ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven (Full Review)

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The ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven is a smart pizza oven created to make pizzas similar to those found in restaurants in your backyard. The smallest of Gozney’s three pre-built ovens, it is also the most portable because of its modest size and carries strap.

The multi-fuel type, which can be used with gas and wood, provides more versatility than the gas-only model by letting you select between the stability of gas cooking and the genuine flavor of wood.

ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven 3

The ROCCBOX Gozney Oven can reach an astonishing 500oC, cooking pizza in as little as 60 seconds, much like a professional pizza oven. One of Ooni’s earliest outdoor pizza ovens is the Ooni 3. The model was one of Ooni’s top offerings and the predecessor to the Ooni Frya 12. Even though numerous models have since succeeded it, none have achieved the Ooni 3’s level of popularity.

ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

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  • High Temperatures Of Over 932ºf
  • Detachable Dual-Fuel Burner
  • Outer Silicone Skin
  • 5 Year Extended Warranty


The Roccbox was expertly and effectively wrapped in a cardboard box before delivery. Despite its size, there was not a single inch of space. The experience of unwrapping made me think of many of the high-tech products I evaluate because of the incredible attention to detail and the general use of recyclable materials.

A complimentary bottle opener is also provided inside. Not that a drink is necessary to set things up. The procedure moves quickly and without annoyance. No assembly is necessary because the Roccbox is delivered as a single piece.

It is simple to hoist the 44-pound oven out of its box thanks to a carry strap with Velcro fasteners. The device is then ready for the burner when the legs are spread out. A twist-connected propane burner is provided and attaches to the oven’s base. The next step is to connect to a 20-pound propane tank and check for leaks at the connection. It is customary practice to attach a fresh tank to a gas barbecue.

It only takes a few minutes to set up and doesn’t require any tools. Although the Roccbox is not “ultra-light,” it is simple to pick up and move around the yard in search of the ideal placement. In the end, I mounted the pizza oven to the charcoal grill’s cooking surface.

The Roccbox’s compact footprint, elevated by the legs so that there is no need to worry about heat burning the floor below, and the excellent height of the oven aperture made it unnecessary to bend over to prepare a pizza.

The Roccbox is a well-built piece of gear with a silicone cover composed entirely of shiny metal. Although the silicone is meant to shield you from unintentional burns, it does have a penchant for drawing in dust. Fortunately, it can be removed relatively quickly.

The gray hue of my review unit gives it a purposeful appearance, but if you like a livelier appearance, you can also purchase it with an olive-colored silicon cover. The pizza oven feels solidly constructed and durable even on its retractable legs.

It’s essential to be aware that the Roccbox works with multiple fuels. The company with a propane burner ships it. An optional wood burner, however, is available and connects similarly. So you can select that option if you want wood-fired pizza.

It Provides A Good Pizza

People who have repeatedly attempted to make Neapolitan or wood-fired pizzas in a regular oven know that they can only get close to doing so if they crank the oven’s temperature to 550 degrees, alternate baking the pie between that initial heat and a high broiler, etc.

You make do with what you have. But with the Roccbox, the flame is sent almost to the oven door by the burner’s innovative baffle plate, providing both direct and indirect heat simultaneously.

This results in the cooked dough with the correct amount of leopard spots, melting cheese, and cooking toppings without charring or losing their flavour. The Roccbox puts you in that area with a portable footprint if you’ve been searching for the perfect dough but don’t have the room (or the money) to build or purchase a sizable outdoor wood-fired pizza oven.

It’s A Fun, Interactive Oven

Some portable pizza ovens are made to prevent pie failure. Unlike the Roccbox, though. Even though it produces a precise and superb cook, you must be involved and pay close attention to avoid getting an uneven cook with a little more char than you’d want. You’ll adore this oven if you prefer the physicality of cooking.

After around 25 seconds, slide the pizza onto the stone, and then use the rotating peel to lift and rotate the pie 180 degrees. Some technique is required, but nothing you can’t learn after a few tries. Pizza is about to be served at the one-minute mark. However, these timeframes will vary based on several factors, including how hot your oven is, so you must pay close attention to get the best results.

