Mackie THUMP Series, 18-Inch (Deep Review)

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Mackie Thump 18S is more than simply ordinary speakers, They are significant. They are speakers designed to reproduce extremely low bass frequencies. The subwoofers are necessary to ensure that the lower bass notes are audible during a performance since all of the speakers on a stage must work together to provide the appropriate, balanced sound.

Given its great quality, the Mackie Thump 18S subwoofer also achieves what a good subwoofer does best: it makes the music feel as fantastic as it sounds. The pro DJ subwoofer Rockville SBG1128 has a peak power output of 600 watts.

Mackie THUMP Series 18-Inch 1

If you want more bumps, our sound crew suggests buying dual subwoofers. The 2.5-inch high-temperature aluminum voice coil can play for longer periods with little maintenance since it can tolerate the heat.

Mackie THUMP Series, 18-Inch

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  • 1000W Of Ultra-Efficient System
  • Output Wattage: 500 W
  • Precision crossover (125Hz)

Mackie is one of the most well-known brands and a world leader in portable stage gear and live sound. The Thump 18S Powered Speaker Cabinet is a professional gear that offers strength, accuracy, and dependability in the form of specific system protections. This ensures you have the tools you need to get the best sound.

The best thing about the Thump18S is that it sounds great. The subwoofer was made to keep it tight and accurate even in the most difficult situations. It can make a very accurate bass. DJs and other live performers need to get this right. The Thump18S is also made of strong, high-quality materials lasting at outdoor events and while traveling.

The complete system of protection gives you even more peace of mind. This implies you’ll never have to be concerned about breaking your equipment by accident or using too much of it. The Thump18S, which calls itself “Built-Like-A-Tank,” is the most durable piece of equipment you can buy.

One of this sub’s only flaws is that it doesn’t have as much power as most powered subwoofers in the same price range. With only 600 Watts RMS, this DJ subwoofer probably isn’t strong enough to be used on its own for big outdoor shows or in big stadiums. Lucky for us, it’s easy to add a second subwoofer for more power and punch.

Review The price is good for what you get. Get two to make a full sound. The top end can’t compete with the middle and bottom ends by itself. Spend the same amount of money and feel better.

  • Sturdy enclosure
  • Complete system safeguards
  • Exact and accurate bass
  • Heavy
  • Less potent than equivalent models


Mackie Thump 18S has exan act base system and Mackie Active electronics provide total system optimization. Its Output Wattage is 500 W. The Rockville SBG1128 MDF cabinet is sturdy and solid, cutting down on distortion and resonance.

Mackie THUMP Series 18-Inch 2

The small sub has built-in handles on the side of the cabinet so it can be moved around. When you add the ported enclosure design, the bass behind the steel grille will hit harder. Mackie Thump 18S is suggested because it has complete system safeguards.


I’ve played rock, pop, electronic, and dubstep through it, and all of the highs and lows came out clear and strong. At maximum power, the bass starts to get mushy, and the kicks get lost in the bass lines, but that was a much higher and louder level than I needed.

It has much more power than you would ever need for a house party, and when I’ve played at bigger venues, the dance floor has been packed. It’s lighter and easier to carry than almost all of its rivals, and it’s made to be very tough. I can’t praise this subwoofer enough, especially when paired with two Mackie Thump 15s. You’ll get crazy, thunderous power in a strong unit that’s easy to carry.

Final Words

More importantly, even though the Thump TH-18S is durable and well made, it is still easy to carry and not too heavy. It has the right power, intelligence, and size to make it one of the most affordable and effective subwoofers in this price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need an extra amplifier for this subwoofer?

No, you do not. It is a powered active subwoofer that can be used independently and is easy to set up and use.

Does this subwoofer have a professional sound?

Yes. Even though it looks small, the Mackie Thump 18S subwoofer has a full, very professional sound. This is partly because it handles the power of the 1,200-watt Class-D amplifier so well. Since Class-D amplifiers run cooler than traditional ones, there is less chance that the subwoofer will shut down due to heat when used outside or in a hot room.

Does the Thump 18S subwoofer have any aesthetic look?

This subwoofer comes in many different colors, and it also looks good because it is small and modern, so it will fit in with any stage decor. In other words, no matter what you use it for, this subwoofer looks and sounds great.

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