Is newegg legit? (Review)

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Newegg is in no way dangerous or a scam. It is an online store that has been around for a while and has a huge selection of tech products. Many customers said that they had ordered items worth thousands of dollars from Newegg’s website without any problems. Let’s dive right into the question, “Is Newegg legit?”

Online buying has taken over our lives since the pandemic first started. It’s wonderful that more individuals feel at ease making purchases online and are taking advantage of its effectiveness and convenience. However, selecting the wrong supplier can quickly turn this entire procedure into a nightmare.

Is newegg legit 1

Is newegg legit?

Therefore, looking into a retailer before making a purchase would be better. Many reviews of Newegg online leave you with conflicting impressions of the online shop. To learn everything you need to know before purchasing from Newegg, continue reading.

What is Newegg?

Fred Chang, the company’s founder and CEO, started Newegg in 2001. It is an electronics eCommerce retailer that sells computer hardware, consumer electronics, graphic cards, and more. The business employs over 1,500 people and has served 36 million customers across 50 nations since its founding.

What is Newegg

Newegg indeed sells products on its own. However, compared to well-known shops like Amazon, it relies on third-party sellers to do most of the selling. Due to Newegg’s numerous fulfillment facilities worldwide, electronic goods can be delivered in a few days. Vendors can have the business handle their products for a modest fee if they want to sell them on the Newegg platform.

Is Newegg worth it?

One of the most well-liked vendors for PC construction is Newegg, a corporation specializing in computer hardware and consumer electronics. It is competitive when compared to other platforms like Amazon because several high-quality products are offered at discounts. Additionally, Newegg works with independent suppliers who acquire items in bulk using a B2B business model and then sell them to customers at discount pricing. The return and refund process at Newegg is simple. Additionally, consumers can anticipate protection from flaws and poor quality.

Is Newegg legal and safe or a scam?

Newegg has established a solid online presence as one of the top online stores for buying consumer electronics. Any items you purchase from their store and the business itself sells are secure and legitimate. A stringent process is required of third-party vendors before they are permitted to offer products on Newegg. To ensure they meet quality standards, every piece of computer hardware and consumer goods sold by third parties is evaluated case-by-case.

Each third-party vendor has a seller rating that reflects its reliability based on comments from previous customers. The privacy of its customers is strongly valued and taken seriously by Newegg. Additionally, their platform is free of malware and viruses. Overall, shopping in their online store is incredibly safe and enjoyable. If you decide against using Newegg, you can look over your alternatives later in the post.

Is Newegg reliable and trustworthy?

Regarding dependability and trustworthiness, Newegg is comparable to merchants like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. The products that Newegg sells are numerous. This means that you can anticipate a high level of product quality. There is a minuscule possibility of receiving defective products because the company sells consumer electronics when they arrive (DOA). You can return a faulty item you bought from Newegg to get it fixed, replaced, or refunded. Overall, they have a clear return and refund policy.

Is Newegg reliable and trustworthy

However, be aware that the Marketplace seller’s policies will bind you if you buy goods from a third-party vendor on Newegg. Here, you need to exercise caution and carefully review the seller’s return, restocking fee, and return shipping label policies. Unfortunately, aside from items from Newegg, all third-party sellers have no consistent returns policy.

How does Newegg make money? 

Through the market, Newegg makes money. Membership packages are available in three tiers: Standard, Professional ($29.95/month), and Enterprise ($99.95/month). Sellers can choose to ship their goods themselves or through one of Newegg’s fulfillment centers. If the sellers opt for the latter, Newegg will charge extra fees for managing orders, picking and packing packages, handling weights, dealing with unique situations, storing inventory every month, returning merchandise, and disposing of it. Because there are so many fees for sellers to keep track of, the Newegg Cost Calculation is an indispensable tool.

Newegg charges between 8 and 14 percent for each successful sale, depending on the product category. Sellers pay a commission because of conducting business on the platform, just like with every other eCommerce. The firm is also associated with Newegg Business, which offers over 150,000 businesses in the US and worldwide a platform to buy in bulk from the US and international vendors.

US vendors are assessed fees ranging from 10% to 15%, while foreign sellers are assessed fees at a set rate of 13%. Additionally, suppliers can qualify for Newegg Premier, comparable to Amazon Prime but exclusive to sellers, if they want access to the highest-spending customers.


It is an online store that has been around for a long time and sells a wide range of tech-related products. Many people have said they bought items worth thousands of dollars from Newegg’s website without problems. But, as was said is newegg legit? many others had serious problems with shipping, returns, and refunds, especially when dealing with third-party sellers who used Newegg’s platform. Even if a website is real, that doesn’t mean it’s good. When you buy something from this website, it’s best not to expect the best or the worst and to stay away from third-party sellers.

Relevant Questions

Do you get a refund from Newegg?

You can file a return claim if your goods are dead on arrival (DOA) or broken. You will receive a shipping label from Newegg so that you may return the item. If the item is flawed upon inspection, you will receive a refund.

Does Newegg charge a restocking fee?

No, regardless of the reason for returning things, they do not impose any restocking fees. However, depending on the seller’s policy, you could have to pay a restocking fee if you buy things from a third-party vendor. Therefore, before making a purchase, make sure you have read the seller’s returns, restocking, and refunds policy.

Is Newegg reliable?

With a track record of providing goods to millions of clients worldwide, Newegg is incredibly trustworthy. By all means, Amazon or Walmart occasionally provide greater deals, so Newegg isn’t always a superior substitute. But if you need computer-savvy technical support, Newegg is a terrific place to go.

How long will it take for Newegg to reply?

Live chat help is available on Newegg to assist with any order- and payment-related concerns. The typical response time for email support is 24 to 48 hours or the following business day. Recently, customers have had both excellent and terrible experiences with help.

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