Is gigabyte a good brand? (Personal review)

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We’ll talk about certain things about whether is gigabyte a good brand you should be aware of. Gigabyte has won numerous honours and has a solid reputation among tech enthusiasts. For instance, in 2022, it took up the Red Dot Design Award for the third consecutive year. This honour is among the most prestigious awards given to designers, demonstrating the high level of innovation and design in Gigabyte products.

There are many brands and items to choose from when buying consumer electronics and computer gear. In such circumstances, you’ll start by considering well-known, reliable brands.

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One commonly cited brand is Gigabyte, particularly if you’re looking for motherboards and graphics cards. The company is well-known among tech fans, and some of its goods go up against more well-known companies. You could be unsure if Gigabyte is a reliable name or whether you should choose one of their rivals.

Is Gigabyte a good brand?

A reliable company, Gigabyte produces a wide variety of high-quality computer hardware parts. It has been around for over 30 years and has grown its business through alliances and new projects. It is best known for producing feature-rich, dependable motherboards with high customer satisfaction ratings and numerous design honours.

The fact that Gigabyte offers reasonably priced, high-quality items sets it apart from its rivals, which is maybe the most advantageous characteristic. They provide their items at various price points to suit all spending levels.

Best products of Gigabyte:

Gaming AORUS Series:

The gaming hardware that Gigabyte sells is made under the AORUS sub-brand. It creates some of the best, most expensive, yet extremely dependable gaming equipment. Their mouse, for example, might not be able to hold their own against products from more known manufacturers.

Gigabyte might not be your greatest option if you want to put together a low-cost setup. The following are some of the top gaming products available from Gigabyte’s AORUS series:


Possibly the best gaming motherboard available is the Z690 AORUS Pro. It works with DDR5 technology and Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake processors, increasing bandwidth by more than 50%. It has six SATA slots and four M.2 slots to increase storage capacity.

Like most of its goods, Gigabyte took away some features to lower the price. For instance, it has removed features like Thunderbolt 4 and the fifth M.2 slot, leaving only essentials like Wi-Fi 6 and Intel’s 2.5G networking connections.

AORUS FI27Q Gaming Monitor:

Another budget-friendly product from Gigabyte that promises a high-end display is this gaming monitor. The DCI-P3 color gamut and 1ms response time on this 1440p IPS display are impressive. It supports AMD FreeSync and has a 165Hz refresh rate, but it also works with G-Sync.

AORUS FI27Q Gaming Monitor

It also has the straightforward styling and design of the AORUS line, with crisp angles and a vertical panel that give it a special gaming appearance. Overall, it produces images with outstanding color saturation, contrast, and accuracy, which makes for an excellent gaming experience.

AORUS 17 Gaming Laptop:

The most recent laptop from Gigabyte is the AORUS 17, which includes the WindForce cooling system, 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 30 Series Laptop GPU, and Windows 11 Home. The enormous 17.3-inch 1080p screen has a refresh rate of 360Hz. The beast includes two M.2 ports, lightning-fast DDR5 slots, up to 64GB of memory, and Wi-Fi 6E.

AORUS 17 Gaming Laptop

It has a screen with a four-sided bezel and is slim, light, and stylish. Ray tracing and AI capabilities are promised by the potent Nvidia GPU, which was created with Ampere. Thanks to Nvidia DLSS, playing AAA games can be a pleasant experience.


A wide variety of peripherals, such as mice, headsets, speakers, and keyboards, are also available from Gigabyte. The business provides both gaming keyboards and standard keyboards in a variety of styles. They all have the robust build that Gigabyte had promised, and the portfolio includes optical, wireless, mechanical, and ergonomic keyboards.

They are strong and substantial and provide excellent value. However, a lot of individuals have complained about the keyboards’ uninteresting design and dearth of special features. Even said, most gigabyte keyboards have a nice, classic style without sacrificing functions to offer a low price. They might not be on par with expensive Logitech keyboards, but they work well enough for everyday tasks and gaming.

Various mice are also available from Gigabyte, including the AORUS and Aivia lineups of dedicated gaming mice and wired, wireless, and gaming models. They are ideal for gaming since they include programmable software, an ambidextrous design, and good ergonomics. Even though there are other well-known brands of gaming mice, the gigabyte mice are equally worthwhile to try, particularly at the affordable prices they provide.


When considering Gigabyte motherboards, two things spring to mind: dependability and performance. They have developed into a major player in the motherboard business since they spend a lot of thought and money on their R&D procedures.

Because Gigabyte motherboards are so well-liked, many people mistakenly believe that the firm solely makes motherboards. One of the most significant authorities in this space is Gigabyte, thanks to the internet evaluations demonstrating how delighted people are with various motherboard models. High-end features like SATA III and dual BIOS capacity are abundant in them.

Because it features backup BIOS in addition to the main BIOS, this dual BIOS feature guarantees that you will never lose your important data. A variety of motherboards, including the Intel 8 and 9 series, are available from the company. They are also great for gaming because they support several graphics cards and have features like Crossfire and Quad SLI.

