Is driver update legitimate? (Follow this brief Guide)

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Are you guys wonder about is driver update legitimate? DriverUpdate is a possibly harmful application that claims to locate and carry out your computer’s required upgrades. Unfortunately, the Slimware developer’s PUP misleads users into using its services and falls short of its effectiveness claims.

More tools from this publisher are available, including Slimcleaner and SlimCleaner Plus, which have similarly been deceiving consumers into installing and acting in unexpected ways.

driver update legitimate

The questionable distribution method used by DriverUpdate was one of the elements that contributed to its classification as a PUP net infection supports. The program might infiltrate the computer through the software package and start unauthorized system scans.

These scan results could be really scary. However, people are given the option to purchase a complete version of the program to address these problems.

Is driver update legitimate?

Although Driver Update is a legitimate program created by Slimware Utilities, it is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) and shouldn’t be installed on a computer.

What is DriverUpdate?

Its creators promote DriverUpdate is a reliable tool that enables users to update their system drivers, which enhances overall performance. These assertions frequently lead consumers to believe that DriverUpdate is trustworthy and beneficial, yet this application is classified as a possibly harmful program (PUP). DriverUpdate frequently enters computers without the user’s consent and offers little to regular users.

Once activated, DriverUpdate runs a phony system scan and lists all of the “outdated drivers” on the machine. Users are urged to download the “full version” of DriverUpdate immediately to update these drivers. The list of out-of-date drivers is a hoax; please note.

The creators of DriverUpdate try to con unwary customers into purchasing the purported full version (even when it is not required). This program is pointless and won’t improve the efficiency of your system. As a result, we urge you to uninstall DriverUpdate right now.

As previously indicated, DriverUpdate frequently enters computers without permission. DriverUpdate is likely to be distributed alongside a variety of other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) because this behavior is typical of PUPs.

Regular PUPs provide annoying adverts, secretly alter web browser settings, collect private data, and abuse system resources. The delivery of intrusive advertisements (coupons, banners, pop-ups, and so forth) is made possible by tools (such as virtual layers) that allow the installation of external graphical material on any website.

These advertisements mask the actual information, which makes browsing less enjoyable. They also link users to dangerous websites and run programs that download and install malware. As a result, clicking intrusive adverts could result in dangerous computer infections. Additionally, potentially harmful apps alter browser settings.

They link specific questionable URLs to the new tab URL, homepage, and other settings so that users are constantly subjected to unwanted redirects. They encourage shady websites by doing this. Data tracking is yet another important drawback.

Potentially undesirable programs collect information about surfing activities, including IP addresses, geolocations, keystrokes, search terms, website URLs visited, pages seen, and other information. The data gathered may include personally identifiable information frequently sold to outside companies, who then abuse the information to make money.

Data tracking apps could therefore cause major privacy problems or even identity theft. Some PUPs carry out cryptocurrency mining and other undesirable background tasks. These apps unintentionally abuse system resources, which reduces system performance. As a result, all possibly unwanted programs must be quickly uninstalled.

DriverUpdate is essentially the same as Your Video Converter, SlimCleaner, Digital Coin Tracker, Wise System Mechanic, and many more programs. No matter potentially unwanted apps’ features, they all behave the same way. These programs are just intended to bring in money for their creators.

PUPs don’t provide regular users much value; instead, they directly endanger your privacy and the security of your Internet browsing.

How did DriverUpdate install on my computer?

Developers use intrusive ads and the “bundling” technique—the covert installation of third-party programs with official software and apps—to spread PUPs. They are aware that many consumers hurriedly download and set up applications.

Therefore, all “bundled” programs are concealed under “Custom/Advanced” settings or other areas of the download and installation procedures. Many users put their PCs at risk of numerous infections and damage their privacy by bypassing download/installation procedures and clicking shady ads/links.

How did DriverUpdate install on my computer

How to avoid installation of potentially unwanted applications?

The main causes of computer infections are frequently ignorance and carelessness. As a result, be cautious when downloading/installing software and using the Internet. Keep in mind that intrusive ads may appear legal, but they can lead to websites that offer surveys, gambling, or other questionable content.

How to avoid installation of potentially unwanted applications

If you experience redirects to shady websites, remove all suspect software and browser add-ons right away. Remember to use the “Custom” or “Advanced” settings to monitor each stage of the download/installation operations carefully. Opt out of all further included programs and refuse invitations to download/install other programs.

Additionally, we advise that you only use direct download links from reputable websites when downloading software. By marketing questionable programs, criminals monetize third-party downloaders and installers (the “bundling” method). Therefore, it is never advisable to use these tools. Caution is essential for computer security.

Can updating drivers cause problems?

Updates are released to enhance the functionality of your system as a whole. However, they occasionally fail. Users frequently report that after updating their GPU driver, their games would abruptly crash, freeze, or even have system-wide issues.

Final Words:

In case you were unsure about is driver update legitimate your PC’s hardware specifications, running DriverUpdate conducts a brief hardware scan. It details your PC’s operating system, CPU, GPU, and RAM. The driver-fetching process starts when clicking the Start Scan button in that window.

On my work PC, while testing, DriverUpdate ran an incredibly quick scan (in 10 seconds) that discovered 41 driver-related problems. However, 44 outdated drivers were discovered by both IObit Driver Booster Pro and Ashampoo Driver Updater.

The UI employs colored symbols to indicate each driver’s status: red for missing or out-of-date drivers, yellow for overlooked driver updates, and green for active drivers (up-to-date drivers). Similar color coding is used by Ashampoo Driver Update, although the application doesn’t contain the color definitions.

I had to email a representative of A rinse to find out that the yellow icon denotes a driver with an update less than 365 days old. As a result, the app from SlimWare Utilities is superior to Ashampoo’s.

DriverUpdate makes it very simple to check all of your drivers to verify if they are up to current, saving you the potentially time-consuming job of doing so. PC experts and novices can use this program to maintain a healthy, functional PC. Editors’ Choice nonetheless, an excellent all-around driver-update tool is IObit Driver Booster Pro. My testing found and fixed more outdated drivers, and it has a better user interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust the driver updater?

Although it is safe to download and use every driver updater we examined, you should still use caution. Updated drivers may be able to resolve computer issues, but certain apps may push you to download the incorrect drivers from dubious sources, which may make matters even worse.

Is the driver updating a virus?

Its creators promote DriverUpdate is a reliable tool that enables users to update their system drivers, which enhances overall performance. These assertions frequently lead consumers to believe that DriverUpdate is trustworthy and beneficial, yet this application is classified as a possibly harmful program (PUP).

Is DriverUpdate a safe website?

A dubious system utility called Driver Update by Slimware Utilities purports to assist users in installing the most recent driver upgrades. While Microsoft Windows provides these updates for free, this program requires users to pay for the full version so they can use them.

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