How to watch shows on a plane? (3 Ways)

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Here we start all about How to watch shows on a plane? Everyone has been in the situation when they are forced to spend a lengthy ride on an aircraft and are instructed to turn off or put their phone or computer in aeroplane mode. The choices you have to view a movie on a plane without internet to pass the time before takeoff either cost extra or aren’t that great.

how to watch shows on a plane

There are only a fixed number of things you can perform without an internet connection, given the state of technology today. Having something to occupy you on a flight is essential, especially if it is longer than three or four hours because you might not be able to sleep there.

If you’re trapped with few options, there’s a remedy on your laptop and phone. Movies and shows assist in taking up a significant portion of your time on a flight.

Now, you might try downloading a movie or television show illegally from a dubious website to watch later, but why take a chance with the security of your phone or computer when streaming services provide legal options to download some of your favourite shows?

You can still legally download content to view later on your computer or phone, even if your service doesn’t offer that option. You may legally and for very little money watch some of your favourite shows and television series while offline, thanks to the options we’ve gathered.

How to watch shows on a plane?

Netflix content is now available offline. A fantastic new feature was just added to Netflix: the ability to download material for offline viewing. Using the Amazon Video app, you can stream offline videos. The HBO mobile app allows you to record video.

Different ways to watch shows on a plane:

Rent or Purchase Movies:

Digital movie stores also offer to buy or rent TV and movie titles. Here are a few techniques you might employ to make this happen.

Amazon Video:

You may rent or buy complete movies and TV episodes on Amazon Video whether or not you have Amazon Prime. Use your internet connection to browse or search for movies, then click to buy or rent them. Once more, the mobile app is the only device that can see this offline content; a laptop cannot.

Google Play Movies and TV:

Amazon Video can be replaced by the Google Play Movies & TV app for Android smartphones. Similar to Amazon Video, you may search for and download material here. On iOS devices, this app also functions.


Apple’s iTunes Store is the greatest place to download movies and television series for iOS devices. One of iTunes’ major benefits is the amount of time you have to watch your rentals. You have 30 days to watch a movie you’ve rented and downloaded from iTunes.

However, you only have 24 hours to finish watching it once you start watching it. Whatever trip you take will probably not exceed the 30-day limit.

You will have plenty of time to watch the movies you have rented at your leisure. Before leaving, you can download multiple movies and view them whenever you like while traveling or after you get back.

Windows Store:

Windows devices can buy, rent, and download movies and TV shows through the Windows Store, much like iTunes and Google Play. This is a fantastic choice if you’re taking a laptop rather than a tablet.


VUDU is a digital video store from Walmart that sells or rents movies and TV shows. It works with both Apple and Google mobile platforms. Laptops are incompatible with this service.

In-Flight Apps:

Nowadays, most airlines provide their own in-flight entertainment apps where passengers can watch movies and TV shows, usually for nothing. Each of these operates differently depending on the airline you’re flying with.

However, they typically function as a streaming service a la Netflix. In other words, you choose a movie or TV show from a small selection, click, and start watching.

While the selection is normally limited, it frequently contains well-liked, recent releases. Additionally, this entertainment’s content is occasionally modified or filtered for general audiences. However, this technique has the great advantage of requiring no planning.

For instance, you might pass the time while waiting for your flight while sitting in the airport. You can still use the airline’s in-flight entertainment app if you forgot to pack any movies or don’t have time to download any.

Offline Streaming Options:

The rest of your entertainment options, save the official in-flight app of your airline, must be offline. Airlines always request that you turn off your internet connection and place your devices in airplane mode for the duration of the journey. Fortunately, most streaming services to which you might have a subscription allow you to download specific films for offline watching. An outline of some of these processes is provided below.


Netflix does not offer offline viewing for every title. But using the menu on your Netflix app, you can quickly identify the ones. Open Netflix on a device you’ll bring into the plane before takeoff. (For this to function, you must have an internet connection.)

how to watch shows on a plane

Next, select the “Available for Download” option from the app’s menu. Browse or search this section for a book you want to download.

You can download as many films and seasons as you like. But keep in mind that because you’re downloading them, they take up space on your smartphone. So that you don’t run out of space when downloading, you might wish to free up lots of space first. Additionally, the time your downloaded Netflix content is accessible offline is temporary.

YouTube Red:

This function is available on YouTube only if you subscribe to YouTube Red. If you use Google Play Music, which is included, you receive both YouTube Red and Google Play Music’s music catalogue for the same price as Spotify or Apple Music.

Press the menu icon next to a video in the YouTube app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to download it. You will be asked which resolution you wish to download the video in after selecting “Save Offline.” While offering superior video quality, higher resolutions can consume more storage space on your device.

The profile tab is where you’ll discover the videos you saved for offline viewing. You’ll get a list of videos you can watch offline when you tap “Offline Videos.” Only the YouTube app for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones has this capability. You cannot do this action on a laptop or through the YouTube website.

Amazon Prime:

You can download videos from Amazon Prime’s streaming service as well. Any video you want to download for offline watching only has to have the download button next to it. This feature does not currently function on laptops; it is only accessible on mobile (and non-Windows) devices.

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Rip Your Own DVDs or Blu-rays:

Last, you can “rip” actual DVD or Blu-ray discs of movies or TV series into portable digital video files. You can watch these files without bringing the disc if you store them on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

There are many apps available that can rip DVDs and Blu-rays, but Handbrake is our favorite because it’s free and has settings for ripping files that are compatible with devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android, and more.

How do I download Netflix shows for a flight?

Find and download a movie or TV show.

  1. Launch the Netflix app, then select Downloads.
  2. View What You Can Download, Find Anything to Download, Find More to Download, and Available for Download are all options, depending on your device.
  3. Pick a TV program or movie.
  4. Click Download on the description page.


Here we conclude all about How to watch shows on a plane? You need the Netflix app to stream Netflix while flying. Doing so allows you to download television programs before boarding the aircraft and watches them later while offline and with airplane mode turned on.

The Hulu app, HBO Go app, Amazon Prime Video app, Disney Plus app, and others let you download shows for offline watching. For all these streaming services, downloading and watching movies or episodes on a plane requires utilizing the app rather than the web browser.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Netflix on an airplane?

Through its iOS, Android, and PC app, Netflix enables users to download TV episodes and movies for offline watching.

What app can I use to watch movies on a plane?

Watching the newest movies and TV episodes while flying on your preferred device is simple. You can enjoy hours of pleasure by downloading the new Gogo Entertainment App and bringing your device onboard. You can remove the Gogo Video Player app from your smartphone if it’s still there.

How can I watch TV shows without Wi-Fi?

Go to the Google Play Movies library and select the program you want to download so you can view it offline. Anyone with an Android smartphone and anyone who does not have a Netflix or Hulu subscription should use this method.

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