Privacy Hood Full Review (Testing + Comparison)

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To take advantage of the summer heatwave while working from home, you should probably work outside (in the backyard, on the patio, or thon e balcony). We all know how difficult it is to read our laptop screens when the sun is out, but there are several procedures you can follow and items you can purchase to help you work in the light without discomfort.

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You can use Universal Laptop Sun Shade Visor Hood. You’ll find these suggestions from this blog, whether you’re working inside but seated next to, in front of a window, or outside in your neighborhood park.

Privacy Hood


  • Better Work Experience
  • Waterproof Fabric
  • Portable
  • High Quality

Lap Shade is the perfect thing or gift for anyone who likes to work in their backyard, on their patio, at the park, at the beach, or anywhere else in public. Compared to normal laptop hood privacy screens, it does a great job of blocking heat and sun glare.

This sun shield for laptops that can be folded up makes working outside less tiring on the eyes and more comfortable. With Lap Shade, you can stay outside for a long time without getting cold.

High-quality waterproof fabric, the silver reflective fabric is tough and reflects light to keep gadgets from getting too hot. The best umbrella fabric was used to make the material, which can be used outside rain or shine. It also has a head cover that you can pull over for privacy or bad weather.

Lap Shade is useful and easy to carry because it is so small and folds into its portable carrying case with handles. Some pockets and holes make it easy to reach cables, smartphones, and other gadgets and accessories on both sides. Ensure the logo is on the outside of the shade before you fold the blue tabs at the top and bottom to close it. Please find out how to close the Lap Shade by looking at the tag.

Tablets and laptops up to 17 inches will fit. Computers and tablets with screens up to 17″ fit well under Lap Shade. When it’s folded it’s 14 inches across and 2 inches thick; when it’s open it’s 22 inches tall and 14.5″ wide. It only weighs one pound and is easy to fold. You can put it in a beach bag or a backpack or hold it by the handle.

Review: 100% satisfaction guarantee for customers: Send us an email if you have any questions or problems with your order, and we’ll be glad to help. The contact information for us is on the insert card. I put a towel underneath it because it gets too hot. Since it was hard to fold back up, I watched a YouTube video, and now it’s easy. Anyone who wants to work outside and enjoy the sun should do this.

  • Use of high-quality materials
  • keeping out the heat
  • Pricey

Star Rating

4.6 out of 5 Stars


This has completely changed the way people work outside during COVID. It blocks the sun’s glare perfectly from all directions. It is also waterproof, so my devices are safe when it rains. I’ve tried black laptop shades from other brands, but they made my laptop get too hot in the sun. The silver helps to reflect heat and light, which keeps my MacBook and iPad cool.

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The privacy hood makes it darker, and the pockets on the inside are great for storing my external battery chargers and headphones. The tall shade makes it easy to see from above (if I’m using it on my lap) or at eye level (if I’m using it outside on a table).

Product Comparison

Privacy Hood work from anywhere comfortably, is high quality, waterproof fabric, and practical and portable; Universal Laptop Sun Shade Visor Hood is Made of ultra-light and virtually indestructible polyethylene material. Will not crack or tear! Privacy Hood is superb so it is suggested from my side.

Final Summary

In summary, I adore this item! Much of my time is spent as a full-time graduate student, even though I prefer to go outside whenever possible. This shade keeps the sun well away from my laptop screen. The interior compartments on both sides help keep my belongings tidy and handy. A bigger outer pocket is also present on the product’s right side.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my laptop from outside?

A skin or tight case will shield your laptop from physical harm while you are using it, while a sleeve can protect it while you are moving. Some are even effective as water protection.

Is there a laptop that works in the sun?

The HP Chromebook is the ideal laptop for you if you enjoy using Google Chrome and want a stylish, portable device for work. The laptop sports a stylish design and a 14-inch anti-glare diagonal display.

Do anti-glare screens work outside?

When choosing a laptop for outdoor use, seek one with a matte screen finish. Matte screens are significantly better at reducing reflection since they have an anti-glare coating. Therefore, they would be better suited to a job outside.

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