LEIGESAUDIO 4 Gauge Amp Review 2022 (Alternative)

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You’ll need the right tools if you want to upgrade your car’s audio system. It can be challenging to choose the right amp wiring kit. Make that the wiring kit is rated to function with the system’s amp rating. The best solution, in this case, could be the Kicker PK4 4 Gauge that can be found at Walmart. We’ve searched the market for the top amp wiring kits and have narrowed the field to a few deserving competitors. One of the top kits utilized in subwoofers is the LEIGESAUDIO 4 Gauge Amp.


LEIGESAUDIO 4 Gauge Amp Review

814oyXgKJHS. AC SL1500


  • 20FT 4 AWG CCA Power Cable
  • 18FT 16 AWG CCA Speaker Cable
  • Power cable is true AWG CCA

We selected this LeigesAudio kit because of its low cost and lightweight. This kit lives up to its promises and doesn’t offer much else. Although it won’t provide your car’s audio system with much power, it is more than enough for most configurations. Power is transmitted by a 4 gauge copper-clad aluminum cable, while oxygen-free copper carries the signal.


The package includes 17 feet of 18-gauge wire, 17 feet of 4-gauge wire, 17 feet of 16-gauge wire, an 80-amp fuse, the required ties, loom, and terminals. It is also one of the lighter kits on this list, simplifying installation. However, there are some issues. Because the power cord is thinner than typical, future electrical issues may arise.

  • Low cost
  • Flexible cables
  • Lightweight
  • CCA power cables are smaller than competing kits
  • Lower transfer of power

Product Comparison:

LEIGESAUDIO 4 Gauge Amp has flexible cables and is lightweight. Kicker PK4 4 Gauge(Amazon) has a maximum output of 650 watts RMS for class A/B amps, despite being suitable for class D amps up to 1000 watts RMS. If you require a premium 4-gauge amp installation kit and have a powerful sound system, the LEIGESAUDIO 4 Gauge Amp is an easy choice.

Final Words:

Everything needed to run an amplifier is included in LEIGESAUDIO 4 Gauge Amp. The cable’s length was perfect for an SUV. Install the subwoofers behind the speakers and hide any cords. Items in the set are of a high caliber.

People Also Ask

What are the best-selling AMP kits on Amazon?

It takes only a few seconds to find out why it’s one of Amazon’s top-selling amp kits today. Belva BAK8 full 8 gauge wiring kit for amplifiers – High-quality and highly functional at an amazing price! Belva’s kit is a fantastic method to save money while improving amp performance in your vehicle.

What is the best 4 gauge AMP kit?

The New England Providore 20 Foot 4 Gauge Amp Kit is the best choice if you need a high-end, pro-level alternative for your sound system. This comprehensive kit includes all the wiring, connectors, fuse holders, and other components you might need.

What size AMP wiring do I Need?

I’m only going to suggest one amp wiring kit for this amp size because many amp kits marketed as “10 gauge” are rip-offs. However, you can get an 8 AWG amp wiring kit for almost the same price as a decent 10 AWG kit, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping. My favorite kit is the SK46101.

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