How To Turn On Palm Rejection iPad Without Apple Pencil?

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This article will describe How To Turn On Palm Rejection Ipad Without Apple Pencil? As you continue, you’ll discover some popular myths about the palm rejection feature, challenges you’ll encounter if you decide not to use an Apple Pencil with your iPad, and whether or not palm rejection is even feasible without one.

Palm rejection, which allows you to lay your hand on your device’s screen without inadvertently triggering any input, is one of the most practical features for stylus pen users. This capability is beneficial when using the iPad for writing or drawing.

How To Turn On Palm Rejection iPad Without Apple Pencil 1

One of the best-quality stylus pens available, the Apple Pencil is the standard stylus for iPads. However, iPad owners are unsure how to enable palm rejection without using this tool due to its high price.

How To Turn On Palm Rejection Ipad Without Apple Pencil?

Although palm rejection is often built into iPads, functionality isn’t always built into the hardware. In truth, palm rejection is a feature of the apps you use with your iPad. It only functions when all relevant devices, including your stylus pen, are compatible and support this functionality.

When your iPad and a suitable stylus pen are connected, a signal is sent to the app you’re using, instructing it to disregard any input from your fingers or palm. So, to benefit from palm rejection, you must have the appropriate hardware and software in place.

Because of this, palm rejection is trickier than most people think. You’ll need an iPad, stylus, and app that are all compatible with and support the capability rather than just turning on an iPad setting. A combination trickier to pull off than you might imagine, especially if you decide against using the stylus that iPads are built to recognize.

It’s also crucial to remember that some iPads, significantly earlier models, are not made to enable palm rejection; thus, your initial step in this process will probably reveal whether yours does or not.

Some Alternatives To Apple Pencil

Logitech Crayon

Because it is the only pen on the list that has received approval from Apple and is also reasonably priced, this stylus keeps the top rank for a second consecutive year. The stylus’s eye-catching grey and orange look belie its toughness and solidity; it can be used continually for up to seven hours, and thanks to its quick recharge, you can use it for 30 minutes after just two minutes of charging.

Our evaluation revealed that it functions well on iPads and with all Apple apps. Its palm-rejection technology is especially beneficial for digital artists who frequently dart about the digital page. This will prevent any mark blunders. The tilt support makes it possible to employ various shades of shading in your work, making it the most acceptable alternative to the Apple Pencil overall.

Zagg Pro Stylus

Like the Logitech Crayon, the Zagg Pro Stylus stands out from many of the inexpensive styluses available thanks to its showy features like palm rejection and tilt sensitivity. It lacks pressure sensitivity, which may cause artists seeking an alternative to the Apple Pencil to hesitate. Still, it is comfortable to use for extended periods and has a wide range of compatibility.

Zagg Pro Stylus

The Zagg Pro Stylus is consistent with any iPad model released in 2018 or later and may be used with any app that supports the Pencil. The battery can be charged via its USB-C connection in less than two hours and has solid eight-hour battery life.

MoKo Stylus

Compared to many of the competitors on this page, the MoKo Stylus is a reliable iPad stylus that can be purchased at a fantastic, affordable price. Of course, the MoKo Stylus won’t provide you with all the newest features, but that isn’t what it promises. It features a beautiful slim design, a 2-for-1 slim and fat nib choice, and a sound pressure sensitivity (1,024). All for less than $50! We think that’s quite fantastic.

MoKo, a lithium polymer battery-powered device, claims eight hours of continuous operation before requiring a micro USB cable for charging. However, we very much appreciate the two available (changeable) nib options.

How To Turn On Palm Rejection iPad Without Apple Pencil 2

You can choose between using the more significant (not sensitive) rubber tip that usually sits on top of the MoKo Stylus pen cap or the smaller 1.5mm nib for finer lines and more detailed writing or drawing (both with pressure sensitivity).

Adonit Pro 4

The Adonit Pro 4 may be appealing if the price of the Apple Pencil is your primary concern in your search for an alternative. It’s a pretty simple stylus with no Bluetooth or other fancy wireless features, but in our testing, we discovered that it performs admirably for touchscreen navigation.

Some people may find the design peculiar because it terminates in a little disc rather than a point. It may sound strange, but the PET Precision Disc, a polycarbonate disc tip, works surprisingly well interacting with the touchscreen without damaging it.

How To Turn On Palm Rejection iPad Without Apple Pencil 3

The disc is translucent, so we discovered that it never obscured our vision while working. The pen’s construction feels pleasantly premium for a product at this price point, and since it is compatible with all touchscreen devices, it is a perfect option if you recently purchased an older iPad for a great deal. It’s hit-and-miss and feels clunky when taking notes, and the lack of palm rejection and pressure sensitivity is a significant limitation in the drawing.

Adonit Dash 4

The Adonit Dash 4 is a suitable replacement for the Apple Pencil if you want to secure all of your gadgets. When we reviewed it, we tried it on an iPad Pro, but it also works with iPhone and Android tablets.

Adonit Dash 4

We discovered it to be a simple but dependable drawing pen. This one isn’t intended for professional painters creating masterpieces on their iPad because it lacks Bluetooth connectivity and pressure sensitivity or tilt capability.

Although it may seem pricey for a stylus that lacks pressure sensitivity, it has palm rejection, lightning-fast USB-C charging, and long 15-hour battery life, so you can continue to draw. It is also fashionable, weighing only 15g, and has a clip for portability. We discovered the Dash 4, a good option for a cheap everyday stylus.


Do you have any queries about How To Turn On Palm Rejection Ipad Without Apple Pencil? As much as we would have wanted to be able to walk you through enabling palm rejection on your iPad without an Apple Pencil in just two simple steps, the procedure is a little more complicated.

The process of allowing palm rejection is made much simpler once you have an iPad, stylus, and app that are all compatible and support it; all you have to do is check your iPad and application settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple Pencil need to be used for palm rejection?

Connecting an Apple Pencil to an iPad makes it possible to write or create without worrying about accidental finger or hand presses.

How can you write by hand on an iPad without an Apple Pencil?

·       Use your finger to lift up from the screen’s lower right corner.
·       Drag the status bar to access the Control Center, then hit the Quick Note icon.
·       You can use the Apple keyboard shortcut of Globe + Q while connected to an Apple external device.

Where can I put my iPad, so I don’t have to hold it?

Yes. As you draw or write with an Apple Pencil, your iPad will detect your hand and automatically switch to palm-rejection mode.

Does anyone know of a palm rejection program?

INKredible takes the most excellent inking features from the widely used Notes Plus app and adds its automatic palm and wrist rejection to make writing on an iPad seem as natural as writing with a pen on paper. To honestly believe, you must experience it for yourself. I can’t believe it.

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