Why are you passionate about coding and technology? (11 Reasons)

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Here is all information about why are you passionate about coding and technology? The outcomes of passion are wonderful. I believe that great software developers are passionate about both coding and problem-solving. One of our favorite pastimes is solving puzzles. Our teeth are like sponges; they soak up issues, deconstruct them, and figure out the best way to resolve them.

Why are you passionate about coding and technology

Why are you passionate about coding and technology?

Why I’m passionate about coding because, I know I am improving someone’s life when I can create something that saves them time and keeps them from performing laborious tasks. They now have more free time to engage with others, spend time with their kids, and conceive new ideas (something computers can’t do). Let’s examine why coding is popular and why many people enjoy it.

11 Reasons Behind Being Passionate For Coding and Tech:

Reason No. 1: The satisfaction of lifelong learning

Due to the non-repeating nature of the jobs, you are constantly learning and pushing yourself when you are programming! You constantly deepen your understanding of the issue and the solution as you develop a program or app, experimenting with new frameworks, finding novel ways to approach challenging problems, and using new methodologies.

Your mind will be stretched, and your patience, persistence, and discipline will improve. Said, learning to code may force you to step outside of your comfort zone—in a positive manner, of course!

Reason #2: The ideal harmony of theory and practice

Most college graduates frequently possess profound knowledge but lack the skills to put it to practical use. However, the programming is distinct. On the one side, everything presented here is abstract, yet on the other, it is quite useful. By developing a piece of software or an app that will alter the course of history, you may put all those theoretical concepts into action.

Or create a website that is helpful to billions of people. We wholeheartedly concur with Medium’s Michael Macaulay when he writes: “The actual beauty of programming is that you can have a “rubber hits the road” moment at your home computer.”

Reason #3: Mental exercise

We bet you want to rip out your hair when you spend too much time on a topic because of so much reading and practice of technological stuff on your brain health. However, if you approach your coding with a sense of curiosity, tackling problems with Java may be enjoyable. You may find solutions to almost every problem, memory leak, or issue by browsing StackOverflow, GitHub, Quora, Coderanch, and other Java communities.

brain exercise for coding and technology

You train your mind by consulting many sources and gathering information, and you experience that rewarding moment when you’ve finally put everything together; Similar to a true Sherlock Holmes.

Reason #4: Your attention to detail and analytical abilities increase

Your brain changes for the better when you focus on all those text characters in the code throughout the day. You eventually develop a keener eye for minute details and subtle changes. Additionally, programming strengthens analytical thinking with each problem you resolve. Naturally, this brain change will positively influence your other daily tasks.

Reason #5: High income and demand

Careers in IT are undoubtedly in high demand, and this trend doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. Therefore, if you study Java, you will probably be employable and well-paid in the future. The reality that many programmers work in this field to make money is not a problem.

The only thing to remember is that technology will advance more quickly than ever in the coming ten years, so you must keep up or risk falling behind.

Reason #6: Participating in innovative projects

Your career as a programmer will involve interesting projects! Making something from nothing is one of the best things about being a programmer. Then you have authority over a program, website, or other invention! You can create and manage something extremely beneficial, which brings us to the next idea.

Reason#7: Making a difference in people’s lives

You make a little difference in people’s lives when you’re able to create an app that can save humans time and keep them from having to perform strenuous activities. Although it has a small effect, parents now have more free time to spend with their children or friends, workaholics have more time to brainstorm new ideas, and everyone has more downtime. Jasmine Wo, a different Medium blogger, also developed “an app helping match children looking for an adoption family to people looking to adopt.” You can see how a single app may alter someone’s entire life.

Reason #8: Added possibilities

Jasmine Wo said that learning to code can lead to many chances. She experienced exactly what was described. As a computer science student, she visited numerous cities and nations to participate in conferences and programs that she would not have been able to attend otherwise. She self-taught Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS and other languages for around ten years.

Reason #9: The appeal of remote employment

Another perk of programming is that you can work from home anytime. These days, remote employment is very common. Programming is one of several tasks that may be carried out from any location. Additionally, all you need to program is a computer and an internet connection.

You can live anyplace in the world with these two items. Would you like to start ice fishing in Norway? Great! Want to relocate to Thailand so you can spend your leisure time at the beach? No issue! You have complete freedom to choose.

Reason #10: Teamwork

To be clear, working remotely need not make you feel abandoned and alone. Certain strict employers do exist, and some people prefer to engage with coworkers in person. There will certainly be a large team working on the same project, from managers and support staff to QA experts and designers, even if you opt for remote work.

Every employee in the company will be impacted by code, forcing them to communicate with one another in some way. Additionally, you may always join a passionate online Java community where you can meet individuals that share your interests and knowledge.

Reason #11: You can bring it to reality

Unfortunately, I lack the skills to play an instrument, compose music, sing wonderfully, create breathtaking paintings, or create magnificent sculptures. However, while coding on my computer that is built using transall technology, I have this overwhelming sense that I’m working with magic, “according to Mika Väisänen’s blog.

That gives me the impression of being a wizard. In contrast to physics, where physical limitations only constrain you, code has no restrictions. You don’t need to consider things like the material’s qualities when doing your project. One of the fascinating aspects of programming is that.

Do you still recall how it felt when your initial “Hello world” message appeared on the computer screen before you? Yes, you are experiencing that excitement with each new “creation” you make.

Why Is Coding So Satisfying?

When the right spell is typed on a keyboard, a display screen comes to life and displays things that were never possible. Thus, programming is enjoyable because it satisfies our deep-seated desire for creativity and appeals to the shared sensibilities of all men.


Here we sum up all why are you passionate about coding and technology? Programming is one of the professions with the quickest growth rates in the twenty-first century. As you can see, however, having a well-paying job does not guarantee that your skill set will be relevant for the ensuing ten years.

Additionally, practically everyone may discover something they enjoy doing in this line of work. From a technical and philosophical standpoint, there are so many things about coding to enjoy. You may improve your mental clarity, reorganize your brain, and provide others access to excellent software—the possibilities and implications are almost limitless.

You truly can change the world with programming. The most absurd aspect is that you can practice for free and learn to become a world-class Java developer by yourself in your room. So, are you still on the fence?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you passionate about career in technology?

Technology interests me because I want to use my knowledge and talents to make other people’s jobs simpler and more effective. Because they mix technical expertise with people skills, I think IT support specialists are crucial team members for every firm.

Why is coding and technology important?

Giving computer instructions in a language they can understand is the process of coding. Why is learning to code important? Learning to code is crucial because it develops critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative thinking abilities.

Why do I love coding so much?

Coding is rife with that emotion. It involves breaking down a large problem into smaller problems or tasks and tackling each separately. I take pleasure in the sense of accomplishment I get from solving problems. It brings me joy every day.

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