Additionally, they offer excellent value for money because they are packed with features yet still affordable and suitable for those on a tight budget. Additionally, they have premium, durable audio capacitors that produce high-fidelity audio, which is excellent for gaming. By physically separating the analog audio components from noise-generating components at the PCB level, they have a nose guard that effectively removes noise.

Most Gigabyte motherboards allow for overclocking, and the M.2 interface greatly speeds up loading times. For a variety of uses, including gaming, ultra-durability, server/workstation, and embedded/IoT, Gigabyte offers a variety of motherboards.

They are compatible with these processors and use Intel, AMD, or NVidia chipsets. They are also very strong, which makes them a fantastic option for demanding jobs like gaming.


All of the displays offered by Gigabyte are designed for gaming. AORUS and Gigabyte, two of their monitor ranges, both provide an immersive gaming experience. The Gigabyte monitors include curved and flat AV panels with lightning-fast reaction times. A butter-smooth gaming experience is produced by the 165Hz refresh rate, 92 percent DCI-P3 color gamut, and 8-bit color.

The majority of them support G-Sync and FreeSync, and they also offer adaptive sync. No matter how good you are at gaming, you’re sure to discover your ideal monitor at a fantastic price among the wide range of displays. Gigabyte monitors have excellent customer reviews on Amazon, although some verified buyers have expressed concerns about some models’ dead pixels.

Graphics Cards:

Some of the top graphics cards are produced by Gigabyte, which is well-liked by gamers and creators. It produces good, inexpensive AMD and Nvidia graphics cards that are excellent for bitcoin mining, video editing, and gaming. Even at their maximum settings, they deliver flawless gameplay for contemporary games.

Over competing brands, the specialized cooling systems and RGB lighting provide a significant edge. A wide range of products with various memory sizes and refresh rates are available, from which you can choose the graphics card that best suits your needs.

Is gigabyte a good brand 1

You can purchase a Gigabyte graphics card for as little as $50, which is one of its best qualities. Because they are not specifically made for high-end gaming, they are inexpensive. The mid-range design enables a respectable performance without charging absurdly high and prohibitive fees.

It does not imply that you cannot use these cards to play AAA current games. Gigabyte graphics cards are modular and allow you to select the components they can have is even more significant.

You might choose components in this manner that are more cost-effective. For instance, the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 OC 8G graphics card, one of the best produced by the company, is excellent for gaming. Thanks to its 8 GB of GDDR6 RAM and the WindForce 3X Cooling system, it can play contemporary games at high settings and 4K resolution.


Some of the top laptops from Gigabyte are ideal for various uses. You can select a top-notch notebook that meets your needs, whether you’re an avid gamer, video editor, or content developer. It has various lineups designed specifically for certain applications.

The Aero range, for instance, focuses on design and content production. These laptops include cutting-edge displays with OLED screens that produce superb color gamuts ideal for design and creativity.

The Aero 15, which features a 4K UHD AMOLED panel, is one of the top devices in this collection. Most Gigabyte laptops have elegant designs, strong hardware, and fashionable builds. They are therefore very well-liked by techies concerned with performance and cutting-edge hardware specifications.

There are no blind margins on the sides of the monitor because almost all Gigabyte laptops have bezel-less screens. However, Gigabyte laptops aren’t designed for customers on a tight budget, just like any high-end system. Some computers used by its developers might cost up to $4,000. Additionally, although there may be some lightweight models, they could not be the most portable ones because they’re outfitted with high-end and heavy-duty components.

Additionally, because it can’t run these power-hungry components for more than a few hours, the battery life is typically shorter than that of rivals. The inadequate cooling and ventilation system is another drawback brought on by the heavy-duty components.

As a result, these laptops may become overheated and need additional cooling methods, including cooling pads. Gigabyte laptops are excellent options, provided you don’t mind paying more. Additionally, purchasing a Gigabyte laptop can be excessive if you only intend to utilize it for routine tasks.

Final Summary:

Here we sum up all about is gigabyte a good brand for developing high-performance; feature-rich motherboards at a reasonable price, Gigabyte are well-known among gamers. They are also well-known among PC enthusiasts for their high-performing power supply and other homemade parts. They are well-known in the rest of the technical community for their work on research and development projects with numerous different businesses.


Is MSI better than GIGABYTE?

The motherboard lineup from MSI is typically more varied and comprehensive. However, Gigabyte’s line of motherboards often has more alternatives at both the top and lowest price points. Compared to Gigabyte motherboards, MSI motherboards feature a far superior, user-friendly BIOS.

Is the GIGABYTE laptop any good?

The Company is well renowned for its high-end motherboards. Gamers and content producers are Gigabyte’s main target audiences. These machines have a simple, no-frills design and are strong and reliable. Outstanding displays with great color accuracy and higher refresh rates may be found in Gigabyte laptops.

Is ASUS better than GIGABYTE?

However, Gigabyte motherboards perform marginally better than Asus equivalents, but that modest performance improvement is offset by a not insignificant price difference between the two brands.


As with ASUS, GIGABYTE continues to own its company assets as well as the GIGABYTE brand and those assets. Simply put, this is a new joint venture (company) between the two businesses, with GIGABYTE holding the majority of the shares (51 percent) and ASUS the remaining shares (49 percent).

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