How To Use Cocricot Mod? (Follow This)

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Learn more about How To Use Cocricot Mod? its features, and how to download and install it. After everything is set up, you must use Cocricot. Choose Resource Packs by clicking on Options, then do it. Afterward, utilize the Cocricot zip file in the folder by clicking Open Resource Pack Folder. Restart Minecraft after quitting it.

How To Use Cocricot Mod

Be aware that certain settings must be altered to make this mod work properly. The website gives players instructions on enabling CTM, modifying the Video settings > Details > change Trees to Smart or Fancy, removing square clouds, and doing these other things. The resource pack’s website, which also includes a Starter Guide, mentions all the specifics.

How To Use Cocricot Mod?

You may have seen online videos describing the Cocricot mod, which alters your Minecraft environment and adds European buildings. This resource pack enhances the game’s visual appeal and makes it adorable. Learn more about the Minecraft Cocricot Mod or Texture Resource Pack and download instructions.

What Is The Minecraft Cocricot Mod And Is It A Free Download?

A free Japanese resource pack for Minecraft called Cocricot Mod focuses on architecture. It will include various elements that will entirely change how things look by giving you a modern European feel, including furniture, decor, art, and more. You can see a cityscape, a cafe, and much more through it. Players can showcase their creativity and aptitude for interior design through this resource bundle.

What Is The Minecraft Cocricot Mod And Is It A Free Download

Instructions To Install Cocricot Mod


Please be advised that to install this mod, you must have Minecraft Forge, OptiFine, and JustEnoughIDs. Although we already have an article that explains how to download and install them, the installation process of those will be covered here to make this post more uniform.

Minecraft Forge

  • The link provided below will allow you to download the Minecraft forge file.
  • To install Forge, Minecraft 1.12.2 must have been opened at least once. If you have already played this game version, move on to the next step. If you haven’t already, create a fresh installation by selecting version 1.12.2 under the Installations tab in your Minecraft launcher. Open the game once when the setup is done, and you can close it.
  • After selecting “Install client” in the dialog window, open the Minecraft forge file and click OK. As soon as the installation is finished, launch Minecraft, and you will see a new profile called “forge 1.12.2.” Once more, you must first open the game before closing it.


  • Connect on the link down to get the OptiFine file.
  • Select extract and select a location to save the file after opening the OptiFine file.
  • The next step is to launch the Minecraft folder. You may do this by typing %appdata% into the start menu or pressing the Windows key, and R. Look for the Minecraft folder once you’re inside.
  • Insert the OptiFine Mod.jar file into the modifications folder by copying and pasting.


  • Launch the %appdata% folder by typing %appdata% in the start menu or using the Windows key + R. 3. Open the Minecraft folder. Look for the Minecraft folder once you’re inside.
  • Add the JustEnoughIDs Mod.jar file to the modifications folder by copying and pasting it.
  • Cocricot:
  • Connect on the link below to get the Cocricot Mod and resource bundle.
  • Extract the file to obtain the mod file (cocricotMOD.jar) and the file (resource pack)
  • Launch the %appdata% folder by typing %appdata% in the start menu or using the Windows key + R. Look for the Minecraft folder once you’re inside.
  • Insert the Cocricot mod file into the modifications folder by copying and pasting.
  • Insert the Cocricot resource pack file into the resource packs folder by copying and pasting.
  • Launch the game, select Options, and then click on Resource Packs. The Cocricot Resource Pack will appear; click on it to activate it.


  • Select the associated textures and set them to fancy under options, video settings, and quality.
  • Fine details in the video settings, then choose either smart or fancy for the trees.
  • Disable clouds in specifics.
  • Set the smooth lighting level to 1% and the smooth lighting to minimum or maximum in the video settings.
  • Select Shaders and turn on the old lighting.

Congratulations! You can now enjoy cocricot!


So that’s How To Use Cocricot Mod? I suppose. It’s worth a shot because of how completely different your environment will become after using it. We also have suggestions on how to use the best mods, shaders, and additional texture packs for Minecraft 1.17.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cocricot work with Forge?

It is a mod and a resource pack; therefore, if you need assistance installing it, use #cocricot. Here is a link to the TOS and the downloads: You require Forge and Optifine compatible with version 1.12 and Minecraft 1.12.

How do I put mods into Minecraft?

·         Ensure that the Minecraft client is shut down.
·         Click on the Windows Key (Start)
·         Enter %appdata% after typing it.
·         Go into the mods folder after opening the Minecraft folder.
·         Drag the mods you want to add in from here.
·         Reopen Minecraft and press Play; the mods ought to now be loaded.

What is Minecraft XRay?

The X-Ray Mod is a useful mod that, among other things, shows coordinates and uses a light setting when the player is in a dark area. It also allows the player to see through blocks.

How do you install mods for Minecraft 2022?

·         Set up Java. The first thing you should do if you want to add mods to Minecraft is installed Java.
·         Download and install the Minecraft Forge program.
·         Create a backup of your Minecraft data.
·         Download mods from a reliable source in step four.
·         Add mods to Minecraft in step five.

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