Lost Ark Song Of Starlight Questline (Brief Guide)

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You’ll need to travel to the Starlight Isle in Lost Ark if you want to obtain the Lost Ark Song Of Starlight Questline. You should find a non-playable character named Favreau shortly after arriving. They ask for 3,300 Gineah’s Coin for the music.

One of the coins from the High Seas may be earned by completing the associated quest. You’ll need these coins to buy the songs, which can be unlocked by completing a few quests throughout the island. To hear the Song of Starlight, which can be accessed by pressing F2, you must first select it.

Lost Ark Song Of Starlight Questline 1

According to its stated functions, the song can be used to advance storyline tasks and increase Rapport with non-player characters. An NPC named Beatrice in Trixion will have her Rapport raised if you opt to perform the song for her.

You’ll need to play some music for the NPC to complete the Amateur Witchcraft quest. Many additional songs, such as the Requiem of Twilight, serve a similar purpose to the Song of Starlight.

Lost Ark Song Of Starlight Questline

There are numerous activities in Lost Ark, including quests and enemy combat. The option to play music is a fun addition to the game. Even though it might not appear important compared to everything else, you can accomplish in the game, listening to music positively impacts NPC relationships.

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It’s challenging to decide which songs are valuable to unlock out of the 20 available. The Song of Starlight, which enables you to improve your relationship with Beatrice, is among the best.

How To Get The Song Of Starlight In Lost Ark?

After reaching level 35, you must first unlock sailing before continuing with Song of Starlight. Sail your way across Starlight Isle once you’ve unlocked sailing. It is situated between the Annika and Pleccia islands in the eastern part of Artesia.

Continue by moving forward and finishing the major quests and secondary quests. While completing all the purple-colored tasks, you will run into the merchant Favreau and her daughter Lena. You will learn about Favreau’s life, a Starkeeper who leads lost souls to heaven.

How To Get The Song Of Starlight In Lost Ark

You will also learn about the passing of his wife, Eileen, without giving away any more narrative details. After completing the A Starlit Melody quest, you can access the tune of Starlight. Before you can access this task, you must finish the following quests:

  • The Soul’s Lighthouse
  • To Find the Lost Soul
  • The Lonely Lighthouse’s Pianist
  • Records from Starkeeper
  • X-301: The Soul Left
  • Below the Lighthouse of Starlight
  • Tracking Down Eileen’s Soul
  • Eileen and Favreau
  • Your Footprints

To access this quest, you must be at least 50 or higher. Giving Favreau Eileen’s letter and conversing with him are required steps in this quest. After completing this mission, Favreau will sell you the song of Starlight for 3,300 Gineah’s coins. While most songs may be gained by performing tasks and receiving rewards, Song of Starlight can only be acquired by paying Favreau.

How To Use Song Of Starlight?

Song of Starlight enhances your reputation or Rapport among certain NPCs. Follow these instructions to use the song of Starlight:

  • Click the adventure tab at the bottom right of the screen or press the F2 key.
  • Doing so will display a dialog menu listing all of your unlocked sheet music.
  • Choose the Starlight song to improve your relationship or reputation with some NPCs.

To Sum Up

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the song of Starlight important?

Only some NPCs can be cultivated a stronger relationship using the Song of Starlight. Most songs in Lost Ark are either quest rewards or things that happen to players when they reach particular milestones. The NPC Favreau on Starlight Isle does, however, sell the Song of Starlight.

How do you get soulful requiem?

60% of the [Adventurer’s Tome] in Felton must be completed to unlock the Soulful song Requiem in Lost Ark. Once you have completed that level, click the item icon. Or click the “Claim All” button.

How do you get all the sheet songs in Lost Ark?

You can enter the Sheet Music tab by clicking F2 or the Adventure button in the bottom right corner of the game.

What is Serenade of Love for?

One of the songs you can learn in Lost Ark is The Serenade of Love, described as a beautiful serenade passed down through the centuries of Arkesian bards. You can improve your Rapport with select NPCs by listening to the music.

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