Polk Audio PSW108 10 Review (Pros + Cons)

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Who doesn’t like bass? Whether you have a stereo or a home cinema system, there’s a lot to be said for bringing a subwoofer to the party. Low frequencies can provide tension and drama to more subdued scenes and songs, unlike all-action flicks and dancefloor classics that rely on bass to sound their best.

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And a genuine bass speaker is often the best way to do it. Polk Audio DSW PRO 550 is best for this purpose. Read on for our preference Polk Audio PSW108 10 the best subwoofers for stereo and surround sound systems, and think about treating home cinema at this time when you’ll be using it most.

Polk Audio PSW108 10

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  • Dynamic Balance Woofer
  • Cinematic Quality
  • Intense Bass
  • High-Powered AMP

The PSW108 completes your home entertainment system’s bottom end. Let your main speakers focus on the mids and highs instead of the bass by relieving them of that responsibility. The sub will elevate your movie-watching experience and is a fantastic complement to any subwoofers setup.

It has a front-firing 10″ composite polymer cone driver dethat livers accurate, deep bass even at loud volumes. Superior engineering by Polk and the use of resonance-free materials in the sub’s construction assist produce remarkable bass clarity by limiting distortion.

Speaker-level outputs and line- and speaker-level inputs make it simple to connect to any system. Thanks to the constantly changeable low-pass crossover, you can adjust the PSW108’s sound to blend in with the other speakers in your system.


Home theater systems frequently use extra subwoofers. When a subwoofer adds the rumbling, watching an action movie with explosions becomes much more immersive. A subwoofer can, however, improve the sound quality of a 2-channel audio system.

The truly low-end bass is produced by faa r larger woofer than a bookshelf speaker could physically support. It not only adds that deep bass punch you were missing but also lightens the burden on your bookshelf speakers, so your system sounds even better.

Subwoofers provide several difficulties because they are large speakers. A cabinet is constructed around a 15-inch driver in some of them. I required something that would fit under my desk, the only accessible floor area in my office, allowing space for my feet.

The Polk PSW 108 is appropriate. It is regarded as a tiny model because of its 10-inch subwoofer driver. This subwoofer’s cabinet is 16 inches across its longest surface (depth). It, therefore, makes sense.


Connecting is simple with a receiver with a DJ subwoofer output because just one subwoofer cable is needed. That is how my home entertainment system is set up in the living room. My music listening setup’s main receiver doesn’t have that feature. The line input is available on the Polk PSW 108, allowing for conventional connections.

However, the speaker-level input and output are why I chose them. In other words, the bookshelf speakers are linked to the subwoofer’s speaker outputs, and the subwoofer’s outputs are connected to the receiver’s outputs.

The subwoofer receives the audio signal from the receiver, but everything over a specific frequency is supposed to pass through and be sent to the bookshelf speakers instead. However, anything below the chosen frequency threshold is handled by the subwoofer.

Setup And Adjustment

The Polk subwoofer was reasonably simple, although minor adjustments were necessary to maximize the system’s music output. The hardest part of the setup was rerouting the bookshelf speakers to the subwoofer, wiring the subwoofer to the receiver, and reconnecting them. That required a lot of scurrying about behind and beneath my desk.

The physical connections were complete, and it was time to begin the fine-tuning. Setting the crossover (or low pass filter)The key to successfully integrating a subwoofer into a setup for listening to music is to turn the subwoofer up such that it picks up near the low end of the bookshelf speakers’ rated frequency range.

The subwoofer’s volume needs to be adjusted after that. The method is designed to make the bookshelf speakers and subwoofer function almost as a single unit. The missing bass punch is filled in by the subwoofer, which picks up the low end with ease.

After a few false starts, I ultimately found the sweet spot where I had the bass impact I was after but could not tell when the subwoofer was doing the work. Placing my palm in front of the subwoofer and feeling for air being pushed is the only surefire method to know.

  • It has good bass music
  • It's a good job
  • Well put together
  • It's not good for big rooms or people who want a strong bass.

Star Rating

4.7 out of 5 Stars


I test this subwoofer with a Polk satellite system from 1999. It blended flawlessly with the room’s existing speakers. When I watch Dolby-encoded television, the bass is loud but never overpowering; the “punch” is exactly right. I think it’s a fantastic value.

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When choosing a subwoofer, sound quality is a vital thing to take into account. Even your favorite music will sound terrible when listening to poor audio. Thankfully, the Polk Audio PSW108 10 are top-performing, reasonably priced subwoofers that deliver high-quality audio and have front-firing sound output.

The size of the speakers makes it possible to effortlessly, and distortion-free reproduce very low frequencies, which is excellent when viewing movies or listening to music. The speaker-level input and output are wired directly together; passing the low-frequency components to both your speakers and the subwoofer is a drawback.

In this PSW10 vs. PSW108 comparison, our experts tested these specifications and concluded that PSW108 offers greater sound quality with tighter bass tones.

Final Verdict

This subwoofer (Polk PSW108) is the subwoofer you’ve been looking for; it has a refined, balanced, and clean sound, blends flawlessly with the speakers you already have, adding that bass that the speakers typically don’t have, and makes the music enjoyed and makes you want to keep listening for hours. The only drawback may be that initially, you have to play around with the volume and the crossover, but once you find the “Sweet Spot,” it becomes a delight;

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Polk Audio make good subwoofers?

A small subwoofer with good sound quality and a low price is the Polk Audio PSW10. It can also provide deep bass for various setup scenarios that call for additional low-frequency energy thanks to its up to 100 watts of dynamic power.

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