How To Teleport In Elden Ring PC? (Do This)

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The physical makeup of Elden Ring (and the Souls genre) players varies. They eventually come upon several bugs that allow them to speed run the game in record time. This essay will look at one such bug that will let you quickly go from one place to another. Here’s How To Teleport In Elden Ring Pc?

How To Teleport In Elden Ring Pc?

Try the metronome approach if you’d like to utilize a method that doesn’t need AHK, but it depends on your hardware specifications.

How To Teleport In Elden Ring PC
  • Change the Quality setting for the in-game graphics to Low.
  • To maintain 60 FPS during this method, set the Texture Quality and all other Quality settings in Advanced Settings to Low.
  • Additionally, turn Off Motion Blur, Depth of Field, and SSAO.
  • The metronome sound is accessible from any website or piece of software. BPM should be 109.
  • Keep your character positioned where you wish to transport them and facing that way. Wait for four clicks, then press W on your keyboard to have your character use the shield to block by pressing Left Click + ALT at the exact moment.

What Is The Teleportation Glitch And How To Use It In Elden Ring?

Players of Elden Ring have discovered a teleportation bug that allows them to breeze through the game in a matter of minutes. Here, we’ll look at the functionality of the bug and how to use Elden Ring to activate it.

You’ll be happy to know that a glitch in Elden Ring can aid you if you are sick of battling the game’s absurdly difficult bosses and want to finish the game without having to deal with boss battles and objectives. Players use the speedrun glitch to whiz from one location to the next to pick up crucial goods and unlock regions that generally take a lot of time to complete. It will help if you hit the forward or W key for this bug to function. Hence it only occurs on PCs. Below, we’ll look at how to approach it.

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How To Do The Teleport (Zip) Glitch In Elden Ring PC?

The following are the essential considerations for using the teleportation glitch.

  • Have your character use a shield to block (some have even done it by two-handing a sword).
  • You can move forward by repeatedly tapping W on the keyboard.
  • Even though it may seem simple because it depends on your hardware and precise timing, it could take some time to execute.
  • However, be alert when you do this since, occasionally, you might teleport to a spot in the air, causing you to plummet into the abyss.
  • In addition, depending on a variety of experiences, it may or may not function depending on the circumstance. It is erratic.

How To Fast Travel In Elden Ring?

Any Site of Grace that you have already visited in Elden Ring can be quickly reached. Once a Site of Grace has been activated, a golden icon will appear on your map to indicate where it is. You can access your map by hitting “Back” on the controller or “G” on the keyboard. After that, you can choose any of these icons to navigate there quickly.

Fast travel is available from virtually everywhere, at almost any time, to a Site of Grace. The following situations prevent quick trip:

  • While engaged in battle
  • While in a dungeon, you haven’t finished the game.

While in battle, you won’t be able to access your map. All of the icons for the Site of Grace on the map have a line through them, suggesting that you cannot now fast-travel until you are back out in the overworld. You can open your map if you are out of combat but in a dungeon or cave that you haven’t yet thoroughly explored. You can fast-travel whenever you are not engaged in combat if you are on the overworld or in a dungeon you have already explored.

All Elden Ring Teleporter Trap Locations

Dragon-Burnt Ruins

Given that it is now too far from the First Steps, this trap is probably the first one you run across. As previously stated, this trap takes the form of a chest hidden beneath the ruins that will teleport you to Caelid’s Sellia Crystal Tunnel. We encourage you to avoid engaging the adversaries and use the closest grace point to escape.

Murkwater Caves

In Limgrave, not far from where you face Bloody Finger Nerijus, are the Murkwater Caves. You are taken to the Minor Erdtree in the West Limgrave when you open the chest. You are free to explore this area since there are no adversaries there.

Academy Of Raya Lucaria

Finding the Teleporter trap in this area is crucial because it leads to Volcano Manor, which is challenging. This location’s trap is an Iron Maiden, not a chest. You must allow the Iron Maiden to murder you to set the trap; upon resurrection, you will be inside the Manor.

To unlock the space, be sure to use the grace within. If you are not interested in Rya’s questline, this is the quickest method to get to Volcano Manor and Mt. Gelmir.

Tower Of Return

Use the treasure on the top of the tower at Weeping Peninsula if you want to travel to Lyndell, the Royal Capital. Pass through the adversaries to access the chest that will take you to Leyndell’s Divine Tower. Except for obtaining the Talisman from the chest by vanquishing the Golem, there isn’t much you can accomplish in this location due to the lock on the door.

If you don’t want to hurry into a high-level area at the start of the game, you can easily dodge all of these traps. Now examine the teleporters that take you to new locations that are secure or include a grace site to access.

To Sum Up

I hope this was helpful about How To Teleport In Elden Ring Pc? If you are a speedrunner, this advice will be beneficial. You don’t need to utilize it if you aren’t, though. Elden Ring is still more straightforward to navigate than earlier From Software titles if you don’t want to employ quick travel. You can call upon your horse, Torrent, at any time to make long-distance travel simpler. He is a helpful buddy.

You can also heed the direction of Grace, which appears as waves of light that flow through Sites of Grace in the order of your next stop. The counsel of Grace may direct you to another Site of Grace in the area or the next crucial story mission in the game. You should know where Grace is aiming to lead you and whether or not you are happy to employ quick travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Elden Ring teleport glitch work?

Players can teleport forward via the “zipping” bug up until they come into touch with a tangible item. They claim that the glitch may be used by holding down the block button while using a greatsword or shield. The teleport is then initiated by repeatedly tapping the directional keys.

Can you fast-travel Elden Ring?

You can find Sites of Grace, which act as bonfires to rest, recharge, and level up while you explore the Lands Between. With a few exceptions, you can quickly travel to any Site of Grace you have rested at by seeing it on the map.

Why can I not fast-travel Elden Ring?

Fast travel is available from virtually everywhere, at almost any time, to a Site of Grace. You cannot make quick travel while you are engaged in combat. You cannot exit a dungeon while you are inside.

How do I teleport to Grace in Elden Ring?

Open a Site of Grace on your map denoted by rounded, gold icons to begin traveling quickly in Elden Ring. Then on Xbox and PlayStation hit A. The game will question you if you’re okay with moving to this new place. Once confirmed, move forward.

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