JBL Professional SRX828S (Full Review) + Alternate

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In a strict sense, you don’t require a substitute. You cannot imagine the impact having one will have. The whole richness of the sound, not simply the inescapable increase to the low end, comes from a high-quality sub. Regardless of your budget or room size, we’ve reviewed the best subs on this year’s market in this guide. You might want to consider the SVS SB-1000 Pro!

A dual 18″ subwoofer called SRX828S is designed for installation, traveling, and concerts. The JBL Professional SRX828S is the perfect option for musicians, bands, and DJs, concert use, public speaking, or installations.

JBL Professional SRX828S 2

Such as efficient venues, corporate spaces, educational facilities, or houses of worship because of its 141 dB maximum SPL, wide stance for splaying top boxes, and indexing feet allowing stacking in both the regular and cardioid positions. Crown ITech HD may be tuned and has presets.

JBL Professional SRX828S

81cdLUsBTWL. AC SL1500


  • 14 Gauge Steel Grilles
  • M10 Suspension Points
  • Achieve Optimal Performance

In addition to its tremendous bass, the JBL SRX828 SP18 Dual Subwoofer System has a high-quality subwoofer that sounds great and is built to last. This self-powered subwoofer system is great for bigger venues and tours. Two 18-inch subwoofer cones inside the JBL SRX828 SP18 Dual Subwoofer System can move a lot of air. When you stand next to this subwoofer, you can feel how strong and heavy it is.

With an impressive 3200 peak and 800 continuous watts, the subwoofer system has some of the best power ratings. But because it uses two subwoofer cones to harness this power, the bass it makes is still musical and under control. This subwoofer is great if you want a loud, punchy, clear, and crisp bass, even when turned to the max.

Another important selling feature is that you can modify the JBL SRX828 SP18 Dual Subwoofer System settings. This system can be changed in any way you want, and it comes with several presets and tunings to make things easier.

No of how long you’ve been spinning records as a DJ, you’ll appreciate how much time you can save using preset configurations. For DJs who like to have full control over their sound, the subwoofer system has a lot of controls for mixing, monitoring the amplifier, and fine-tuning the sound.

The only bad thing about this subwoofer system is how big it is. The 145-pound JBL SRX828 SP18 Dual Subwoofer System is not for beginners. To move this subwoofer system, you will need a large truck bed at the very least, but a touring van is probably a better choice.

You can also buy a case and wheels to make moving the item easier. Superbase was just what I needed to make my sound better. I’ve utilized the Mega sound to DJ a few outdoor events! Going to buy more very soon!

  • Extremely potent
  • Two 18 subwoofers.
  • There are many ways to tweak the sound.
  • It costs a lot
  • Heavy

Editors Rating

4.6 out of 5 Stars


I perform with a handful of bands in my area, and although I own my own small-medium sized QSC setup (KW 153s, K12s, K10s, K8.2s, KSubs) along with a couple of lesser 18″ subs, one of the area professional sound companies I find myself working with uses these models.

Sometimes their setup will include two, sometimes four SRX828SP cabs. At one outdoor gig, four of these and four of the JBL 3-way tops were used, and the sound quality was great for a big parking lot concert.

JBL Professional SRX828S 1

The sound guy also knew what he was doing, so kudos to all the good sound guys out there. Because of my performing history, I wouldn’t think twice about purchasing one or more of these subs, even though I don’t own them yet.

Product Comparison

JBL Professional SRX828S has 141 dB max SPL output; 30-150 Hz frequency range; 47-120 Hz frequency response; Power Rating of 1200W continuous, 2400W program, 4800W peak. SRX828S has Frequency Range between 30Hz-150Hz and it has passive amplification.  JBL Professional SRX828Sis highly recommended because it is extremely potent.

To Sum Up

This sub is great and has a sound that shakes the ground but is still clear. The JBL Software is a must if you want to get the most out of these units. When the DSP functions are set up right, they shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are JBL speakers active or passive?

JBL passive PA speakers are the best-sounding and most flexible choice for musicians, DJs, houses of worship, public address, and commercial settings like a school or nightclub.

Do passive speakers sound better?

Because an amplifier is built into a powered speaker, the driver is usually smaller (the part of a speaker that produces sound). Most of the time, bigger drivers make a clearer and better-balanced sound, and they also let the speaker get louder.

Are passive speakers obsolete?

Even though they are outdated, they will always be a market. From a technical point of view, nuclear power plants and engines that use internal combustion were out of date more than 50 years ago. Actives will stay here until they can be trusted just as much as passives. The passive will always work unless you put your shoe in the cone.

Are active speakers better than passive?

When you add up the costs, the active option is usually cheaper because it has more power amplifiers. For example, a simple two-way speaker still needs four mono power amps. On the other hand, a passive set only needs one stereo amp to power its four drive units.

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