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Although excellent, home theatre systems are typically not the best for listening to music. You need a specialized stereo amplifier if you take your audio seriously. Some of our favorites, from affordable to upscale, have been compiled. The ideal amplifier for you is the BOSS Audio Systems R1100M if you want a high-quality amplifier. But Soundavo PSB-400DSP is a great option if you require built-in short circuit protection. Nobsound G2 is mentioned here if you want more options than the good one.

Nobsound G2 Subwoofer Power Review

Nobsound G2 Subwoofer Power Review

The Nobsound G2 Subwoofer Amplifier has four major distinguishing features. It has a strong motor, which can generate a loud output for your music needs. Another significant feature of this amplifier is its inbuilt fuse safety system, which reduces the likelihood of electrical shorts.

To fulfil the needs of the amplifier, the G2 also has a preload tap. One of the top subwoofer amplifiers available that can also be utilized in your car is the G2.

Wide signal bandwidth is provided by the Nobsound G2’s subwoofer amplifier, enabling you to hear your bass with clarity and crispness. Using the amplifier, you may change your amp’s treble, bass, and even bass levels. The G2 is easy to install and comes with a manual.

I purchased two of these superbly made amplifiers. I also tested the power sources; they both maintained a stable voltage of 19.3 and 19.5 volts, respectively. The results are astounding when I use one of these to drive an 8-inch, 200-watt RMS subwoofer. I wholeheartedly suggest this device because it has features that comparable amps are missing, such as gain control switches. I’m pleased with the performance of these little amps. I heartily endorse them.

Nobsound G2 Goods and Bads

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The Good

  • Compact size
  • PBTL & SUB mode
  • Exceptional circuit

The Bad

  • No Bluetooth

How I test?

A 10″ Klipsch RW10 subwoofer is connected to the G2 (the Klipsch amp plate produced 450 watts RMS output)/280 watts. The G2 amplifier can only produce 100 watts. My gain, volume, and switch control settings for my Klipsch subwoofer are shown in the second and third pictures (switch controls).

To achieve the bass you want from your subwoofer, you need to modify the amplifier settings for a minute. It’s best to test the parameters by playing bass-heavy music or searching for Euro Bass Express – Slow Bass and Euphoric Midnight Bass disk 1/track 2 or disk 3/track 13 on YouTube to find the gain and frequency settings.

Nobsound G2 Subwoofer Power Review 1

How nicely the G2 drives this power-hungry subwoofer surprises me. It performs well enough to deliver the rich, deep bass my living room surround sound requires. Make careful you adhere to the guidelines provided in the product description.

Product comparison:

Nobsound G2 has an exceptional circuit and compact size. It operates under low voltage. BOSS Audio Systems R1100M operates under high-level input voltage and quality is not good so my recommendation is Nobsound G2 since ithavePBTL & SUB mode.

Summing up:

This device Nobsound G2 fairly well powers the AuraSound Bass Shaker. My program indicates that it functions well. It appears to have no problems controlling the temperature and produces a superior vibration level for my requirements.

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A stereo amplifier’s power, expressed in watts, determines the volume of sound it generates. As a result, amplifiers with higher power output sound better and clearer than those with lesser power. The AV receiver, on the other hand, is designed to receive both audio and video signals, and the quality of its output is independent of its power.

Which is the more important amplifier or speakers?

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