InstallGear 4 Gauge Complete Amp Kit review + (Comparison)

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An amplifier is frequently the best option if you want to make the most of your car’s audio system. Adding an amplifier to your system requires more than just buying one and plugging it in; you also need to buy an amplifier wiring kit that is compatible with the amplifier’s power and wiring requirements. The market offers a wide range of wire kit substitutes. One of the better options is the NVX 100% Copper 4-Gauge. Here, I’ve evaluated crucial InstallGear 4 Gauge Complete Amp Kit information.

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InstallGear 4 Gauge Complete Amp Kit Review

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  • 17ft Blue 4 Gauge CCA Power Wire
  • 3ft Black 4 Gauge CCA Ground Wire
  • 17ft 2-Channel RCA Cable

Although this InstallGear amp wiring kit is reasonably priced, the parts are lower quality. It incorporates extra-large copper-clad aluminum wiring with extra-long wires for improved signal transfer. The speaker cord, however, is long enough for two speakers and roughly 17 feet. This suggests it won’t completely cover larger vehicles’ or music systems’ speakers.

To keep the price cheap, however, lower-grade materials are used, which causes some quality loss. Even though this kit may not perform as well as others, it will still outperform the bulk of other inexpensive options, and when you’re just getting started in the world of audio, cheap and decent are good to have together.

Before starting the job, know the necessary lengths; this bundle is excellent—good-quality, flexible wires that are often simple to use. This package is excellent and strong, with cable ends, tie straps, and everything you need.

Alternative RCAs that are insulated and plated would be beneficial. It can be challenging to secure larger cable ends if you don’t solder them. After crimping them, you might wish to lock them down and guarantee a solid connection by inserting the tip of a Phillips screwdriver into the middle of the crimp.

  • Very economical
  • Higher-gauge CCA wires increase fidelity.
  • Cheap materials result in lower quality than premium kits.
  • Installing speakers with short speaker wires reduces installation error.

Product Comparison:

The InstallGear 4 Gauge Complete Amp Kit Car Amp Install Kit is our choice among these top-rated amp wiring kits. NVX 100% Copper 4-Gauge is more expensive than other top-rated wiring kits, the quality is undeniable. The only manufacturer on this list to offer to wire made entirely of copper. Most copper wire kits refer to CCA, which stands for 90 percent aluminum and 10 percent copper.

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The advantage of switching to 100% copper wires is that they function significantly better and have greater corrosion resistance. The components of this amp wiring kit are designed to deliver the greatest performance for many years after installation when combined with long-lasting Envyflex insulation. InstallGear 4 Gauge Complete Amp Kit Car Amp Install Kit is preferable because it is very economical.

Final Verdict:

The installer Dual 4 Gauge Amp kit is a wonderful option if you wish to install additional amplifiers. Various cords that work with different speakers and amplifiers are included in the kit. You won’t need to purchase a separate wiring kit for a second amplifier. The cables are supple to the touch, which makes handling them during installation simple.

Almost all of the materials required to finish the installation are included. If you want to place the additional amplifier in the back, you would most likely use the 17-foot red CCA power line and the 3-foot black CCA ground wire. The color distinction makes it simple to distinguish. Given that they are all 4-gauge cables, your amplifier can be powered by using them.

The 17-foot RCA cable, the 17-foot remote wire, and the 17-foot speaker wire are all provided in pairs to accommodate the need for numerous sound system installations. The speaker wire is relatively thin, with a gauge of 14. Additional parts are provided to simplify installation, including the ANL fuse holder with fuse, distribution block, and AGU fused distribution block. There are also four-gauge and eight-gauge crimp ring terminals available. A 6-foot split loom is furthermore supplied. You’ll be able to finish your installation easily with the help of all of these tools.


Can a 4 gauge handle 3000 watts?

The full kit can handle up to 3000 watts and is suitable with a 4 gauge installation. The Q Power Super Flex 4 Gauge 3000 Watt Amplifier Wiring Kit is the strong link that holds your entire car audio system together, so invest in quality today.

Is 4 gauge wires enough for AMP?

Accordingly, the 4 gauge wire can securely manage up to 85 amps of current during typical operation. This capacity is quite helpful. This is why we use a 4 gauge battery cable as a type of wire.

What size fuse should I use for 4 gauge wire?

For instance, the maximum fuse amperage for a 4 AWG single wire outside an engine room is 150A. B Multiply the product amperage rating by 125 percent to determine the MINIMUM FUSE AMPERAGE. Although it offers additional cable protection, minimum fuse amperage may cause bothersome blows.

How many watts can 4 gauge wire?

The 4 AWG copper wire has an ampacity of 85A at a temperature of 75C on average. This indicates that a 4 AWG copper wire can support up to 68 amps of current after applying the NEC’s 80 percent guideline. The 4 AWG copper wire ranges from 816 watts (12V circuit) to 16320 watts depending on the voltage (240V circuit).

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