Is Elden Ring On Epic Games? (Answered!!!)

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On February 25, 2022, Elden Ring will finally be available on computers and gaming consoles. But, Is Elden Ring On Epic Games? Even though the official Elden Ring trailer featured a Steam logo, several fans were concerned that FromSoftware’s most recent RPG would be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

However, the minimum PC requirements for Elden Ring have been made public owing to an update to the Steam page. The official specs have also been posted on Twitter by FromSoftware.

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Without An Exclusive Agreement, Epic Declined To Sell The Game

Elden Ring is coming to PC and consoles, but since its announcement, there have been murmurs and concerns that this would be another significant exclusive to Epic Games. There is excellent news for those who support Steam: the Elden Ring Steam page is now up and lists January 20, 2022, as the anticipated release date.

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Despite the official Elden Ring teaser featuring the Steam logo, Epic Games Store exclusivity rumors persisted. The discussion can now close since the Steam listing is now formally active. Elden Ring will be released on Steam, unlike other titles that have abruptly switched from being an Epic Games exclusive to losing that exclusivity, as happened with Death Stranding.

The variety of skins given in Fortnite contributes to its popularity. Many people play to advance through Battle Pass levels or complete unique tasks to obtain a certain aesthetic. Epic Games has maintained its community and has no plans to stop there.

Other universes will enter the fray as the company keeps up its significant alliances (Star Wars, Marvel, Naruto). However, which ones? Since the studio submitted a questionnaire to several players to determine which collaborations would most interest them, we may already have the first information.

There are numerous games and some pleasant surprises, like Elden Ring, among the specified licenses and characters. We can see The Witcher, Resident Evil, Dead by Daylight, Star Wars, or even Game of Thrones and Pokémon, proving that the main licenses are present.

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Although they have not yet been in the game, several names have already appeared in this form of vote. Of course, not all licenses will come to Fortnite, but based on the response, it is probable that some will shortly, either through the Battle Pass or directly in the store.

Given that the developers have a history of awarding a significant skin to the best entrants, several of these skins may also be introduced through a Cup. With the help of our partner Instant Gaming, a contest is held where the winner receives their pick of a video game, FIFA points, or V-bucks.

What do You need To Know About Epic Games?

The dominance of Steam and its creator, Valve (“Portal,” “Half-Life”), in the gaming market has been contested by Epic Games with the opening of the Epic Games Store. Epic Games have sued even Google and Apple for the hefty commission fees (up to 30%) they demand from developers to sell games on their platforms.

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Additionally, independent creators can use Epic’s Unreal Engine, a potent software tool, to make their games. On the Epic Games Store, a storefront akin to Steam, it is available without charge.

Offerings From The Epic Games Store

Steam has conquered the online game distribution market for more than ten years and is probably well-known to PC and Mac gamers. Much more recent than Steam, the Epic Games Store debuted in late 2018, yet it has already established itself as a competitor.

Part of that is due to “Fortnite’s” astronomical success and the company’s desire to secure exclusive distribution rights to other creators’ most eagerly awaited games. Many players were irritated by the fact that Epic Games was the only site to play “Borderlands 3” on a PC for a long.

Although they both distribute first- and third-party games, Steam and the Epic Games Store differ significantly in critical ways. A well-established community and a considerably more extensive library may be found on Steam.

Even though Epic Games is more straightforward, it has access to the Unreal Engine and several exclusives. There is no reason not to have both: Both do not require a subscription to download games. You have complete discretion over the games you download from each platform as a user.

How To Use The Epic Games Store?

The UI of the Epic Games Store is straightforward and uncomplicated. After creating an account, select a display name that other players will use to identify you. That can only be altered once every two weeks but at any time.

With pals, add each other on the platform by exchanging these names. You can play online with friends in this manner. Either straight from the Epic Games Store or using game codes from a different developer.

If you’re a Steam user, you should know that you can’t gift a game from the Epic Games Store unless you wish to provide your account and password to someone else. It’s risky because that goes against Epic Games’ rules, so for the time being, stick to purchasing games for yourself. The Epic Games Store is currently in its early stages and only offers a few functions. But if the company’s rapid ascent indicates, we anticipate more significant growth.

Final Summary

Is Elden Ring On Epic Games? The answer is NO! The Epic Games Launcher is a stand-alone PC application, similar to Steam, but you may also browse the shop using a web browser. The limited selection of excellent titles the Epic Games Store offers sets it apart from Steam. They primarily provide AAA titles and their developed games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is Epic Games?

The average customer rating for Epic Games is 1.76 stars out of 279 reviews, which suggests that most people are generally unsatisfied with their purchases. Customer support, Rocket League, and Tiny Tina issues are the three complaints that customers have about Epic Games. Among PC gaming sites, Epic Games is ranked 67th.

How is money made at Epic Games?

It consists of the Unreal Engine, which generates revenue through licensing deals with programmers and creators. Its games (like Fortnite) mostly use an in-app purchase model on the digital market and a free-to-play approach on PC. Additionally, 12% of game sales go to the storefront Epic Games Store.

Why does Epic offer games for free?

I told them it was a beautiful marketing tactic. There are many online video game retailers, with Steam being the most well-known. Even well-known game stores don’t give out games weekly, let alone as frequently as the Epic Games Store, to compete with them.

Are the games on Epic Games always free?

Even after the game is no longer offered for free to new users, once you claim it, you own it.

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