Deleted iMovie Projects?

MovieBackups in iMovie app/Data/Library/Caches. Holding down the Option key during or after clicking Home may help if you don’t see a Library folder. You will get a list of your Libraries’ backups when you arrive at the backups folder. Select the one that was published soon before your project was removed.

How To Recover Deleted iMovie Projects

Check The Trash Bin On Your Mac

The Trash folder on your Mac is a unique container for temporarily storing deleted files and making them accessible for easy recovery from your computer. To retrieve an iMovie file from Trash, use the steps below.

  1. Clicking on the trash can icon will open the trash.
  2. Find the iMovie file you wish to recover by scrolling through the folder.
  3. To return an item to its original location, right-click on it and choose Put Back.

Check Out Your iMovie Collection

You may have a lost iMovie project on your hands for a very straightforward reason. It can be missing from the iMovie library file. Check to see if your lost project can be retrieved from the library using the procedures below.

  1. Open the iMovie Library. It is, by default, located in your Home directory’s Movies folder.
  2. Show Package Contents by clicking on the iMovie Library file with the right mouse.
  3. Find the desired iMovie project using a search. Double-click the file to restore the project if it is located.

Look For Imovie Projects On Your Computer

iMovie files can be simple to lose, especially for those unfamiliar with the program. Libraries are where projects are saved, and you may end up with several libraries distributed across various external storage devices. If you thoroughly examine your Mac and any external storage devices, your missing projects might be found.

  1. The ‘iMovie library’ extension is used to save iMovie libraries, which are held as iMovie Library.iMovie library.
  2. Launch the Finder.
  3. In the search field in the top-right corner, enter the following search term: KIND:iMovie library
  4. All of the iMovie libraries on the target device will be returned by this search.

Recover Imovie Projects From A Time Machine Backup If They Were Deleted

How To Recover Deleted iMovie Projects 2

Creating a Time Machine backup of your Macbook may allow you to restore a deleted iMovie project. Remember that you need to convert an iMovie library, not specific projects, because of how the system is stored. To restore a prior version of an iMovie library, use the steps below.

  1. Connect your Mac to the storage device that holds the Time Machine backup.
  2. Launch a Finder window in the iMovie library folder.
  3. By selecting the Time Machine icon from the menu bar, Time Machine will be opened.
  4. Using the arrows and timeline of the software, go through the backups and snapshots to discover an iMovie library that might include your project.
  5. Click the Restore button after selecting the file to be restored. We’ll move the iMovie library back to its original spot. You will be allowed to keep both the original library and any replacements.
  6. Open iMovie, go to the newly restored library, and check to see if the missing iMovie project has been found.

How To Protect iMovie Projects On A Mac?

One of the most practical ways to decrease the likelihood that you will need to go through the above steps is to take a proactive approach to protect your data. By taking simple steps, you can eliminate a significant portion of potential failures and guarantee that your projects remain as secure as possible.

Here are some pointers to assist you in getting going. But remember that even if you accomplish all that, you can eventually discover that you’ve lost an iMovie project due to bad luck—regularly manually back up your iMovie work.

  • For routine backups that don’t involve manual labor from you, use an automated tool.
  • Save your iMovie work frequently, and make sure you have at least a few different copies by using a versioning system.
  • When using iMovie and your Mac in general, adhere to all authorized procedures:
  • When you’re finished, properly exit iMovie.
  • Before physically unplugging any external media you use to save your projects, eject it from the operating system.
  • When you’re finished working for the day, shut down your Mac properly (i.e., not by pressing the power button immediately).

To Sum Up

I will conclude How To Recover Deleted iMovie Projects? by saying that: On your Mac, you can recover deleted iMovie projects using various techniques. In some circumstances, you can quickly retrieve a lost project by checking the iMovie libraries or the trash can on your Mac. With any luck, you can get your old iMovie project back from a backup you made with Time Machine.

Software for data recovery might be helpful if all other options have failed. As long as new data haven’t replaced the data, it provides a reliable recovery mechanism. Until the lost project is found, it is advised that you stop utilizing the storage device that it was stored on. The safest way to retrieve a homeless project is with this method.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I retrieve my iMovie from iCloud?

·       To retrieve iMovie files from iCloud, follow these procedures.
·       Log in with your Apple ID at
·       Under the drop-down option for your Profile, choose Account Settings.
·       Tap Restore Files.
·       Select the movies from your iMovie library that you wish to restore.
·       Visit this iCloud page if you receive the warning “No files to restore.”
·       Utilize your Apple ID to log in.
·       The Recently Deleted button is located in the bottom right corner.
·       Click Recover after selecting the files you desire.

How can I locate previous iMovie projects?

An iMovie library may still contain old film projects. Look into the iMovie libraries on your computer for the senior projects you can’t discover by searching for them.

Can you restore an iMovie project that was deleted?

The procedures below can help you recover a deleted iMovie using data recovery software.
·       Install the recovery program after downloading it.
·       Search for any deleted iMovie projects on the storage device.
·       Search results can be filtered by the “.imovieproj” file type.
·       Choose the files you want to recover.
·       Select a secure recovery location and finish the recovery.

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