How women in technology is shaping the future of tech? (An inspiration)

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Here we start all about how women in technology is shaping the future of tech? Even in 2022 the fields of technology and engineering still lack diversity; Due to the issue’s complexity, interdisciplinary approaches to solving it are required. A single initiative cannot change this; more significantly, we must force ourselves to consider the long-term effects if we make a systemic shift.

How women in technology is shaping the future of tech

Women continue to be notably underrepresented in the corporate pipeline, and gender equality is still a big problem in the business world. Despite evidence that suggests organizations perform better when there are more women in the C-suite, there is still a gender disparity in most industries.

Diversity and inclusion are issues that require ongoing work that must be established, maintained, and nurtured; they cannot be part of a one-time campaign.

Information technology is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States, and technological innovation will be essential to practically every area of our economy.

According to Accenture data, there are more open positions in computer science than there are graduates to fill. If nothing is done about this situation now, there won’t be as many women working in the computer science technology field in the United States in ten years.

The underrepresentation of women in technology is not a recent issue, and while some progress has been achieved, it is happening very slowly. If this issue is not fixed, it will pose a serious economic burden to the American economy.

How women in technology is shaping the future of tech?

Women founded 20% of all companies in the global tech startup scene. The largest concentration of female-founded tech startups is in Silicon Valley, Boston, and Chicago. In 2015, there were 84 percent more women working at Facebook than there were males, and 83 percent more women working for Microsoft than men.

Ways women in technology can shape the future of tech:

Three bits of advice for women in technology are as follows:

Get in and stay in:

Numerous professional sectors do not adequately represent the diversity of the United States. Despite evidence that suggests organizations perform better when there are more women in the C-suite, there is still a gender disparity in most industries.

Still, they only receive 18 percent of Bachelor’s degrees in the computer sciences. Even though women of color make up 39% of the population in the US who identify as female, the same survey found another startling disparity: women of color only account for 10% of all Bachelor’s degrees in computers.

There needs to be a shift in these statistics, which can start immediately. Just being a woman technologist yourself creates natural role modeling.

Not to put you under any more stress than you currently are, but it is our responsibility. Community is crucial to excelling in technology because of this. Surrounding yourself with colleagues and allies who support your enthusiasm for equality is crucial.

People around us will feel more at ease utilizing inclusive language and posing novel questions as we discuss diversity and inclusion at work or school. We can continue to raise that number and alter public perceptions of who belongs in technology by joining the 44 percent of people who remain in the industry.

Do meaningful work:

Choose and request relevant assignments to continue producing your best work. Give your employees and team’s equal opportunities to stand out and participate in worthwhile tasks.

Those who commit to finishing projects are more likely to stay committed, and those that are happier are 12 percent more productive, according to a 2015 University of Warwick study. Better team outcomes can also result from feeling like a valuable team member.

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Folks with higher levels of “social sensitivity,” also known as people, who can read between the lines and pay attention to non-verbal clues, make up the best groups. Women do better on this emotional intelligence test, and teams with more women have more effective team dynamics.

Being in charge of diversity programs is a remarkably gratifying job. But when you face difficulties, seek inspiration from your support system.

Embrace a supportive community of individuals who will serve to affirm your worth and skills. Ultimately, your outstanding work will make a difference in a sector that desperately needs more diversity. Even if it sometimes seems like it, we are moving forward.

Find the peers and leaders who can amplify your voice:

Use the inspiration you get after attending a conference, such as the Grace Hopper Celebration, to motivate you to introduce new procedures at work. Pull up with your team to discuss key insights and to raise relevant concerns using the conference learnings as a springboard.

Inform the individuals in your life that achieving diversity and inclusion is a challenge we must all face. Invite and enable them to participate in your endeavours.

You should seek out senior executives who will support you and advance your ideas if you want to launch a new diversity campaign at your organization.

When two software engineers, Katie Thompson and Kaylyn Gibilterra, visited my office to discuss the decreasing number of women in technology, they presented issues and opportunities that we could solve right now.

But after only one meeting, a working group was formed, which eventually grew into an enterprise-wide committee, an allies program, and local chapters at Capital One offices worldwide. We now have a movement of female technologists and allies across the organization.

I consider myself fortunate that diversity and inclusion initiatives account for half of my full-time work as a senior vice president, and I think it is essential for technology executives to place a strong emphasis on D&I initiatives, in collaboration with and with support from the Human Resources department, but not exclusively.

Our tech teams at Capital One have a solid basis for addressing more complex and long-term problems, thanks to inclusive policies ingrained in the company culture. I’m dedicated to developing long-lasting initiatives that guarantee different viewpoints will influence the direction of the technology sector.

Being who you are and doing what you’re doing as a woman in technology at this juncture in history is crucial if you want to ensure that the future workforce is more diverse, talented, and representative. Whether you concede it or not, you are demonstrating what technology will seem like in the future for both men and women.

Inspiring girls to shape the future through technology:

Inspiring girls to shape the future through technology

Beyond instructing girls in programming through imaginary and the app, imaginable is cultivating a community of female role models. It is inspiring a movement of female technologists who are reshaping society. Our goal is to encourage and inspire girls to pursue professions in engineering and technology, fields in which we now account for less than a fifth of the workforce.

Ericsson chose imaginable to be incubated with support from Ericsson ONE as the first company to realize the significance of our goal and strategy.

Ericsson ONE is the incubator and accelerator program for internal entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas. After the incubation phase, imaginable and Ericsson extended their partnership through the Digital Lab program, which is Ericsson’s outreach program that teaches young people how to use technology, the methods and solutions provided by imaginable will be fully utilized in the upcoming course, Creative Coding.

The Connect to Learn project of Ericsson includes the Digital Lab program. Our Connect to Learn deployment’s primary goal is to expand girls’ access to high-quality education by providing them with useful technologies and online learning tools.

Connect to Learn can better deliver on its value claim by including a module with a more deliberate focus on engaging girls and bridging the gender gap alongside courses in artificial intelligence, game development, and robotics.

ImagiLabs may significantly expand its influence and reach thanks to this partnership and Ericsson’s extensive global network. Regarding Ericsson, the business can lead not just the industry but also its transformation.


As a result how women in technology is shaping the future of tech? We require more men and women who are prepared to assume greater domestic responsibilities, more leadership roles for women, and businesses that support a more flexible work environment.

Our world is extremely interconnected, and organizations and institutions that are more diversified will function better. But established on my experience, I know that passing the time would not close the current female leadership gap; instead, only strong action will do, and everyone must support it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the immense challenge women face in your tech journey?

Being taken seriously owing to gender perception continues to be the top challenge for women in technology. However, one of the key conclusions from this study is that fewer women in the IT industry have reported experiencing specific forms of mistreatment at work.

Is it harder to be a woman in tech?

According to National Science Foundation data, just 38% of women who majored in computer science are currently employed, compared to 53% of men. Similarly, only 24% of women with engineering degrees are currently employed in the field, compared to 30% of men.

Why are technical women important?

As previously indicated, having more females in information technology roles results in better organizational performance. Women may be more likely to impact their company’s culture given the increased jobs for women in tech. better able to speak for women’s needs as consumers.

What does it mean to be a woman in tech?

Building a powerful network of allies is essential for women in technology. Her crew is varied, including men and women of all ages, ethnicities, and hobbies. Together with her teammates, she makes mistakes and gains knowledge from one another through cooperation.

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