The Focus Is On The Cooking Surface

As a result, it gets hot and stays hot. However, the Roccbox has a relatively small cooking area, with just enough space for a single 10-inch pie. Although your pizza will receive an even spread of heat, there won’t be much space for customization.

There is a little more room to work with traditional wood-fired pizza ovens, but that is only because they are more prominent overall. With the Roccbox, you learn to live within your limits, but it’s important to note that if the oven gets too hot, the super-insulated oven may take some time to cool. The results you want in patience won’t come immediately when the burner is turned down.

Complete Selection Of Accessories

Investing in accessories is made possible by buying a pizza oven. Gozney includes a great pizza peel in the package, but I’ve found that when cooking for a large group, having extra pizza peels makes the procedure go much more quickly and efficiently.

For fast rotating the pizza in the oven to maintain consistent char, there is an optional turning peel that I highly recommend. Additionally, Gozney offers a protective cover, and of course, the Wood Burner 2.0 transforms the Roccbox into a wood-fired pizza oven. However, each of these is optional. Everything you need to cook your very first pizza is included in the package.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Portable
  • Excellent results with gas
  • Expensive
  • Requires a lot of wood

Editors Rating

4.7 out of 5 Stars

Should You Buy It?

There is no disputing that this portable pizza oven is incredibly effective, especially if you’re using gas for cooking. While having the option to cook with wood is fantastic, the Roccbox’s exterior stove design makes it slower to heat up and less reliable than gas. There are better pure wood-fired models on the market. A wood-only type, like the Ooni Fyra wood pellet oven, is more cost-effective if you have your heart set on a wood-fired oven.

But there’s a lot to want here if you’re determined on a dual-fuel model and willing to put up with the expense and the extended wood-fired heat-up time. The Roccbox is a beautiful package ideal for beginners and experts alike because of its distinctive design, portability, vast assortment of accessories, and simplicity of usage.


I tried a pellet pizza oven from the other top producer but gave up on it immediately. This is it; it makes pizza quickly and is quite simple. Just put the cover on, and you’re done with the cleanup. Thanks to the higher legs, the heat is kept off the deck.

ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven 2

At 900 degrees, the sides are comfortable to the touch. I’m ecstatic about this brand. To complete the experience, I recommend adding a little rotating peel to the one already provided. Stunning, stunning pizza oven!


The Roccbox weighs a robust 20kg, which isn’t the lightest 12″ pizza oven you can buy, but it’s still relatively portable. Even though I wouldn’t describe myself as very strong, I was able to lift it two-handedly across my garden and place it on a table without injuring my back.

The dome-like design, retractable legs, and removable burner contribute to portability, as does the velcro strap that makes life easier. Nothing prevents you from driving this to the beach (or a park with a pizza oven).

It’s understandable why OOni 3 Outdoor’s sales increased when it first appeared on the market a few years ago at a price that’s around $500. The Ooni 3 outdoor pizza oven can be run solely on wood pellets without fuel or gas, but it can also be linked to a gas burner to start an uncontrollable fire for novices.

Final Verdict

For individuals who enjoy making pizza more than sometimes but lack the space to dedicate to a full-scale wood-fired outdoor oven, the Roccbox’s portable design makes it ideal. You might be renting, have a little area, or not want to commit to the real thing fully.

That’s alright. Perhaps more than any other portable pizza oven that produces 10-inch pies, the Roccbox will bring you closer. It makes a fantastic pizza and is relatively easy to operate. That isn’t easy to contest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is preferable: OONI or Roccbox?

Ooni of Roccbox: Which Is Better? The Ooni and Roccbox pizza ovens can produce delicious, authentic pizza, but the Ooni is more affordable. Six alternative pizza ovens from Ooni are comparable to the Roccbox in terms of features and, in some cases, cost much less.

Can I leave Roccbox outside?

The only accurate storage instruction for the Roccbox is to keep it dry. It is best kept in a garage or shed when not in use because of this.

Can Gozney Roccbox be used inside?

The Gozney Roccbox qualifies as a household BBQ because it produces a small amount of safe smoke. Although you can use this oven indoors, I won’t advise it. While utilizing it indoors with wood is a terrible idea, using it with gas is acceptable.

Can wood pellets be used in a Roccbox?

The sole portable pizza oven can be fueled with charcoal, wood pellets, gas, or any combination.

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