Q Acoustics Q B12 Subwoofer (Full Review)

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Before pulling out your cash to get a Q Acoustics Q B12 Subwoofer, you need to consider your space, budget, and neighbors because those are the only obstacles. in your way if you’re looking to increase the low-end response in your present home theater setup or are looking to get a plus-sized Q Acoustics to surround speaker package.

The Q Acoustics Q B12 is slightly different from the subwoofers that Q Acoustics has often provided. For instance, the 3060S is a compact subwoofer that can be placed directly to the side of your primary speakers in a home theater setup or on the side of a media console or couch.

On the other side, the Q B12 is present to make a point. The boy is large. Huge subwoofers typically result in big bass, which is not necessarily bad. Its sealed construction makes putting and setting it up in a hi-fi system easier, but it is still large, measuring 15.75′′H x 17.56′′D x 15.75′′W without the floor spikes that are provided.

Q Acoustics Q B12 Subwoofer 1

It has taken over the spot on the floor to the right of our built-in media unit, where our 120 lb dog Homie usually rests in our small city home. When I designed our media unit, I foolishly ignored the need for a Dj subwoofer.

Since I assumed it wouldn’t be the focal point of our family’s house. Since the Q B12 serves as the nerve center of our home theater setup, we had to run an unattractive subwoofer cable from the amp’s back around the wall and out in front of the cabinets.

Q Acoustics Q B12 Subwoofer Review

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  • 12-Inch Driver
  • Ultra Low-Distortion
  • Class D Amplifier
  • Powerful Bass Response


The 220W Texas Instruments TPA3255 Class D amplifier powers a 12-inch long-throw speaker with exceptional sensitivity and excellent dynamics in the Q Acoustics Q B12. The active limiter and the amplifier’s exclusive PurePath Ultra-HD technology ensure that undesirable distortion is reduced across the board, producing a taut but powerful sound. As already said, it is the largest and most powerful DJ subwoofer produced by Q Acoustics.

A discretely designed, special die-cast aluminium heat sink on the back panel helps support and cool the ultra-low distortion power amplifier and power supply, allowing them to keep performing at peak levels. In other places, a 0°/180° phase switch enables the user to balance and optimize the fidelity of the left and right speakers’ integration.

Effective cabinet and driver bracing is essential for a smooth low-end sonic performance, given the huge driver unit’s potent nature. The subwoofer’s reinforced MDF cabinet contains an internal “dart bracing” Q Acoustics installed. This offers the driver greater mechanical stability, and the enhanced stiffness also lessens resonance and vibrations for a quicker response.

When the Q B12 is put on carpeted floors, adjustable spiked feet offer additional support. Optional rubber caps for wooden and other hard surfaces are also offered. I utilized those since my wife would kill me if I ruined our floor, which was recently redone.

I like the Q B12’s rear. It is cleverly constructed, with a detachable magnetic cover that conceals a recessed section where all connectors are hidden and channel wires that may neatly exit through the base of the subwoofer.


The Q B12 is offered in finishes that complement the Q Acoustics 3000i line (Carbon Black and Arctic White vinyl) or the Q Acoustics Concept range (Black and White gloss). The Arctic White review sample that matched the 3030i speakers arrived.

It takes some work to unbox; fortunately, I’ve been practicing squats and deadlifts. To be safe, I unpacked the Q B12 on my couch because I didn’t want to scratch or dent this gorgeous speaker if I slipped and dropped it.

Homie sheds so much hair, so I moved his bed out of the way, vacuumed it out, and then slipped the QB12 into position, ensuring the included rubber feet were on. The cable was then connected, and this little one warmed up.

Build Quality

When removing this 21.5 kg beast from the box, be careful. It is flawlessly constructed, and positioning is a little less complicated because the cabinet is sealed rather than ports. Black or white vinyl finishes, like those on the 3000i series of speakers, are yours for the price listed above, while gloss versions that match the Concept range are available for an additional £150.

The QB12 requires some concealing if you want it to be fully overlooked because it is large and almost cube-shaped. The slim-line form of the 3060S, included as standard with the 3010i and 3050i 5.1 Cinema Packs, is part of what makes it so beautiful. You can neatly tuck it between the front three channels or under the sofa. On the other side, the QB12 is likely to protrude, necessitating the requirement for the room.

Sound Quality

When it comes to power, Q Acoustics more than delivers with the QB12; nevertheless, if used carelessly, it might irritate your neighbors. The QB12, on the other hand, barrels into the action like a steam train, slamming you square in the gut and carrying your entire body with it, while the 3060S can create a strong sonic foundation from which the rest of the package can build.

But it’s not just a matter of using force; it’s also very precise, detailed, and dynamic. Except for some bass work in an orchestral piece, you can easily pass away a few hours watching a regency costume drama without even noticing the presence of the QB12; it has no qualms about dialing back or leaving out when delicacy or humility are called for.

The QB12 is well suited to deliver this service since the explosions, high-speed wrecks, and interplanetary space battles are why you need a subwoofer this size. It’s about feeling the action as if you were there.

  • Powerful and incisive
  • Does not sonically impose
  • Integrated well
  • Hard to accommodate


4.4 out of 5 Stars


Although I own Q Acoustics 3020i front speakers and adore them, I was wary about this subwoofer because it is only 220w in power, whereas my prior BK sub had 300w. First of all, the build quality is excellent and matches the gloss of my speakers.

The controls are straightforward, and the cords are neatly hidden. The one thing about these speakers that I don’t like is that, unlike the Q Acoustics speakers, the front grille cannot be removed for cleaning.

I wanted to break in the sub when I first installed and powered it on, but I couldn’t even hear it at 30% gain and 80 Hz crossover, and the Pioneer amp calibration program couldn’t detect it! Great, I thought, but no.

Q Acoustics Q B12 Subwoofer 2

However, in my opinion, subwoofer amplifiers need a few hours to charge capacitors and start flexing their muscles. After 2 hours of music playing, I gradually boosted the gain to 60%, which came to life and responded to amp software settings.

After a few days, this sub is now excellent, capable of producing powerful bass, and worthy of the HiFi 5-star rating at this price point. This forward-firing sub is a great value if you give it some time and let it break in for a few hours.

Product Comparison

The SB-3000 provides excellent audio quality for both music and movies. The SB-3000 has an RMS power of 800 watts and can produce a significant volume. Although the SB-3000 boasts strong bass, it is built tiny and compactly.

The control panel, situated in the back, is simple to operate and straightforward. SVS’s first ever dual ported subwoofer is the PB-3000. The two forward-facing ports help enhance airflow and driver motion while reducing port turbulence when they are turned up. This enables the 13-inch driver to operate at maximum efficiency with no trace of unnecessary noise.

Q Acoustics Q B12 has No Hollywood blockbuster soundtrack that features explosions too loud, too deep, or too powerful for Q B12 to handle. The Q B12 is the first Q Acoustics subwoofer to feature a 12inch driver.


Integration is crucial, of course, and Q Acoustics has also excelled in this area. Although the original 3060S performs more than adequately to complement the two pairs of stand-mount speakers in the 3010i, we would be more inclined to include it in the 3050i package. However, this performance should fit naturally into any speaker setup with comparable talent. We advise moving forward as long as you have the necessary space, funds, and agreeable neighbors. Be ready to host movie evenings going forward.

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